Best Way To Travel To Europe - Part II (Historical Remains Of Bulgaria)

Europe is rich in natural beauty, but European history is the richest in the world. Europe boasts of giving birth to world-famous emperors who are regarded as heroes of all time. There are endless monuments, museums, castles, and other historical ruins in Europe which are not only rich in archaeological beauty but also tell us about the glorious past from several eras. So a journey through the historical remains is undoubtedly the best way to travel to Europe.

Our last tour was focused on the coastal beauty of Bulgaria touching a few historical sites. After this tour to Bulgaria, our tour group wished to extend the tour for a deeper exploration of the Bulgarian history. Join this tour to explore one of Europe’s oldest countries, Bulgaria.  

Tour Highlights

  • Visit popular UNESCO sights and secret

  • Visit the home of the medieval tsars

  • Wander through the stones of Serdika, the ancient Roman city

  • Learn about Bulgaria’s communist period

  • learn about the evolution of Bulgaria’s memorial architecture

  • Travel across jaw-dropping natural landscapes

  • Wander in the streets and markets of picturesque old towns

  • Feast on hearty local cuisine

Tour Description

This is the best way to Travel to Europe with eight days and seven nights, we’ll immerse into adventure and discovery in the most southeast corner of Europe, as we explore ancient civilizations and wonder at otherworldly relics of a communist utopia that never came to reality. Engage yourself in the rich and often tragic history of a country that rests on the frontier between Europe and the Middle East, a country that has witnessed the rise and fall of three historic Bulgarian Kingdoms.

Along with admiring Bulgaria’s complex history and underrated architectural masterpieces, also view jaw-dropping landscapes, wander along the streets and markets of scenic old towns, and feast on hearty local cuisine.


Day 1 - Arrival to Bulgaria

Welcome to Sofia, the capital and the largest city of Bulgaria.  We will drive you to the city’s downtown to reach your hotel.

There will be a group meeting at the hotel before heading out for our first banquet meal together. This is rather an orientation workshop, as you get to know your guides, your travel companions, and savor your first Bulgarian cuisine.

Day 2 - Travel Around Sofia

We’ll jump into the Bulgarian capital today, starting with an immersive walking tour of the city center. From Roman ruins and fourth-century churches to majestic works of modern architecture, you’ll get amazed with different sides of Sofia.

Explore Sofia’s various communist-era heritage sites, and the precarious status they find themselves in today. We’ll appreciate commanding monuments to the Soviet Army, as well as visit the site of demolished monuments.

After lunch, we’ll head to the Museum of Socialist Art to explore some of the statues and monuments restored from scrapyards around the country. The museum is the home to Bulgaria’s last Lenin, along with a large collection of political artwork and paintings.

Returning back to the city center, we’ll walk through Sofia’s "Borisova Gradina" park. We will pass through the Russian Embassy and Hotel Moskva, the Astronomical Observatory, and the Fraternal Barrow: a Socialist-realist memorial complex that watches impressively over the park.

Finally, we reach an outstanding communism-themed restaurant for dinner and drinks in the capital. It’s an opportunity to review what we’ve already seen, and to share our excitement over our next spot to visit.

Day 3 - The Old Mountains

Your driver will meet you in the morning, we’ll visit first to the Banner of Peace memorial complex to ring the ornamental bells that hang from this amazing Brutalist monument. Each bell was donated by different nations, and we’ll spot a few from places that no longer exist, such as the USSR, Yugoslavia, and the GDR.

Next, we’ll drive into the foothills of the Balkan Mountains. We’ll stop at the city of Koprivshtitsa to learn about a local revolutionary hero followed by a special lunch with a local culinary.

In the afternoon we’ll arrive at the highest point of our destinations this week, where we’ll see the Arch of Liberty, a large monument located at an altitude of 1,520 meters in the Beklemeto Pass.

In the evening we’ll reach Troyan, a town famous for its fine wines and brandy. After checking into our luxurious hotel here, we’ll visit a Bulgarian sommelier for a curated wine tasting session.

Day 4 - The Medieval Capital

Today we’ll drive to Bulgaria’s medieval capital Veliko Tarnovo, with stops at a couple of impressive monuments along the way.

We will visit the Preobrazhenski Monastery. The monastery, built in the 11th century, is still standing in spite of both religious oppression and climactic landslides.

Veliko Tarnovo is simply one of the most attractive cities anywhere in the Balkans. After a delicious lunch together, you’ll get some free time to explore the Old Town area with its hopper markets, craft workshops, and the historic Tsarevets Fortress.

In the evening we’ll gather again for dinner with an inspiring view of the river valley. Afterward, we return to our hotel for the evening.

Day 5 - Founders of the Bulgarian State

Today after breakfast, we’ll drive to Shumen to visit the Monument of the Founders of the Bulgarian State. Prepare to be waved away by the sheer size and intensity of this bizarre, cubist memorial complex, which rests on a hill overlooking the city.

This area is home to a sizable Armenian community, and for lunch, we’ll stop at their local cultural center to enjoy a traditional Armenian feast.

Targeting for the Black Sea, we’ll travel east to Varna and visit the impressive Monument to the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship.

After settling into our hotel for the night, we take a walk along the beach and end the day with cocktails and a seafood dinner at the shore.

Day 6 - The Black Sea

Today after breakfast we’ll have some free time. You could explore the city, view the Roman baths, visit the museum and get a look of the oldest gold jewelry in the world, or simply relax on the beach. You’ll also be provided with a map, describing some of Varna’s architectural highlights.

Bulgaria has a long and complex relationship with neighboring Turkey, something that shows not just in culture and politics but also in food. For lunch, we’ll take a Turkish cuisine as part of our culinary training.

After lunch we hit the road again, driving south along the Black Sea coast.  Arriving in the calm port city of Burgas, we’ll review a number of important communist-era memorial sites, before reaching our cozy hotel. After freshening up, we will head out for a group dinner.

Day 7 - Buzludzha

Today will be our busiest day, highlighting some of the greatest memorial sites you’ll visit this week. Our first visit will be to the Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship. This one exists as a concrete tower located on a hilltop near the city of Yambol.

Traveling west, we’ll arrive again at the awesome memorial complex "Defenders of Stara Zagora", which remembers the sacrifice of the Russian and Bulgarian soldiers who fought here one of the bloodiest battles in 1877-78 during the Russo-Turkish War.

Today ’s lunch is a charming meal at a rural watering hole, an old-style Mehana finished with folk instruments, taxidermy, and framed portraits of communist leaders.

Climbing the mountain in the afternoon, we’ll reach the Buzludzha Memorial House, an exceptional concrete structure designed in the shape of a flying saucer, once a rich memorial museum but now left abandoned to the elements. You will learn the complex history of the monument, the reasons for its present decline, as well as know about new progress towards a potential preservation plan.

Finally, we reach  Plovdiv, where we’ll stay in a luxurious hotel for dinner, a well-earned drink, and peaceful sleep.

Day 8 - Departure

This morning, we’ll bid our farewells and start our journeys home. Enjoy one last breakfast at the hotel, We will drive you back to Sofia or Varna airport to catch your flight for home or you can continue your journey with us. Now you are experienced enough to suggest others the best way to travel to Europe.


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