Cherish Moments Spending Time In A Holy Country Like Israel

In a holy country like Israel, you will feel a heavy positive presence entering into the country. Tel Aviv stretches itself to the beautiful beaches that strip at the Mediterranean Sea for over 100 years. Owing to its specialties, Tel Aviv is known as modern Israel’s face. Moreover, it is also nicknamed as “The White City” specifically for its bulk of Bauhaus style architecture.

Highlights of the Trip:

Israel would serve you with its best destinations like The Tel Aviv North Port which is also called the “Namal.” The must-see recommended destinations are European Biennial of Landscape Architecture to explore the landscape architecture, live performances, shopping, restaurants, and art.

Places to Visit:

  • Rosh Hanikra Grottos

  • The Meshushim Pool

  • Yehudiya Nature Reserve

  • Sea of Galilee Promenade

  • Jerusalem

  • City of King David Excavations

  • Zedekiah’s Cave

  • Shabbat

  • Yemin Moshe Shabbat

  • Tower of David Night Spectacular

Trip At A Glance:

Day 1: Mediterranean Sea - Israel’s Coast

Day 2: Israel’s Coast - The Golan Heights Springs

Day 3: The Golan Heights Springs - The Jordan Valley

Day 4: The Jordan Valley - Hotel

Day 5: Checkout & Departure 


Day 1: Mediterranean Sea

Arriving here would take you to visit Soho of Tel Aviv while strolling down towards the Dizengoff St., Rothschild Blvd, and Shenken St. In the afternoon, move towards the White Sand Beaches and have relaxing sunbath inside the sparkling water. Spend a quality time here at the beach enjoying some drink and snacks at the seaside cafe. Spend some evening time at The Carmel Market which is also known as an open-air Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel). Shop some antiques from here while wandering the aisles of the market rendering the Middle Eastern experience.

Day 2: Israel’s Coast to Ancient Ports

On day 2, the first destination would be The Caesarea National Park which comprises the remains of a city that was benchmarked by King Herod the Great. From here, a step towards the Alona Park, Mei Kedem, this historical tunnel is filled with the chilled water up to the knees which would serve you with the amazing day adventure. Now, the turn comes off the Haifa Bahai Gardens Lookout which is also the world’s 8th wonder. These terraced gardens are built with exceptional beauty and creativity.

Day 3: The Golan Heights Springs, Rivers & Streams

Enjoy the views of Senior (Hatzbani) River and falls while resting on its green banks. This river stretches amid the Lebanon and Israel keeping 2 nations at odds over by utilizing its water. From here, move towards the Iyon Nature Reserve and be ready to experience its breathtaking views. It is situated just north to the town of Metula. It’s worthy to walk along the trails in the Galilee region to see its cascading water & blooming wildflowers. End your day by having a rafting adventure at Jordan River. Explore some real water fun and take on adventurous kayaking.

Day 4: Sea Of Galilee & The Jordan Valley

Arriving here would take you to the Gan HaShlosha National Park that helps tourists in rejuvenating at Jacuzzis or the natural pools. From here, step towards other destination which is also a national park named Ma’ayan Harod National Park. Here, breathtaking water springs surround a complete park lawn abreast with its presentation at Hankin Museum. So, just enjoy the stunning views of the bubbling springs. End your day by visiting the Qasr Al Yahud Jordan River Point here, Israel's nation crossed the Jordan River and enters into the Land of Israel.

Day 5: Checkout & Departure 

After visiting all such places it’s time to say a happy goodbye to Israel and move towards the airport by checking out from the hotel where you would be accommodating. 


These 5 days Israel Itinerary would not cost you much that you have to think twice.



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