Explore The Best Of Egypt With This Classic Tour Itinerary

With an enthralling history that reaches back to the dawn of civilization, Egypt is considered to be the oldest travel destination on earth. The tourist attractions here are like nothing you will find anywhere else in the world. The African nation’s awe-inspiring pyramids and temples have captured the imagination of travelers around the globe for thousands of years.

Egypt possess gigantic monuments as old as 6.000 years and Cairo, with its 22 million inhabitants certainly has to offer an abundance of unique landmarks and tourist attractions as well. Although most visitors come to Egypt to view its ancient monuments, natural attractions fascinate travelers too.



  • Celebrate the legends of history with a day at the Great Pyramids of Giza and ancient Memphis

  • Discover the mesmerizing history of Luxor, an afternoon at the temples of the East Bank

  • Escape into the beauty of the River Nile on a luxury cruise, watching the world go by from your boutique suite

  • Enjoy a hot air balloon ride above ancient Thebes, a serene introduction to what has become the world’s greatest open-air museum

  • Wander through the narrow lanes of old Cairo, as you admire the millennia-old atmosphere and some of fine early Christian and Islamic architecture

  • Spend a day relaxing in the remote desert oasis of Aswan, which includes a private felucca sailing trip that visits the islands of the Nile

  • Fly to the remarkable rock-cut temples of Abu Simbel, another of the seductive icons of Ancient Egypt



(Day 1): Cairo – Relaxing Into the Egyptian Experience

(Day 2): Cairo – Immersed in the Glory of the Pyramids and Memphis

(Day 3): Luxor – Where the Sun Rises: Exploring the Fabled Temples of the East Bank

(Day 4): Edfu to Kom Ombo – Mysterious Temples and the Serenity of a Luxury Nile Cruise

(Day 5): Aswan – Cruising Into the Oasis and the Sights of Aswan

(Day 6): Abu Simbel to Cairo – A Final Legendary Site and a Last Night On the Nile

(Day 7): Cairo – Departure



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(Day 1): Cairo – Relaxing Into the Egyptian Experience

Few attractions around the world are more iconic or historical than the Great Pyramids of Giza. Your hotel, which overlooks them, will offer an inspiring view from the window of your suite and a completely uninterrupted vista from the rooftop terrace. Their size will immediately compel you like their color changes when the sunset reflections bounce across the desert. When you land in Cairo, you will be greeted at the airport by your guide, who will assists you through customs and the relatively short transfer to the five-star boutique hotel in Giza. You will savor the view as you settle into the wonders of Egypt’s ancient history. Dinner will be served on the rooftop, just as the daily light show plays out on the pyramids.

(Day 2): Cairo – Immersed in the Glory of the Pyramids and Memphis

The next morning, snippets of dust will twirl around you as you walk across the silence of Giza. The pyramids loom larger and larger, sentinels of history that rise from the desert floor. It does not matter how many photos or postcards you may have seen, little can prepare you for the scale of these monuments, the only ancient wonder of the world still standing. With your hotel’s exquisite location, you will visit the Great Pyramids when the site first opens, ahead of the tour bus crowds. While the pyramids are remarkable from the outside, as you descend into the heart of the structure you will discover that they are elegiac on the inside. Your first morning in Egypt will continue with a visit to the equally poignant Solar Boat Museum.

In the afternoon, you will return to the hotel for lunch and relaxation as you allow the heat of the day to pass. Then, you will travel out to the very first of the pyramids, Saqqara, which offers an insight into the iconic architecture that changed the world. The smoothed steps fully illustrate the age of Saqqara Pyramids as they have been weathered by 4700 years of desert wind. You will find the remains of Ancient Memphis nearby, another enduring piece of history that feels as if it is alive. Upon your return to Giza, the guide will recommend a restaurant for the evening, either the upmarket restaurant in one of the nearby hotels or a more local and traditional affair.

