Discover The Charm of Montenegro With This Cheap Travel Europe Package

Montenegro is a tiny country that is an uncommon destination for most people, however, it offers its tourists an amazing blend of incredible panoramas, historical cities, offbeat hikes, turquoise beaches, and beachside eateries. This beautiful country presents the travelers a perfect opportunity to enjoy similar panoramas as that of other major European destinations and that too at a cheap travel Europe package. Montenegro is slowly growing in popularity and is becoming the latest hot destination as its neighbors are becoming expensive and also overcrowded. As of now, Montenegro retains its quintessential charm and boasts a variety of attractions for its visitors.


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(Day 1): Starting of Montenegro Journey

(Day 2): A full day trip of Sveti Stefan

(Day 3): A Hiking Adventure at Kotor  

(Day 4): Stealing Some Peaceful Moments at Perast

(Day 5): Exploring Skadar National Park

(Day 6): A Day at Different Beaches

(Day 7): Heading to Lovcen National Park

(Day 8): Enjoying A Day Trip To Another Country

(Day 9): Visiting Durmitor National Park


Places To Visit

Sveti Stefan, Kotor, Perast, Skadar National Park, Lovcen National Park, Durmitor National Park



Day 1: Starting of Montenegro Journey

No matter from where you are flying from, start your Montenegro journey by picking up a rental car, drive to your apartment, and settle in. It is suggested for you to look out for an apartment in or around Budva. Visit the various supermarkets in Budva and stock up on provisions for your today’s road trip. Spend the evening relaxing with a hot cuppa tea or some local wine as you soak in the stunning views from your apartment.


Day 2: A full day trip of Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, one of the jewels of Montenegro is right at your doorstep. As you make your way out to Sveti Stefan, you will witness plenty of viewpoints where you can park your car and soak in the view. Wonder over the characteristic orange rooftops projecting out in the sea. The islet is perfectly rimmed in turquoise waters.

In the afternoon, spend your time relaxing at the beaches near Sveti Stefan. Although most of the beaches here are privately owned by Aman Sveti Stefan, there is a small stretch to the south of Sveti Stefan, which is free for all tourists. The beaches in this area are pebbly and rocky but possess some marvelous views, so don’t pack a picnic. Do go for a swim by all means. Later, you can drive to Blizikuce Church for one of the best sunset views of Sveti Stefan. Most tourists are unaware of this church but it is famous amongst locals for wedding photoshoots as it possesses a spectacular view of Sveti Stefan and its surrounding coastline.


Day 3: A Hiking Adventure at Kotor

The historical city of Kotor is a charming place to visit. Jazz music echoes in alleyways which are dotted with quaint bakeries and outdoor restaurants. It usually reminds much of Split, Croatia. If you are in a mood for some easy hiking adventure, the city boasts two hikes that offer great views of Kotor Bay. You can try the St. John Castle hike or Kotor Fort hike. For relishing the best views over Kotor Bay, hiking during the daytime is recommended. Make sure you carry enough water, sunscreen, and also a hat with you.

In case you aren’t really looking for a hike, you can also drive to a viewpoint which provides similar panoramas over Kotor Bay. For this, you’ll have to drive from Kotor to Cetinje on E-80.


Day 4: Stealing Some Peaceful Moments at Perast

One of Montenegro’s most charming villages, Perast can get extremely crowded during summer months. However, if you visit here during shoulder season, then you are sure to fall in love with it within a few seconds. Just park your car and enjoy a lazy day in Perast. You can take a boat ride to the artificial island of Perast, stroll along the sea and click amazing photographs of the wonderful Boka Bay, or just linger over some amazing cocktails at a table overlooking turquoise waters.


Day 5: Exploring Skadar National Park

After spending some quiet time in Perast, it is now time for a long drive to some of the most wonderful sights in Montenegro. Begin your day by driving to Skadar National Park. As you enter the park you will witness some marvelous views of mountains upon mountains upon mountains. These amazing tiers of mountains are what that make Skadar National Park so fascinating to explore. You can either drive around, go for a short hike, or picnic – the choice is all yours!

Do not forget to take a halt at the Bend Lake, a natural phenomenon which is so beautiful that it will leave you completely speechless.  Rijeka Crnojevika offers an amazing view of Bend Lake and if you are someone who is a nature lover, then you can even book one day stay at Gazivoda hotel, which offers a stunning view of Bend Lake.

On your way back, take a halt by Rijeka Crnojevika bridge, also known as Cetinje Bridge and enjoy a boat ride in sylvan surroundings. You are guaranteed to feel like stepping back in time here.


Day 6: A Day at Different Beaches

After all that exploring, today you can take your time to relax at one of the beaches in the vicinity of your apartment. Przno boasts a number of pebbly beaches and beachside eateries which are just ideal for a relaxing day in the sun. However, if you are in search of some powdery beaches and are happy to drive, then heading to Ulcinj would be a perfect option for you today. Ulcinj is home to some of the prettiest beaches in Montenegro, so you can spend the day merrily sunbathing, reading your favorite author, and picnicking all day.


Day 7: Heading to Lovcen National Park

You must be feeling enough relaxed today after a peaceful day at beachside yesterday. So, today is the day for you to head out to another National Park that possesses incredible panoramas. Lovcen National Park is popular for an iconic viewpoint. Make sure to pack some comfortable shoes as you’ll be climbing up 460 steps to the top today.

The endless staircase leads you to a mausoleum with stunning views. If you wish, pay €3 to enter the mausoleum and have the amazing photo that you see in brochures and catalogs. However, if you do not wish to explore the mausoleum, we would suggest you to not paying the entrance fee as the views before the entrance is equally marvelous. So you can save your money and relish the free views before the mausoleum.


Day 8: Enjoying A Day Trip To Another Country

Montenegro has close proximity to many other countries such as Albania, Bosnia, and Croatia and hence planning a short day trip becomes easy here. However, it is highly recommended to book this trip with a local tour agency rather than taking your car across the border as that can often lead to fines, border checks, and a waste of your time. In case you have never been to Croatia before, a day trip to this beautiful country is recommended.


Day 9: Visiting Durmitor National Park

This trip has had you explore the major sights and attractions of Montenegro. It is now time to spend the last couple of days just relaxing and taking it easy. If you are happy to drive some more, we would suggest a visit to Durmitor National Park. However, make sure to check weather conditions before you embark on that trip. This is because the road that leads to Durmitor National Park can be completely snowed during some harsh weather conditions.

Montenegro is bound to amaze you and we can promise that you’ll come back from this trip thoroughly rejuvenated. If you have any queries regarding driving in Montenegro or planning a visit to the country, you can fill out the inquiry form and we’ll try to answer them for you as soon as possible. For more travel inspiration, read all our articles for some amazing trips around the world.



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