Best Experiences in Egypt For Solo Travelers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel solo in a new country entirely with strangers? Well, the very first thing is that you will love the freedom that traveling solo empowers you with. So, say yes to adventure by jumping on this tour of Egypt designed especially for solo travelers and explore the world of Egypt on your own. With its incredible ancient relics and endless adventure opportunities and cultural immersion, Egypt is definitely the ultimate travel destination for solo travelers.


A Brief Look At The Egypt Tour

(Day 1): Arrive and Marvel at the site of Great Pyramids in Giza

(Day 2): Heading to Aswan

(Day 3): A Full Day tour of Aswan

(Day 4): Visit to Luxor

(Day 5): Exploring Cairo

(Day 6): Departure for Home



Giza, Aswan, Luxor, Cairo



Day 1: Arrive and Marvel at the site of Great Pyramids in Giza

A single look at the Great Pyramids of Giza and it will be impossible to look back. You will immediately feel as though you are in the presence of greatness. The pyramids are the iconic images of Egypt and you are sure to admire their majesty within an hour of touching down at Cairo International Airport. Your private guide will meet you at the airport and escort you to a luxurious hotel in Giza. The views from the rooftop terrace are going to be legendary and the pyramids will slowly change their hues around sunset. Plod across the desert on a camel, traversing in the style of the past in order to appreciate the scale of the ancient wonder of the world.


Day 2: Heading to Aswan

Walk past the Great Sphinx of Giza with your Egyptologist guide and wander through an amazing landscape and listen to the stories narrated by your guide on the breeze as the pyramids loom larger and larger. Later, return back to the desert and observe how you will have escaped the mass of tour buses.

After this morning in Giza, enjoy a sumptuous lunch with the guide at a traditional restaurant to acquaint yourself with the food as well as the customs. Then, you will be transferred to the airport to catch a flight south to the old desert town of Aswan. Draped around the River Nile, Aswan combines the ancient-world atmosphere of the camel caravans with Middle Eastern architectural beauty, and also a slow pace that makes everyone feel relaxed immediately. This has always been an oasis providing a retreat for solo travelers. Spend your evening settling into the rhythm of Aswan, an old city on the Nile that has always been loved by solo travelers.


Day 3: A Full Day tour of Aswan

In the morning, enjoy a delicious and traditional breakfast and meet your new guide to plan out the day. There are plenty of attractions that can be visited and the beauty of traveling alone is that the agenda is created to suit just your very own mood. Admire the scale of Aswan High Dam, which is a modern piece of Egyptian engineering or venture into a temple that holds the Aswan’s past secrets. Take a stroll along the old marketplace and feel the atmosphere of the camel caravans.

Later in the afternoon, you can travel on the River Nile. Powered by the wind, these conventional wooden vessels continue the theme of traveling back in time. Sail across the lush islands of the Nile and cruise along banks that are etched with local life. Now, enjoy a relaxed evening in Aswan as you head out with your guide to a great local restaurant.


Day 4: Visit to Luxor

In the early morning today, you’ll be boarding a train that connects Aswan with Luxor in just over three hours. On reaching Luxor, you will be greeted by your guide. Visit a sensational open-air museum or the greatest temples of Ancient Egypt. Wander past the sculpted sphinxes.

As you venture through the temples, notice the hieroglyphs narrating godly tales along the walls. Then, spend some time on Luxor’s East Bank as you might uncover something new from the past.


Day 5: Exploring Cairo

This morning, fly back to Cairo for your final day. Visit the Egyptian Museum, where over 120,000 artifacts line the corridors and galleries. Here you can easily spend two hours and half a day discovering the best that the museum has to offer.

Later in the day, enjoy a traditional lunch at a local eatery in the Khan el-Khalili bazaar. From here you can wander randomly where the old part of Cairo offers an insight into a piece of Egyptian history that is long forgotten.


Day 6: Departure for Home

Today morning, you’ll be transferred to Cairo International Airport for your final flight back home. You will be reflecting on the experiences and people you met on the Egypt Tour during your transfer to the airport.




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