A Glimpse of Hungary With A Perfect Planning of Hungary Tours

Hungary comprises of an understandable beauty leveraging with enriched history via which you can easily jump into the country’s history. Hungary will definitely take you to the country having fledged surprises and treasures as well. The country delivers its own unique experience which later becomes a worthwhile journey. You can check out the best Europe tour packages before booking for the Hungary Tours.

Trip Highlights:

Hungary has much more to visit and explore. In fact, you can easily discover the treasures of this country with a help of Eurail Hungary Pass. Hence, this itinerary will assist you with endless treasures, history and unexplored places with the biggest adventure. Amid all the cities connecting each other, Budapest is a reckoned gateway which will make your trip easy to explore the country and its capital.

Places to Visit: 

  • Budapest

  • Eger

  • Györ

  • Siofok

  • Pecs 



With an utmost beauty, Budapest is known as Central Europe’s JewelRiver Danube separates it into two parts. On hilly Buda’s west peak, Buda Castle is called the Hungarian king's residential place. Reward yourself with the stunning views over the river including the bustling Pest.

You need to cross the Szechenyi Chain Bridge to reach here because most of the establishments have been transformed into ruin bars out of which one is well known called Szimpla Kert. After this, take some rest in Széchenyi thermal baths and enjoy hot spring waters. 

Day 2: EGER

Eger comprises of a magical amalgamation of architecture, red wines, thermal baths, and a unicorn. Visiting the Castle of Eger becomes must because a group of Hungarian people fought off 40,000 Ottoman armies in 1552. Notable places in this castle:

  • The Gothic Palace

  • Art Gallery

  • Underground Passageways

Next destination of the day would be Valley of the Beautiful Woman (Szepasszonyvolgy) where you can easily enjoy Hungarian wines. 

Day 3: GYOR

Gyor is a charming old town that always surprises the tourists visiting here. Arriving by train, the first destination will be Neoclassical Town Hall (Varoshaza). Its design was chosen by the contest whose construction was completed in the year 1898. Visiting here becomes more worthful at night to see its golden lights. Lead towards the cobblestone pedestrian street and explore different shops, bars, and cafe. Other recommended places are Kaptalan Hill (Kaptalandomb) - The heart of Gyor and the Basilica of Gyor. 


If you are a party lover then, Siofok is meant for you. You can easily enjoy pool parties, beach party, and other varied adventures. It is located at the Lake Balaton southern shores. Siofok is actually a reckoned gateway vacation in overall Hungary. As per the summer season concerns, there is always a non-stop occasion or festival environment whereas, in the winter season, it's always a non-stop cultural event. 

Other major recommended destinations are:

  • Borsodi Beach Club (main beach resort)

  • The quieter side of Siofok

  • The Japanese and English gardens

  • Jokai Park 

Apart from this, you can also go to the Water Tower to have the beautiful views of the town. 

Day 5: PECS

The Pecs university town consists of the enriched history as well as the mild climate which also dates back to 2,000 years. Moreover, Turkish rulings and the Remnants of Roman are still the evidence in the architecture and designs of a town. Though, the most iconic as well as the recommended places of Pecs are: 

  • Mosque of Pasha Qasim (Gazi Kaszim Pasa)

  • The main square of Pecs

  • Roman Catholic church.

  • Kiraly Street

  • National Theater of Pecs 

Alongside this, there are a lot of ballet performances in a building of Baroque-style that assists the tourists with an experience of culture. Do not forget to check the best Europe tour packages online. 


This 5 days Hungary Tours itinerary is exceptionally pocket-friendly that you can easily explore and visit much and more.



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