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Croatia, or officially the Republic of Croatia, is a European country situated at the crossroads of Central and Southern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. Its capital Zagreb forms one of the country's primary subdivisions, along with twenty counties. With the countries growth in remunerations from tourism, people have started flocking in the southern European nation in quest of some respite from their otherwise busy lives. Find out the perfect 6 days itinerary for Croatia Tours here – 


Day 1: Fly to Zagreb Airport, Croatia

Your service provider would book you the ticket to the Zagreb International Airport from where your trip shall start. They would also book the hotel. You will get an assisted transfer from the hotel from the airport. You can visit for yourself the city center and have drinks or food thereby using the major thoroughfare named Tkalciceva. On this street, you can have some of the best truffle pasta. Take a tour of the Museum of Broken Relationships which is worth spending time there. The museum is small and simple but you can relate most of the things there. Your tour guide would make you understand the local dialect used there.

Day 2: Visit Plitvice Lakes

The next day of the tour would have complimentary breakfast after which you would be taken to the Plitvice Lakes, one of the major attractions of Croatia. The tour guides would arrange for rental cars or buses to take you there. While most of the things are cheap in Croatia, rental vehicles are on the upper side. The lake divided between upper and lower lakes provide some family time to the travelers and you can have a picnic there as well. Afterward, drive three hours down to the coast and the city of Zadar and spend the evening.

Day 3: Spend the Day in Zadar

After reaching Zadar in the evening of the previous day, the third day of the tour will encourage you to spend the entire day in Zadar. The highlights of the tour would include walking around the old city. The serenity of the place gives the couples or the family to get together and dine at some of the best restaurants there. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the Zadar sea organ and marvel at the beautiful artwork “Greeting of the Sun,” especially at night when the colors are spectacular.

Day 4: Spend the Day in Split – The GOT site

The best thing about Croatia is that you can spend the entire day at one place and then move on to the next place in the evening and enjoy the next day there. In that sequence, reach out to Split in the evening of the third day so that you have ample time of visiting Split on Day 4 of the trip. Here, you would be delighted to visit Diocletian’s Palace which is a Roman ruin found on the reverse of the 500 Kuna Banknote. It is also a famous filming site for HBO’s Game of Thrones. This has literally increased the traffic to this place. Spend the rest of the day exploring the Old Town, climbing up to the Bell Tower of St. Domnius, sipping some wine at a local winery, or heading to soak up the sun along the beachfront.

Day 5: Sports Day at Hvar Island

This Island has plenty to offer for both types of persons – the extreme sports type or those who would rather take a ferry. But most of the people visiting this Island end up taking the extreme sports and remember the adventure for life. You can do extreme Canoeing down the Cetina River with Adventure Dalmatia Tours providers. This river is less than an hour drive from Split. If climbing mountains and gliding down rapids is just not your thing, you must take the ferry to Hvar Island and enjoy your day at the beach or exploring the other main town, Stari Grad.

Day 6: Spend the day at Hvar

Hvar is the best explorative place in entire Croatia and hence most the tourism flocks to this place. Here you can have extreme sports and adventure coupled with nightlife at the beach. You can have the specialty of the place which is Greek-style feta and chicken salad at the Dalmatians. You can rent a quad or a Vespa and explore the Island. People come here to watch the sunset from some remote beautiful locale. Make sure if you rent a quad that you do so early in the day as they tend to sell out during the summer.  Hvar does shut down in late September so spending time on this island makes the most sense from May-September.

Day 7: Departure

On the last day of the tour, the tour hotel will provide you the breakfast after which they would help you with transfer to the Airport as per your travel schedule.

Note: This is just a suggested itinerary and can undergo various changes as per request by travelers or service providers. Please call to know more of the Tour.



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