Europe Vacation Package 2019: An Exciting Cycling Tour of the Baltic States

Richly historic, diverse, and extremely photogenic, the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are the perfect destinations when it comes to cycling in Europe. This region offers its tourists with one fairytale-like scene after the next. So, discover a beautiful cultural tapestry – from the ancient spires of Tallinn and the quirky bars of Riga to the Baroque-styled whim of Vilnius with our Europe vacation package 2019. Throw in some bird-filled forests, sand dunes, shimmering lakes, as well as world-class beaches.


A Brief Look At The Baltic States Tour

(Day 1): Arrival in Tallinn

(Day 2): Venturing to Saaremaa

(Day 3): Saaremaa Exploration

(Day 4): One Day Tour of Parnu

(Day 5): Ainazi Cycle Tour

(Day 6): Heading to Riga

(Day 7): Exploring Jurmala and Riga

(Day 8): Driving to Klaipeda

(Day 9): Day Tour of Curonian Spit National Park

(Day 10): Traversing to Vilnius

(Day 11): Vilnius Exploration


Places To Visit

Tallinn, Saaremaa, Parnu, Ainazi, Riga, Jurmala, Klaipeda, Curonian Spit National Park, Vilnius



Day 1: Arrival in Tallinn

Your cycling tour starts today with an introductory meeting at 6 pm. You can look for a note in the hotel lobby or can also ask the hotel reception for the meeting place. Make sure you have all your insurance details and next of kin information ready with you as your leader will be collecting them from you at this meeting. In case you arrive in the city early, get a city map and make your way to explore Tallinn’s ancient old town. With its pastel-hued buildings, steep red roofs, spires, and new restaurants and bars, the capital of Estonia will entertain even the most demanding!

Note that this particular trip involves a number of vehicle transfers as well as frequent loading of both luggage as well as bikes into the support van and trailer. In order to make this process as smooth as possible tourists are expected to help in loading their bags and bikes.


Day 2: Venturing to Saaremaa

Today morning, after breakfast, there will be a bike fitting for your group, which will be followed by a short test ride. You’ll be taken out of the city towards the port town of Virstu, crossing by lush farmland and forests. After you cross over by ferry to the island of Muhu, get on your bicycle and explore this wonderful Estonian countryside at a close. You’ll stop at the Muhu village museum in Koguva, which is an amazing example of Estonian countryside architecture, and get to learn more about how the local people lived here in the past. Afterward, continue your journey along Route 10 connecting Muhu and Saaremaa islands. The road precisely cuts through the Baltic Sea, so take in splendid views of the water on both sides as you pass. Tonight, you’ll stay in a farmhouse where your hosts treat you to a sumptuous local dinner.


Day 3: Saaremaa Exploration

Begin early today with a drive to the Sorve lighthouse, the southernmost point of Saaremaa island. The route is flat as you cycle back up the west coast, switching between quiet roads and bike paths while enjoying frequent panoramic views out over the Baltic Sea.

The ride will end in Kuresaare, which is the largest town of Saaremaa boasting one of the finest preserved ancient Episcopal Castles in the Baltics, constructed by the knights of the Teutonic order in the 14th century. It also houses the Saaremaa Museum, one of the biggest as well as the oldest museums in Estonia. You have enough time to explore the Lossipark, take a walk down the main street, and have dinner in one of the local restaurants before you drive back to the farmstay for the night.

En route, stop at the Kaali craters. There are plenty of legends related to the site, and evidence of it being used for ritual sacrifice. It is estimated that the craters are 4000–6000 years old, and the impact with which the meteor hit the ground creating the craters is equivalent to the Hiroshima bomb.


Day 4: One Day Tour of Parnu

This morning, you’ll be driven back to the mainland before getting back on the bike at Virtsu harbor, cycling south through a nature reserve down to the small coastal village of Varbla. After lunch, continue your journey cycling through the charming green Estonian countryside all the way to Tostamaa and the rest of the way to Parnu, the summer capital of Estonia and also a hub for beachgoers, lively nightlife, and a booming art scene.

On reaching Parnu, embark on an orientation walk with your tour leader. Spend the rest of the day exploring vibrant Parnu at your leisure.


Day 5: Ainazi Cycle Tour

Today is going to be a long yet very pleasant cycling day. Follow the road leading the coast of the Baltic sea and cycle your way down to Latvia. Ainazi, the first village across the border, is going to be your home for the night. If you still feel energetic enough, you can take a walk on the beach in the evening, or get your first taste of Latvian cuisine by heading out to dinner with the group.


Day 6: Heading to Riga

Begin your day this morning with a short drive following the busy coastline of the Gulf of Riga all the way down to Saulkrasti, crossing into Latvia along the way.

Beginning at the iconic Saulkrasti Bicycle Museum, start riding inland all the way to Sigulda, which is considered to be one of the most gorgeous destinations in Latvia, with forested valleys and the scenic Gauja River completing the spectacular scenery.

From here, drive the short distance to Riga, the cosmopolitan capital of Latvia. On reaching the city center, your tour leader will take you on an orientation ride past the Central Market, House of the Blackheads, St Peter's Basilica, the Swedish Gate or the Cat House.


Day 7: Exploring Jurmala and Riga

Today, cycle to the resort town of Jurmala, a famous holiday destination for Latvians, 33-kilometer stretch of a white sand beach. Return back to Riga in the afternoon and enjoy the city sightseeing at your leisure.


Day 8: Driving to Klaipeda

Today is going to be a long driving day as you pass through the beautiful Lithuanian countryside, breaking journey at the popular Hill of Crosses – a charming pilgrimage site, the origins of which still remain a mystery. Later on, continue your voyage to the west coast of Lithuania as well as the beachside resort town of Palanga.

After a long drive, it’s now time to break out the bikes as you cycle along the devoted bike path all the way to the former Prussian city of Klaipeda. The city used to be a member of the Hanseatic League and is also the gateway to the Curonian Spit, which is a long and narrow sand dune peninsula dividing the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea.


Day 9: Day Tour of Curonian Spit National Park

This morning, head out to explore by bike the unique World Heritage-listed Curonian Spit National Park. This is a fantastic landscape full of sand dunes, beaches, and forested areas. On your day tour, explore the small village of Nida and the surrounding beaches by bike. Gaze in the distance to witness the Russian border. For lunch, you must try the smoked pike for which the Spit is known for. Return back to Klaipeda in the evening.

Day 10: Traversing to Vilnius

Embark on the support vehicle this morning and drive east to the small lakeside hamlet of Kloniniai Mijaugonys where you’ll begin your final ride for the trip. Crossing by lakes and through picturesque countryside, cycle along silent roads all the way to Trakai, the former capital of Lithuania. Today’s highlight definitely is the striking 14th century Trakai castle, which is set on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Galve. After the visit, continue your journey to Vilnius. On reaching, your leader will take you for an orientation tour. This tour will include the old town’s attractions as well as the self-proclaimed artistic 'republic' of Uzupis, which is an inner-city quarter that declared symbolic independence from Lithuania in 1997.


Day 11: Vilnius Exploration

Your cycling tour comes to an end today. There are no more activities planned for the day and you can depart the accommodation at any time. There are a number of sights and attractions to visit during your stay in Vilnius. Hence, it may be worth staying here for an extra day or two so that you can fit it all in.



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