Here's The Best New Year Holiday Destinations in Italy - 8-Days Itinerary

There are plenty of best New Year Holiday destinations in Italy! This 8-Days Itinerary in Italy, taking you through the some of the best places to spend New Year in Europe. The good news is that winters do add to the galore of the enchantment and happiness of tourists. Give your New Year a perfect beginning with an abundance of cultural sight, vibrant nights, and adventurous activities. Let’s make the beginning of New Year 2019 the most memorable year!

Trip at a Glance

Day 1:  Venice

Day 2: Palermo & Sicily

Day 3: Romel

Day 4:  Turin

Day 5: The Amalfi Coast

Day 6: Tuscany

Day 7: Naples

Day 8: Cortina D’Ampezzo


Best New Year Holiday Destinations in Europe (Italy)

Venice, Palermo & Sicily, Cortina D’Ampezzo, Naples, Tuscany,  Romel, Turin, The Amalfi Coast



Day 1:  Venice

8-Days in Italy and you will be seen best of the New Year Holiday Destinations in Europe! You will be starting off from Venice, which becomes a real paradise for the tourists. You will find that most places you are gearing up to visit are cleaner and quieter as compared to summers. Everything is superb here, from the wonderful food to the beautiful baroque rides. Everyone can enjoy something or the other here in Venice. And, even sitting in the St Mark’s Square and sipping your coffee, observing the Italian lifestyle is wonderful.

Best Things to do in Venice: Gondola ride in Snow, experience the snowfall

Day 2: Palermo & Sicily

Sicily is one of the best New Year Holiday Destinations in Italy because it gives a warm welcome to everyone who comes to this place. During this period that is from December to January, you can see galore of New Year markets and the perfect festivity all around that will gravitate anyone coming to the place. Palermo is the capital city of Sicily and this is the place where you can explore all of the Island’s charm. Also, there’s this coastal town of Cefalu, where you can enjoy the medieval charm and a beautiful beach. And, definitely, this place is a must visit, if you are looking for winter Sun and temperate climate. All through the winter month, you will get to experience here perfect weather that gives a warm welcome.

Best Things to Do in Sicily: Termini Imerese, see Christmas nativity play, Shopping


Day 3: Rome

Rome is one of the best New Year Holiday Destinations in Europe! And, its charm and elegance get doubled with the onset of the winter season. From November to January it transforms itself to become one thing that can’t be missed out. Rome is the capital of Italy and this place becomes even quieter and beautiful during the winters. And, this is the time when you can explore some of the most sought-after locations of Rome like the Roman Forum and the Vatican museums at a much-relaxing pace. And, apart from being a picturesque location, you can shop along the variety of fashionable stores. At the end of the day, you can choose from the plethoras of coffee shops or restaurants along the street to enjoy and dine in the peaceful atmosphere.

Best things to do in Rome: Shop until you Drop

Essential Items You Need to Carry:  You will need your sturdy pair of shoes if you are planning to enjoy sightseeing. And, you must also carry an umbrella.


Day 4:  Turin

This place is particularly heaven for those who love skiing! In the Northern part of Turin, there’s this perfect gateway to the Alps which is the best place for skiers. And, apart from that, the city itself is one of the best holiday destinations in Italy for New Year and other occasions. One special occasion when the city gets lighted up is the annual Luci d’Artista. It’s a celebration when art is celebrated taking the help of lights. The city gets another outlook with various imaginative and creative ways. Apart from that, the place is a real paradise for those who are avid food lovers. Some of the original Eataly stores are located here where you can find some of the best Italian dishes. You are spending the fourth day of your New Year Eve Holiday here and it’s going to be great.

Best Things to do in Italy: Enjoy Bicerin at Caffe Al Bicerin,

Things to Carry along: You will need to carry proper winter clothes, shoes because this city being close to the Alps can get colder than even expected.


Day 5. The Amalfi Coast

And, even during the winter season, the Amalfi Coast will let you enjoy pleasant weather. And, particularly for those who want to get a pleasant seaside experience and temperate climate can choose The Amalfi Coast in Europe as the ultimate New Year Holiday Destination. It’s a great place for those who are looking out to hike along, do winter walking as the coastal paths are an ideal thing here. At the same time, people can also enjoy the vibrancy of New year celebration with villages and towns coming together.

Best Things to do in The Amalfi Coast: Pansa Pasticceria, Piazza del Duomo in Amalfi,


Day 6: Tuscany

The numerous picturesque sites of Tuscany, villages and medieval towns give a reason for listing it among the best New Year Holiday Destinations. The wineries and vineyards are something that you cannot miss exploring when you are in Tuscany. At Abetone, the Ski is just at a distance of an hour from Florence. And, winters are great for truffle hunting that is one famous pastime of Tuscan. You can also see some of the famous Renaissance sites of Italy and that makes it a great trip.

Best things to do in Tuscany: Relax in the thermal water spas, enjoy the snow-covered vistas

Things to carry during New Year Holiday Destination trip: Sturdy footwear and plenty of warm clothes are required.


Day 7. Naples

Naples is one of the best New Year Holiday destinations! During winters the weather is pleasant and you can expect the city to be lost in the festivity mode. Just over with the Christmas fever, the city is all ready to welcome New Year. You can experience the scene of presepi from December to January here.

Best Things to Do in Naples: Visit the beach (You can feel the Sun here in Winters)

Things to Carry: Carry a good pair of shoes and lighter clothes.


Day 8. Cortina D’Ampezzo

When you are choosing Italy as your New Year Holiday Destinations, you cannot miss Cortina D’Ampezzo.  Because Cortina D’Ampezzo is most beautiful during winters. And, anyone who loves snow cannot resist being in this glorious landscape called as the Queen of the Dolomites’. After the Winter Olympics were organized here in 1956, this place has become a favorite place for skiers.

Best Things to Do in Cortina D’Ampezzo: Ski

Things to Carry: Ski gear and winter clothes



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