(Day 3): Luxor – Where the Sun Rises: Exploring the Fabled Temples of the East Bank

Today you will discover the two contrasting storylines of ancient Thebes, which are told through the vast ruins that are scattered in and around Luxor. In ancient Egyptian culture, the sun represented life. Since it rises in the east, the temples dedicated to the gods were constructed on the East Bank. Egyptians also believed that a setting sun indicated the end of life, so the West Bank was where burials took place and the tombs were built. You will fly to Luxor and begin your journey with the life, on the East Bank where the fabulous temples of Luxor and Karnak offer you an immersion into the dramatic scale of Thebes. These two temples require that you explore them slowly. While their size can be overwhelming at first, if you take your time then all of the details will start to shine through. Along with your exploration, a forest of giant pillars will rise high above you in the Hypostyle Hall, then you will notice sculpted sphinxes that line an ancient avenue, and abundant carvings pay homage to the gods, while your guide deciphers the spiraling hieroglyphics.

After an afternoon of privately-guided exploration in these two temples, you will be transferred to a luxury vessel that sits on the River Nile. Your elegant suite will have large windows for uninterrupted views over the water. A swimming pool will await you on the upper deck, along with tables for leisurely lunchtime dining. You can spend the evening relaxing and indulging as you enjoy the first of four nights on board. A River Nile cruise is a classic Egyptian experience as travelers and locals have been elegantly cruising along the river since Antony and Cleopatra did so almost 2000 years ago. Since then, new vessels have been constructed and it is now possible to find a boutique approach to cruising.

(Day 4): Edfu to Kom Ombo – Mysterious Temples and the Serenity of a Luxury Nile Cruise

In the morning, you will disembark and travel by horse and carriage to the Temple of Edfu. It is just one of the exquisite sights that dot the Nile that offers insight into the folklore and depictions of the gods. Edfu is dedicated to the horse god while Kom Ombo honors the crocodile god, with mummified crocodiles, found close to the entrance. The temples come with mysterious stories, which will be superbly narrated by your guides as you explore in small groups. In between the temples, you will savor the tranquility of the cruise. On this classic itinerary, the cruise will provide a few very quiet days in between some detailed historical exploration. While you will stop at mesmerizing sites, the cruise will also be an excellent opportunity to relax and escape into a remote world.

(Day 5): Aswan – Cruising Into the Oasis and the Sights of Aswan

As you open the curtains to the sun rising over the desert and take breakfast on the roof, the Sahara wakes for another day. You will admire the lush swathes of green that start to rise on the banks and sit outside as you cruise into the seductive oasis town of Aswan. A Saharan outpost for the camel caravans, Aswan has been welcoming visitors for centuries. You will find an old nomadic atmosphere in the marketplace, where traders meet at cafes and there is always time for another glass of tea. Today you will discover the iconic sights of Aswan, from the 20th-century High Dam to a temple built three millennia earlier. As you spend a final night on board, soak up the entertainment and notice the clusters of palm trees that rise on the banks.

(Day 6): Abu Simbel to Cairo – A Final Legendary Site and a Last Night On the Nile

Your guide will begin this morning with a fascinating tale. He will explain to you that sunlight enters the temples of Abu Simbel only two days of the year. The shards of illumination travel along a long corridor to cast a glow on the statues of Ramesses II and Amun on February 21st and October 21st, which corresponds with the birthday and coronation day of Ramesses. The ancient Egyptians incorporated their advanced knowledge of the solstice and their firm belief in the afterlife into their remarkable engineering feats. For example, at Abu Simbel, the light shines along the corridor but the statue of Ptah, the god of the underworld, remains in perpetual darkness.

The two great temples of Abu Simbel stand in the far south of Egypt, guarded by giant sculptures of Ramesses II. Their eyes will follow you into a corridor that dances with decoration. You will notice how godly scenes play out, a victory over the Hittites is presented in elaborate detail, and the sheer size of these temples is mesmerizing. After you spend three hours discovering the detail you will fly to Cairo via Aswan, where your five-star hotel on the Nile is very different to your first stay in the capital. In Giza, you will have enjoyed boutique old-world luxury. For this final night, you will get a taste of modern Egypt, with a decadent suite that provides views over the city lights.

(Day 7): Cairo – Departure

With an evening departure, you will have a day at leisure in Cairo. Now will be your opportunity to visit Khan el-Khalili bazaar to find some souvenirs, or to indulge in the hotel’s spa and lounge by the pool. You can enjoy the hotel’s facilities up until a private transfer to the airport.



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