Experience the Naples from upfront - 3 Days Luxury Italy Tours Package

Italy welcomes you this summer in its exquisite yet unraveled roads to eternity with specially designed packages and travel itineraries. Southern Italy, on the other hand, is considered the panoramic beauty of Italy and you have the chance to traverse all of it in this specially designed tour. The visit becomes all of the fun when you are accompanied by Italy Tour Guides who take you to the famous history, archaeological and natural abundances of the Naples area. Visit the famous excavations sites of Pompeii while enchanting through the beautiful Capri’s Blue Grotto. With the kind of grandeur of this trip, you can explore the enchanted beauty of Capri which has been the destination to go for everyone. This and much more will be at your receiving when you take this customized 3-days Luxury Italy Tours Package which is quite inexpensive.

Tour at a Glance

  1. The tour will take you the best locations across Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento as well as the beautiful Capri. The tour will be accompanied by Italy Tour Guides to make the stay worth the while.
  2. Watching and feeling the history of Naples with the enthralling history walks curated by local historians and guides.
  3. Visiting and exploring the excavation sites at the ancient village of Pompeii
  4. Sailing to the Capri Island on a yacht
  5. Exploring the beautiful town of Anacapri while taking the drip down to the Blue Grotto, the most stunning location at Capri Island
  6. Spending the free day in the exploration of Sorrento and the surrounding village of Positano and Amalfi.



The three days specially planned Luxury Trip can be availed from the best Italy Travel Agents available with Leisure. You must explore the beauty of Southern Italy in this awesome tour plan in the span of three days. We can have your back in taking care of your logistics while arranging for the best people who can plan and take care of your journey. Here are the details of the tour which you are most desperately looking out for. Check it out –

Day 1: Arrival at Rome, Transfer to Naples

Prior to the first day of the tour, you arrive at Rome and you will be accompanied to your pre-booked hotel with a chauffeur assigned specially for you. The first day will be when you will be picked by our best Italy Travel Agents and Italy Tour Guides bright and early from your hotel room. You will be driven from Rome to Naples in a 2.5 hours long journey where you can peek out to the beautiful landscapes and countryside of Italy in route to Naples.

Once you arrive in Naples, you will quickly be assigned a local tour guide who will help you patch up with the local historical walks. In this historical walk, he will help you understand the history and geographical significance of Naples which has been one of the oldest towns of Italy. You can see the historical Royal Palace which houses the Gallery of Umberto I as well as the Piazza del Plebiscito. This royal bungalow also houses the San Carlo Opera House and some beautiful churches will also be on the itinerary to visit. You can gaze at these archaeological marvels and wonder about their engineering. Hear your local guide share some of the old town histories and myths associated with the town and its adjoining areas which make it special.  

You will then be taken to Pompeii and in the midst, you can opt to take some time off to see the coral and cameo factory which is a marvel to gaze at. Then you will have a sumptuous meal at Pompeii which is always designed according to the season when you reach there. Here you can buy some souvenirs to take home as it is best to buy some. The first day will also consist of a visit to the ruins of Pompeii which is an ancient village which has been tragically buried in 79 BCE by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Here you can also check out some of the beautiful archaeological excavations of the town. In the evening, a transfer will be arranged to Sorrento where you can have dinner in your hotel.

Day 2: Map the wonders of Sorrento and Capri

You can have the breakfast at your hotel in Sorrento before heading to the ferry port in route to the beautiful and charming Island of Capri famously known also as the Isle of Capri. While you traverse to Italy, put on your camera phones to capture the serene Tyrrhenian Sea during the ride. You will arrive at the Marina Grande in Capri and head to the all exciting adventure to the Blue Gorreto. This, of course, can be done only if the weather permits and so brace for it.  Relax in the tranquillity in the Gardens of Augustus and see the amazing views of the sea and the Faraglioni rock formations. Later, you will be transferred to Anacapri which has some amazing views and the logistics will be made available here. You will return back to Sorrento for dinner.

Day 3: Enjoy Sorrento on a free day

The third day of the trip will be reserved for the guests for the activities that they intend to do in the town of Sorrento which has exquisite markets and some wonderful places to visit. You can have your American style breakfast here while also going out to fill your desires. One of the major sites to visit is the Positano which is a fishing village on the coast or you can also try and visit Amalfi which has a UNESCO World Heritage site. This place is also called the capital of an ancient maritime republic. In the evening, you will be transferred back to Rome where you can head for another adventure. 


Most tours are customized for private travel according to your preferences and dates. Click below to tell us what you're looking for:


Most tours are customized for private travel according to your preferences and dates. Click below to tell us what you're looking for:

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