Romania is enigmatic and enchanting, where nothing is as it initially seems. You will experience cobbled towns from a fairytale, surreal Transylvanian castles, an inimitable capital city, and serene Carpathian landscapes. In this part of Europe, you must journey to the heart of the puzzle and discover for yourself. For a while the suggestive photos pull you in, it is the atmosphere and authenticity you will most remember.


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Romania Tours: Script the Story of a Great Vacation

There can be absolutely thousands of reasons that make out that Romania ought to be on anyone’s travel Bucket List. From the last many years Romania tourism had been underrated, but recently it is finally witnessing some real developments. Bucharest is one of the reasons that makes Romania one of the most desirable tourist spots in Europe. Let's know some important things before planning amazing Romania tours.

The Most Felicitous Cemeteries on the Earth in Romania

The Merry Cemetery is located in the beautiful Maramures county village along the Ukrainian border. In addition to being a tourist attraction and a unique burial site, the Merry Cemetery is also an open-air museum. It is the vibrant wooden crosses that are painted beautifully with the pictures depicting the life of the deceased. They are carved in oak and it makes this the most cheerful monasteries in Europe. It was in the year 1940 that this cemetery was designed by Stan Ioan Pătraș, the local woodcarver. According to popular Romania tour agents, each of the tombstones has a poem that showcases the dead person's life and what caused the death.

The Inventors of Romania

It's hard to believe, but there have been many brilliant scientists from Romania. These couple of scientists with their extraordinary inventions have changed the world. But, most people don't know about it actually. They have not only made a difference in the lives of people of Romania, but also the world. Some of these giant names include Eugen Pavel who invented Hyper CD-ROM, Petrache Poenaru who invented fountain pen, Nicolae Constantin Paulescu who invented insulin. In addition to that, Aurel Persu who was the first car designer and engineer, Anastase Dragomir who invented parachuted chair, and there are many more names to the list. In addition to this many of the Romanian engineers have played an important role in developing aviation and aerodynamics in the world.

7 Interesting UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Romania

The seven sites that have been included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites prove that it’s worth visiting the place once in a lifetime. From Romanian mountains to monasteries to churches and Delta, every part of the country has something to contribute to the world tourism. The seven of these UNESCO World Heritage sites include the Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie Mountains, the Monastery of Horezu, the Churches of Moldavia, the Historic Centre of Sighisoara, the Wooden Churches of Maramures, the Danube Delta, and the Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania. Getting in touch with experienced and reliable Romania tour agents is advantageous because they can easily guide through these sites that are must-see.

World’s Largest Administrative Building in Romania

Romania houses the biggest administrative building in the world. Romania’s Palace of the Parliament is the heaviest, most expensive and the biggest administrative buildings that exist on the planet. The first of the biggest building in the World is the Pentagon and the Palace of the Parliament is the second one. It was created by Nicolae CeauÅŸescu’s, the dictator. The building has 3000 rooms, with an area covering 330,000-sq-metre. Only well-educated Romania tour agents and guides could get help with visiting the entire building.

Highest Brown Bear Population in Romania

Of the entire brown bear population throughout the world, Romania has the largest bear population. However, because of their adaptable nature and the quality to live in different environment, brown bears can be found throughout the country. All over the world, there are 200,000 brown bears, of which 6000 are Romanians present in the Carpathian region. They are quirky carnivorous creatures, the males going up to 350kg and females 200kg. Never forget having an encounter with these unique creatures on Romania tours.

Decebalus Statue is Europe’s largest rock Sculpture

Near Orsova town, in the Southwestern part of Romania, there's this giant Statue of Decebalus. Statue has been carved from the mountain, which is a piece of art representing Romania. The statue is carved to represent the last king of Dacia, Decebalus. The monument was built during the 1st century BC and is almost about 40 meters in height. For seeing the statue from near one has to take a boat or from the road, only a view can be seen. It was designed between 19994 to 2008 and is quite new, even though it looks older. It took 10 years for the sculptures to design the statue. The proposal and the fund to design the statue came from one of the wealthiest Romanian businessmen.

Romania Houses the only Gold museum in Europe

One can see a gold museum only in Romania in entire Europe! It’s also called as the Mineralogical Collection of Brad and is located in the city of Brad in Romania. The museum showcases around 2000 gold pieces from around the globe and is 100 years old. One of the main attractions of the museum is the native gold found as it is in Romanian mines. It is one of the parts of Romania tours that cannot be missed.

Discover the Uniqueness of this Dreamy Land! - Romania Tour

For all voracious travelers, Romania has something to offer! From the interesting hiking trails of high-altitude to unique monuments, museums, and wonderful experiences strolling through the villages everything is great here. And, most interestingly Romania is a great tourist destination for family, groups, and solo travelers. Romania travel agents particularly boast it for the great options it has for outdoor activities. There are uncountable options from trekking to hiking to canoeing, rafting, cave exploration,  kayaking, and much more.

