Enjoy A Luxury Bora Bora Escorted Tour With This 6 Day Itinerary

Well-Known as a playground for the rich and famous, this stunning island in French Polynesia offers lush tropical valleys, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear water. Bora Bora’s lush greenery, beautiful beaches, and soaring volcanic peaks make it a perfect vacation destination. Snorkel the tropical reefs, relax on the gorgeous beaches, or enjoy a cocktail at one of the many luxury resorts and hotels on the island. Get on with us on this well-customized Bora Bora escorted tour and have a personal experience of this wonderland! 

A Brief Look At The Bora Bora Escorted Tour

(Day 1): Arrival in Bora Bora

(Day 2): Enjoying the Bora Bora Lagoon

(Day 3): Cruising in Bora Bora

(Day 4): Excursion in Bora Bora

(Day 5): A helicopter tour of Bora Bora

(Day 6): Departure for Home 


Bora Bora



Day 1: Arrival in Bora Bora

From glistening waters to radiant exotic flowers, emerald jungle canopies to volcanic craters, the Island of Bora Bora is truly adventurous and majestic. As your flight lands at the Bora Bora airport, your private guide meets you at the airport and takes you on a boat across the indigo and crystal clear waters of the lagoon in order to reach your well-secluded luxurious accommodation. As you settle into the comforts of your overwater accommodation, you get to have a view of the basalt peak of Mount Otemanu.

After you get acquainted with your hotel grounds, you return back to the shores of Bora Bora for an introduction to the historical sites along the east coast. You get to discover one of the oldest temples on the island at Marae Aehautai which date back more than a millennium. At the distance, your guide points out to the outlines of Raiatea and Taha’a Islands.


Day 2: Enjoying the Bora Bora Lagoon

In the early morning, you enjoy a relaxing breakfast. After the meal, you venture to the Vaitape pier to start your first Jet Ski excursion on the island. Your guide meets you on the water before leading you across the clear South Pacific Sea. The water feels cool and refreshing on your skin.

As the Jet Ski roars to life, you follow your guide to the indigo shades of the lagoon. The Jet Ski causes the water of the sea to splash against your skin. Mount Otemanu reaches a height of about 2,400 feet above sea level, imposing a dramatic backdrop to the colorful lagoon. The sands gleams with powdery white sand along the beaches.

You visit a famous restaurant for lunch, which is known for its colorful features inside a traditional Tahitian hut. A sand floor welcomes tourists beneath a thatched roof. The restaurant is famous for cooking some of the most delicious and freshest seafood on the island.

After the lunch, you return to the water over a speedboat bound for the shallows known for harboring blacktip reef sharks and manta rays. You jump into the inviting water, wearing fins and a snorkel curious to witness the lively life in the water.


Day 3: Cruising in Bora Bora

Till now, you have really become accustomed to the luxuries of your accommodation and the spectacular beauty of Bora Bora. After the breakfast, the day is completely yours to experience island life as you wish, from basking on the secluded Eden beach’s white sands to wandering through the jungles at the heart of the island of a 4x4 jeep safari. Enjoy the bright light and vibrant shades of the resort at leisure before you board a private boat for a cruise around the lagoon and South Pacific Sea. The boat fills with the aroma of tropical fruit, consisting of pineapple, guava, and banana.


Day 4: Excursion in Bora Bora

After a peaceful breakfast, you return back to the adventures of French Polynesia with an Aquabike tour. You venture the lagoon in order to meet your guide on the beach. You mount the motorized scooter and place the glass bubble secular on your body. The pressurized seal helps in keeping your head dry as you follow the secured trail nearly 10 feet beneath the surface. A scuba diver guides you along the route, as you observe the shadow of the scooter moving along the ocean floor.


Day 5: A helicopter tour of Bora Bora

Today after breakfast, you head out to the main shores of the island in order to board a helicopter bound for the skies. Your heart once again starts beating with anticipation but fades beneath the sound of the propellers roaring to life. The helicopter ascends into the air, and you have a marvelous view of the verdant grass around Vaitape, leading to the undulating jungle terrain at the center of the island.

The helicopter soon lands on the flight pad in Bora Bora. You return back to the comforts of your accommodation with the remaining day focused entirely on refreshing your body and mind after the unforgettable adventures.  


Day 6: Departure for Home

After enjoying your last breakfast in Bora Bora, your private guide escorts you to Bora Bora Airport for your flight back home.



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