Romantic Getaway For Couples In Myanmar Tour

Myanmar radiates a unique poetry as its landscape echoes with romantic sonnets from centuries past; horse-drawn carriages among the ancient temples, fabulous colonial hotels, floating gardens and ceremonial blessings abound. This unique 10-day itinerary includes the classic romantic experiences but elevates them with the incredible surroundings.  Spa indulgence, champagne brunch, sunset cruises and horse-drawn carriages are elevated with Myanmar's extraordinary mystique and charm to celebrate the best of the country for two.

Tour Highlights

Cruise above the temples of Bagan in a hot air balloon, then land beside a mystical pagoda for a champagne brunch

Explore the colonial beauty of Yangon then rest your legs with high tea and a couple's massage of the country's finest spa

Travel by horse and carriage through the temples of Bagan, then continue the clip-clopping through the ancient atmospheric capitals of Myanmar

Lounge along the shores of Inle Lake, a tranquil spot amidst the rice paddies and green hills of Shan State

Take romantic boat journeys to floating gardens, stilt villages, and vibrant local markets

Spend a day cruising along the iconic Irrawaddy River, a private journey that imbues the beauty of rural life

Discover the quaint hill station of Pyin Oo Lwin, home to fabulous colonial mansions and Myanmar's national garden

Enjoy a series of romantic extras unique to Myanmar, like a traditional Buddhist blessing ceremony, exotic flower arrangements, and a visit to a famous fortune teller

Tour At  A Glance

(Day 1): Yangon – Relaxing Massages at Myanmar's Top Spa

(Day 2): Yangon – Afternoon High Tea and the Delights of Colonial Rangoon

(Day 3): Bagan – Horse and Carriage Tour of Bagan's Iconic Temples

(Day 4): Bagan – Hot Air Balloon Journey and More Mystical Temple Exploration

(Day 5): Bagan to Mandalay – Romantic Cruising Along the Irrawaddy

(Day 6): Mandalay – Horse and Carriage Journeys Through Myanmar's Ancient Capitals

(Day 7): Pyin Oo Lwin – The Charming Gardens of Pyin Oo Lwin

(Day 8): Heho to Inle Lake – Luxury and Tranquility Along the Water

(Day 9): Inle Lake – Relaxed Boat Trip Through the Beauty of Inle

(Day 10): Heho to Yangon – Departure

Tour Description

Myanmar entices from two complementary angles. There are the classic romantic tones, like indulgent spas or a hot air balloon ride followed by a champagne brunch. Then there's a poetic charm that's unique to the country: horse and carriage journeys through ancient temple landscapes, decadent colonial memoirs, and serene boat trips through stilt villages. This opulent 10-day tour blends these alluring paradigms to offer a romantic vacation that's filled with iconic favorites and elevated by unique experiences. Travel across the country to loop around a selection of Myanmar's most revered destinations, from the spa welcomes of Yangon to the serenity of Inle Lake.

Myanmar is enveloped by charm as you watch an atmospheric Buddhist ceremony or overlook the lush rice paddies of the mountains. It's a country of tradition, a place where romantic gestures are unchanged for centuries. Be blessed in a temple, discover unique floating gardens, and explore three destinations in a regal horse and carriage. The country's development as a tourism destination has created a luxury that complements the old-world bliss. Direct flights transfer you between destinations, and a series of hand picked hotels reflect a new luxury within Myanmar. While the ambiance is often of an untouched backwater, this itinerary ensures you enjoy all the contemporary opulence.

Start in Yangon with an indulgent couple's treatment at the country's finest spa. Reenergized and relaxed spend a couple of nights in Myanmar's finest hotel, a colonial classic that's as delightful as it is decadent. There are diverse attractions here as you tour the vibrant streets of old Rangoon and immerse yourself in local life; then savor the tastes of a high tea experience at a famous hotel. Fly to Bagan to explore the mystique of the landscape as some 2,300 temples and pagodas rise like lost sentinels to the past. A horse and carriage tour is followed by a private hot air balloon ride the next morning.

The serpentine Irrawaddy River provides a private cruise to take you north to Mandalay and a luxurious hotel perched on the top of the city. Spend a day to discover the three ancient capitals close to Mandalay, then drive out to the colonial hill station of Pyin Oo Lwin, as quaint a spot as any in Southeast Asia. Complete your luxury itinerary with Inle Lake, a peaceful stretch of water for leisurely days and unique boat journeys. The romantic extras are dotted throughout the itinerary, and everything runs at a calm pace to ensure that you also embrace the culture and smiles of a warm nation opening like a flower to the world.