Knowing the Traditional Romanian Villages

Romania has always been a vibrantly beautiful country! One of the intriguing things about Romania are its villages, which have been an important part of the country from the last many centuries. Almost all well-informed Romania travel agents will suggest including a rural trip into your vacation. Get involved with the villagers, try out different activities like visiting sheepfolds. One of the best options to start with is Transylvania for the perfect rural experience.   

PeleÈ™ Castle: Romania’s Loveliest Castle

PeleÈ™ Castle is the most beautiful of all the castles in Romania. Built around in the 19th century, the castle served as the residence for people belonging to the royal families during the summers. The castle is beautifully situated at Carpathian Mountains base and the architecture belongs to the neo-Renaissance with wonderful stained glass windows. This well-preserved castle should be on every traveler’s Bucket List. With its modern amenities, this engineering masterpiece wins anyone’s heart who comes to visit the place. There are around 160 rooms spread about just two floors and have an assortment of art pieces and paintings by famous artists.

Black Church in Brasov - The Gothic Masterpiece

For those who have already planned to visit Bran Castle, stopping by the Old Town of Brasov is easy. It is the magnificent architecture and the popular medieval streets of the city that makes it one of the most famous tourist locations in Romania. And, Black church, which showcases medieval German-Saxon architecture is another reason that gives it the title of  “Iconic Cities”. It is, in fact, impossible to miss Black Church when you are moving through BraÈ™ov’s Old Town. There are plenty of wonderful Romanian artifacts like oriental carpets, mechanical organ, and pulpits that are carved beautifully. Other than this, there are plenty of things to do in Brasov including hiking, bear watching, and watching out the castles and their beauty.

Brukenthal National Museum

Located in Sibiu, the famous city of Romania, Brukenthal National Museum is the perfect place for the history buffs! The colorful culture and the aristocratic air in this old style city is another beautiful part of Romania other than Brasov. And, the great thing here is that they are just two hours away from each other. Brukenthal National Museum that stands today used to be the resident place of the 18th-century aristocrat, Samuel Von Brukenthal. Around 1800, Brukenthal wanted to share his work of art to the world and therefore he opened the doors of his home to the world. And, this is how it became one of the traveler's famous tourist attractions. There are thousands of European paintings belonging to the 15th century. There are also some incredible artifacts to including coins, musical instruments, and rare books. It is great to emphasize here that the place is a perfect destination for those who want to learn about the medieval history of Europe.

The City of Cluj-Napoca festival în România

One of quirky soundings, but the great things to experience in Romania is the city of Cluj-Napoca visit. For those who like celebrating and enjoying different types of festivals, this is the perfect thing. This place will give something for everyone, no matter if they are a music lover, artists, designers or films. There are plenty of events on the calendar of this city and everyone can choose something or the other according to their interest. Another interesting thing about the city is that it has a number of top Universities. This makes out that, the population of young people and students is quite considerable here. The atmosphere is lively with festivals and events being organized every single day. The annual Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) is a must-see things, for every film lover. Romania travel agents and experts who have all the knowledge about the places, say that there's nothing more beautiful than this colorfully vibrant city for the art/film/festival lovers.

Exploring the Romania Beaches along the Black Sea

Most travelers think that Romania is of no value to the beach lovers, but that’s a wrong notion! And, the entry point, to start with your beach exploration is the ConstanÈ›a city. Walking through the lanes of the city you’ll reach to the country’s popular Casino building. From here, it’s easy to reach to Mamaia, which is one of the most popular Romanian beach resorts. The perfect time of the year when one can spend the best time here is from June to August. During this time of the year, water is warm and it’s great for bathing. Always hire reliable Romania travel agents who can guide in the best possible way.

The Best time to Plan Romania Tours

Choosing the best weather to visit a new place is one of the important considerations to make. For those who are planning Romania tours should know that every season is beautiful here and there's something special about every single day spent. May is ideal for sightseeing. August gives the time to enjoy the sun and wander around the beautiful beaches. September is great for outdoor activities. And, December is great for the skiers. Let's find out more about the best time to visit Romania.

Different seasons in Romania

Spring(Mild): March-May

Summer (Dry & torrid): June to August

Autumn (rainy season): September to November

Winter (Regular Snowfalls): December to February

  1. January to March in Romania are good for those who are interested in winter sports into the snow-covered areas.

  2. At the beginning of the year, it’s quite cold and therefore it’s not a good time to plan a holiday. It’s only in the month of April that the country starts a little warming up.

