Enjoy 8-Days Bora Bora Itinerary by Helicopter and Diving

Commend an incredible experience on your 8-day Bora Bora get-away, setting out on out of this world scenes and investigating the profundities of the South Pacific Ocean. Swim with sharks in the sublime tidal pond and take off through the air on a private helicopter ride. Find the white sand shores of a disconnected island and unwind in the solace of the tropical waters. From scuba plunging at coral patio nurseries to trekking the rainforest looking for concealed cascades, you can enjoy the common wonders for an exceptional investigation of Bora Bora and the neighbouring Polynesian islands. 

Bora Bora Vacation Package Highlights:

  • Plunge into the perfectly clear waters of the renowned tidal pond at Bora Bora to swim with black tip reef sharks and mammoth manta beams
  • Dive into the profundities of the South Pacific Ocean on a guided entire day SCUBA visit to discover coral dividers, lemon sharks, and glorious fish
  • Enjoy a private helicopter ride to and from a private resort on the shocking segregated shores of Taha'a Island
  • Traverse the rainforest trails around Bora Bora to discover wonderful displays from Mount Otemanu and find beachfront weapons and old sanctuaries
  • Visit a boutique pearl homestead to find out about the way toward gathering clams and the pearls previously showing the cherished stones in the display
  • Trek the Three Cascade trail at the core of Raiatea to discover a progression of wonderful cascades gushing down the precipices of the untamed rainforest
  • Cruise the waters of the South Pacific Ocean looking for whales and dolphins on a marvellous whale watching experience
  • Relish the unparalleled displays of Bora Bora on an enamouring helicopter visit, went with surprising photography


8-Days Bora Bora Itinerary Tour at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Arrive and Enjoy the Extravagant Tropical Excellence of Bora  Bora 
  • Day 2: Appreciate an Initial Snorkel Visit and Helicopter Outing
  • Day 3: Thoroughly enjoy a Parasailing Visit and Whale Watching Experience
  • Day 4: Delight in an Entire Day Plunging Visit to Visit Three Observed Spots
  • Day 5: Taha'a – Travel to Detached Taha'a by Helicopter for a Private Island Visit
  • Day 6: Taha'a – Relish multi Day in Taha'a to Unwind or Investigate at your Relaxation
  • Day 7: Come back to Bora  Bora  for a 4x4 Jeep Safari and Nightfall Supper
  • Day 8: Leave for Home 


Day 1: Arrive and Enjoy the Extravagant Tropical Magnificence of Bora  Bora  

Your flight lands at Bora  Bora  Universal Airplane terminal, where your private exchange welcomes you upon your entry. The tropical air loads up with the smell of coconut and hibiscus. Relish an opportunity to slow down in the grandness of your resort and the wonderful qualities of Bora Bora by diving your toes into the hot ivory sand on the private shoreline. 


Day 2: Appreciate an Initial Snorkel Visit and Helicopter Trip 

Prior to breakfast, you invest energy in viewing the tropical fish swimming underneath the glass floorboard in your overwater cabin. You tune in to the relieving, musical hints of the water brushing against the wooden posts supporting your extravagant suite. After the feast, you board a customary outrigger kayak to achieve a praised swimming spot on the tidal pond. The first experience with the charming life in the waters of Bora Bora highlights blacktip reef sharks and manta beams. Your heart pounds boisterously in your chest from the excite of swimming with the sensational and expansive ocean life. You can see the dark tips of the sharks' dorsal blades looking out of the water. You hop into the shallow tidal pond. 


Day 3: Thoroughly enjoy a Parasailing Visit and Whale Watching Experience 

Savor the experience of the delectable fragrance of coconut drain and debauched espresso at breakfast. The organic products dangling from the treetops around the island help you to remember the time you spent noticeable all around the earlier day. The helicopter ride made you have an inclination that you were taking off over the extravagant magnificence of French Polynesia. You recover that inclination after the supper by boarding a speedboat on the tidal pond. The new ocean breeze washes over the body and conveys the clouding water onto your cheeks. Your guide anchors you to the parasail and you tenderly rise in excess of 30 feet into the air. You wonder about the peaceful sound of the breeze undulating the texture of the parasail. The breeze conveys the unpretentious semi-sweet fragrance of the water. You lounge in the serene vibe and dazzling perspective of the cobalt South Pacific Ocean and covered rooftop overwater cottages close to the shores of the tidal pond. Your guide reels you down to the vessel, conveying the impression of travelling to an end. 


Day 4: Delight in an Entire Day Jumping Visit to Visit Three Observed Spots 

You wake up right on time to the fragrances of energy leafy foods. After a little breakfast, your private exchange escorts you to a halfway found plunge focus at the core of the tidal pond. You board the pontoon and set out to the first of three plunge locales for one of a kind associations with Bora  Bora 's biodiversity. The water sparkles regal blue. The ocean bottom sinks to a profundity of 120 feet. The daylight punctures the surface in excess of 200 feet down. The coral surpasses the level in edges and hills. Monster barracuda go adjacent to you, making a perceptible fly stream rub against your wetsuit. Eels jab their heads out of little gives in confined by coral branches. 


Day 5: Taha'a – Travel to Disconnected Taha'a by Helicopter for a Private Island Visit 

The island of Taha'a is situated off the shoreline of Raiatea, about 20 miles from the shores of Bora Bora. After breakfast, you board a private helicopter at your resort's arrival cushion. The propellers thunder to life and you rise into the sky, viewing the basalt pinnacle of Mount Otemanu turn into an inaccessible outline. Disconnect Taha'a disregards a tidal pond imparted to the bigger island of Raiatea. Low slopes, dynamic rainforest, and bordering coconut palms cover up flourishing estates and pearl ranches. 


Day 6: Taha'a – Relish multi Day in Taha'a to Unwind or Investigate at your Recreation 

The pinnacle of Mount Tefatua achieves a stature of 3,335 feet and weaving machines the island from each point. The subtle and uncommon Tiare Apetahi blossom becomes close to the summit. The five pearlescent petals close every night and revive at sunrise with a slight splitting sound. The rainforest shelter makes pockets of rich shade, in the long run prompting the first of the cascades. You hear a musical unobtrusive sprinkle before finding the little falls behind the trees. The water courses over the stones skimming down the smoothed basalt precipice and through the rocks ascending out of the stream. You proceed to the last cascade, where the tall course sprinkles into an undulating turquoise pool. 


Day 7: Come back to Bora  Bora  for a 4x4 Jeep Safari and Nightfall Supper 

You dare to the shores to meet your guide before venturing into an outdoors 4x4 jeep. Pursue the earth streets inland to investigate the rough excellence of the rainforest. Jasmine develops along the underbrush and fills the air with the fragrant flavour. Fire gingers bloom with energetic red petals. You achieve a World War II guarded weapon neglecting the tidal pond and watching out to the outline of Raiatea. The US Naval force gave the cannons to shield the islands of French Polynesia from the Japanese. The trees outline the big guns and the staggering scene of the white sands and shimmering indigo waters. 


Day 8: Departure for Home 

At breakfast, you take as much time as is needed with the citrus kinds of crisply pressed squeezed orange and succulent mango. The daylight washes over the quiet tidal pond with the waters lapping against the white sand. The basalt pinnacle of Mount Otemanu watches over the island. You recollect the staggering stone sacrificial table you found the earlier day, encapsulating the Polynesian legacy of the island with over 1,000 years of history. Your private exchange welcomes you at the lodging when you're prepared and escorts you to Bora  Bora  Air terminal for your flight home, taking you once more into the sky for one final perspective of the island.


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