Day 1: Yangon – Relaxing Massages at Myanmar's Top Spa

Yangon is a city of contrasts. Vibrant colonial-era streets are alive with the atmospheric shouts of tea sellers and samosa fryers; indulgent treats are nestled into the green suburbs that surround the city, and the golden pinnacles illustrate the local religious fervor. Both an introduction to the country's mystique and a journey into the opulence of old-world Rangoon (the city's former name), you will be greeted at the airport and transferred to one of the leading hotels of the world. Once one of Asia's finest colonial-era hotels it retains the elegance of its time with high ceilings and an elegant bar area. Spend your afternoon at  Myanmar's leading spa, a delightful retreat on the city's outskirts. Enjoy a three-hour couple's treatment to re energize after the flight and provide an introduction to the serene romance that's to come over these ten days.

What's Included: accommodation, transfers, spa treatment

Day 2: Yangon – Afternoon High Tea and the Delights of Colonial Rangoon

Your hotel overlooks the harbor with a commanding position at the pinnacle of the colonial neighborhood. Wander the streets to pass dozens of equally resonant relics; the old post office, townhouse facades that have faded in the sun, trading buildings with once-glamorous verandahs. Little has been revitalized or changed, so it's as if you are walking through the early 20th-century. Men pull wooden carts of ripe fruit, market stalls spill into the streets, and exotic fragrances waft down the narrow lanes. A local guide leads you on a walking loop of the old city to take in the most significant landmarks and ensure that you are immersed in the vibrancy of life that exists amongst the streets.

The tour culminates back at your hotel, where a colonial-style high tea is served in the decadent dining room. A tiered platter is filled with artisanal delights that include soufflés, canapés, miniature sandwiches, chocolate cakes, and further indulgence. Enjoy an English-style brew of Myanmar's tea leaves, or try out some of the country's finest locally-grown coffee. The evening is at your leisure, and the guide can provide romantic dinner recommendations.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, high tea, breakfast

Day 3: Bagan – Horse and Carriage Tour of Bagan's Iconic Temples

Bagan is wrapped in mystique with thousands of temples left in a redolent state of ruin. With just one glance you can sense the majesty as beautiful monuments rise in clusters from the scorched red earth. There are over 2,300 in total as sandstone pagodas hide golden Buddhas, millennium-old temples are filled with faded murals, six-meter high Buddha statues stand in musty meditation rooms. There is a fabled sense of romance, a dramatic landscape that rolls without interruption. Fly direct from Yangon to Bagan to land in the late morning for your transfer to a stylish hotel in the heart of Old Bagan with the peaks of temples visible from your balcony.

Such an iconic landscape requires a unique means of exploration. Spend the afternoon with travel by horse and carriage to ride past hundreds of atmospheric temples. Stop first at Ananda as its gilded in white and gold. Then roam across the Central Plains, an area that maximizes Bagan's sense of mystique. There are no roads or houses here, just deserted sandy trails and hundreds upon hundreds of ancient temples. Climb stairs to find sand artists on remote rooftops, discover the multiple faces of Buddha, then find a tranquil temple for the iconic sunset over Bagan view.

What's Included: accommodation, airport transfers, domestic flight, tour, breakfast

Day 4: Bagan – Hot Air Balloon Journey and More Mystical Temple Exploration

Sunrise paints subtle hues on the horizon as your hot air balloon rises. Beside you is the Irrawaddy River, resplendent as it reflects the facade of golden stupas. Beneath you is Bagan, the ancient tapestry of Buddhist monuments that rise with a surreal grace. Constructed in the building boom of the 11th and 12th-centuries, this is one of history's most fantastic sights as the unfathomable collection scatters in every direction. The sheer scale of Bagan's riches can be overwhelming, especially when you admire it from the hot air balloon. For two hours you just float and marvel at the overabundance of monuments before you touch down to pop your champagne in a quiet piece of the landscape for an iconic romantic experience in the country.

After your champagne celebration, return to the hotel for brunch and some relaxed time during the heat of the day. In the afternoon, you will be shown around the monuments of Old Bagan, an area that contains the most visibly impressive and archaeologically important temples. It's here that you can compare the styles of former kings as you trace a historical path through the riches and excesses of the 11th to 13th-centuries. While these are the unmissable Bagan sights, you will find that there are very few tourists as when there are over 2,300 temples, the visitors are spread across a large area.

What's Included: accommodation, airport transfers, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Bagan to Mandalay – Romantic Cruising Along the Irrawaddy

Ancient Myanmar winds along the Irrawaddy as it meanders from the jungle-clad mountains to the expansive delta region. Along the riverside, find the eclectic traces of local life as monks wander barefoot to spiraling pagodas, women wash vibrant cloth in the shallows, children splash and ox carts rumble across the sand. Today, you journey upriver on a private cruise to wind elegantly along the Irrawaddy to the old city of Mandalay. It's an eight-hour journey immersed in the rural charms of the country. Your hotel offers a dreamy location above the city on a perch tucked into Mandalay Hill and provides sublime sunset views, along with an opulent spa and a decadent honeymoon suite.