  3. For those who are traveling to the country during May must pack rainy clothes. The month is quite wet. It becomes quite slippery and particularly in the steep mountains and hikers will have to be extra cautious.

  4. Just after the end of the Easter season everything is perfect for planning a vacation in Romania. It’s less crowded, the temperature is mild, and there’s no snow on the streets.  It’s the perfect time for sightseeing in Romania during May.

  5. For June, it’s warm around! There would be too much crowd and Luxury tour agents and experts recommend getting away from the countryside and moving towards the coastal region.

  6. September to October would be the best time to visit the country in the sense that it’s less crowded, the temperature is milder, and the atmosphere is great around.

How to Find the Best accommodation on Romania Tours

Romanian accommodation are great and once you enjoy it, nothing can resist you from planning another stay. The options are enormous! From Gustave Eiffel designed neoclassical hotels to 19th-century manor house with parkland in the backdrop and boutique guesthouse, there’s no dearth of options. It’s an advantage for those who are availing services of Luxury tour agents. These specialist make it way easier to search for your most suitable accommodation. Let’s find out more about accommodation on Romania vacation.

  1. For those who want to stay in Bucharest five-star hotels packed perfectly with adequate blend of architectural designs along with modern day luxuries, is the most fascinating thing.

  2. One can also find here many hotels and accommodations that are run by various international chains. No need to mention that these chains have been majestically built..

  3. But, there’s nothing to feel caught up even for those who are not staying in the capital city. Every part of Romania has something to offer to its guests/travelers/visitors.

  4. It’s great for travelers to know that every year, an ice hotel is constructed on the Balea Lake.

  5. The Saxon farmhouses have been redesigned showcasing the 18-century styles. Apart from that, there are manor houses that give a taste of the traditional Romania to travelers and guests.

Key Things to Take Care of Before Planning Romania Tours:

  1. Travelers belonging to Canada and the U.S. will not have to produce a visa for entering into Romania.

  2. Romania was included into the Schengen travel zone, in 2007. As a result of which its neighboring countries became eligible for visa free travel.

  3. One should possess valid passport for at least three months. Travelers should make it a point to carry along their passport all through the trip.

  4. According to Romania Government rules, tourists may require to produce their passport while visiting at certain places including the Palace of Parliament.

  5. One important thing to note here is; many of the domestic airports make it easy for visitors to travel from one place to another. And, one of the most suitable examples of this is the way one can departure and entry into Bucharest.

  6. While domestic flights reduce a great amount of time of travel, but you may sometimes miss out on certain endearing landscapes of villages.

  7. One may also opt for cruising here. They offer a great option to travel to Ukraine through the Danube Delta in north.

  8. Cruises also offer an opportunity to go on a combine trip of Romania and Bulgaria and discover the magnificent of these two enchanting locations.

Health & Safety standards on Romania Tours!

  1. The standards of health and safety in Romania are the same as in other parts of Europe. One just needs to act a little sensibly in whatever they do and chances are negligible that any unwanted situation would show up.

  2. Even in the capital city, Bucharest, here are almost no small crimes. However, as a precautionary major, ask your Luxury Romania tour agent about the places which need to be avoided after it’s dark.

  3. If there would be any such crime, the scammers will target mostly those travelers who are drunk for a few dollars. Don’t panic there are rarely any violent crimes in Romania.

  4. You will need to know that there are bears that can cause fear and inconvenience. Mostly they are found in town who come from the forest.

  5. The standard of hospitals and medical facilities are excellent here in Romania. They range from communist relics to modern establishments.

  6. There are medical establishments and hospitals at every nook and cranny of the country, and it’s unlikely that one has to travel far to reach one in case of any emergency.

  7. However, sometimes it may be a problem communicating with the doctors as they may not speak English. In that case, ask your guides provided by your Luxury Romania tour agents, for help. It’s easy to travel to the country!

People and their Behavior in Romania!

  1. Romanian is the official language of the country and of the 23 million Romania population 89% of the country speaks the language. Hungarian and German are also spoken in some parts of Romania.

  2. Romania is a country where people respect according to position and age. Generally, the elder generation is considered an intelligent group of people who have experience in every field.

  3. Luxury Romania tour agents say that, for Romanians, titles have great significance. In fact, they will respect people if one calls them by their surname instead of the names itself.

  4. For most people in Romania, the family holds a great significance and the foundation of their life is based on being connected to a family. Families in Romania follow the patriarchal form with the father leading the family.

  5. Romanians like keeping their lives private and they like to be reserved. In most of the cases, they don’t like trusting strangers.

  6. In the first meet, they will look very quiet and shy. They also appreciate people who are modest and humble.

  7. Most of the time, Romanians are polite. Once someone turns into a friend from an acquaintance, Romanians will start acting more comfortable. They will not call someone by their first name until they are very close.

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