What's Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast, lunch

Day 6: Mandalay – Horse and Carriage Journeys Through Myanmar's Ancient Capitals

Empires rise and fall along the Irrawaddy to leave great cities sacked and abandoned, casting them as relics from a distant realm. Three ancient capitals are found on the outskirts of Mandalay, tethered together by the roving river. On a full-day tour, head first to Inwa where stupa-studded fields hide behind crumbled city walls and a lush protective moat. Explore by horse and carriage to pass a gleaming golden stupa to find a photogenic wooden monastery next and then a clock tower that leans unreasonably. The city is not inhabited, and the lanes exude a lost-world feel.

Then continue to Sagaing, another capital dominated by beautiful monasteries and the architectural excesses of ruling monarchs. Lunch comes with a sublime river view before the afternoon leads you to the U Bein Bridge, a wooden portrait of ingenuity that stretches for over a kilometer. It's a perfect place to watch the sunset, sip on fresh juice at a local cafe, and soak up the local life of Myanmar. Return to Mandalay and your hotel offers a luxurious counterpoint to the streets, a place to watch the city lights glisten below.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 7: Pyin Oo Lwin – The Charming Gardens of Pyin Oo Lwin

Stand on a lush plateau to see Pyin Oo Lwin, a once revered hill station during colonial times. It's never scorching hot here, a fact that attracted hundreds of British who built fabulous mansions among the flourishing gardens. The area’s fame was such that British King George V commissioned huge tower bells to dominate the town's center, and they still chime every 15 minutes to this day. After your road journey, you will be guided to Myanmar's national gardens, a delightful place to explore at leisure as tulips bloom beside wild groves of teak trees. Then, take a regal horse and carriage ride along the finest colonial lanes to find strawberry patches beneath the faded facade of the early 19th-century. Pyin Oo Lwin is arguably Myanmar's most relaxed town, and a charming glimpse of days gone by are yours at the old hill station.

What's Included: accommodation, transfers, tour, breakfast

Day 8: Heho to Inle Lake – Luxury and Tranquility Along the Water

Fly south to hop across Myanmar to Shan State, where rural life is revealed in all its splendor. Lavish rice paddies stretch across the hillsides and the steppes are occasionally graced by children as they ride buffalo or farmers in triangular bamboo hats. Tiny villages are scattered across the landscape to offer an endearing welcome to all visitors who wander along the farming trails. Inle Lake lies beneath the hills, a placid expanse of clear water that blends cultural immersion with romantic escapism. Your hotel provides the letter, a dreamy lakeside place with luxurious stilt-house rooms that stand in the water. Rooms are decorated by the fresh fragrances of flowers from the Inle floating gardens. Lounge on your balcony, and you're on the lake to watch the distant silhouettes of fishermen and the serene cascade of surrounding hills. An on-site spa and swimming pool provide further options for relaxation.

To go anywhere, you'll need a boat as Inle Lake is not connected by roads. Instead, villages grow on stilts to create canals that wind past wooden longhouses alongside floating gardens. Throughout your stay, you will have access to your private narrowboat and driver. Today, head along the canals to a small temple; the incense swirls as you're invited into an ambient chamber. Meditative chants ripple against the walls, and you meet a priest in red robes. Enacting a traditional local ceremony, the priest will offer you couple's blessing amidst the mystique. Not a tradition for tourists, you will receive the same blessing that local couples seek to receive. From here, encounter another side to Myanmar's surrealism as you visit a fabled fortune teller and listen to the narratives of what's to come; this one usually starts as a bit of fun, but there is an eerie resonance as the teller starts elucidating things he couldn't possibly know.

What's Included: accommodation, domestic flight, airport transfers, tour, breakfast

Day 9: Inle Lake – Relaxed Boat Trip Through the Beauty of Inle

Inle Lake could fill a thousand postcard images; leg-rowing fishermen cast their nets in unison, flower gardens float and turn across the water, local markets radiate color and charm, and pagodas rise silently in the heart of the lake as narrow channels lead past the stilt houses of blacksmiths and weavers. A boat trip can take you in many directions and today's tour will be designed based on your interests and energy levels. One surprising stop are the vineyard slopes along the eastern shore, where you can sample your way through Myanmar's only wine. And when the tour ends, the postcard views continue from your luxurious stilt house, with the enchanting lake filling every angle.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 10: Heho to Yangon – Departure

Sunrise brings final romantic memories as the fishermen appear like silhouettes as the sun peaks above the surrounding hills. Watch it all from your balcony at breakfast and take in the serenity on your last morning in Myanmar. You will be transferred to Heho Airport for a domestic flight back to Yangon for connection with your international departure.

What's Included: airport transfer, breakfast




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