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This Albania itinerary is particularly the coolest ideas for those who are wanderers and more so ardent traveler types. It’s going to take you through a swashbuckling odyssey of visiting some of the great places in the country. Most Balkan nations instead of possessing immense beauty have always been underrated. And, Albania is one of them! Unlike this belief, with this itinerary, you are going to discover some of the spots in the country that will leave you stunned. Let your wanderlust get the much needed impulse with this perfectly planned itinerary. 

About Your Trip:

Be it the fascinating beaches or the stunning landscape, Albania has a wealth of opportunities for any type of traveler. Located in the Western peninsula, it shares its borders with the Balkan countries. When viewed on the map, it seems as if Albania, the Balkan nation is resting quietly in the lap of both Adriatic and Ionian sea. The cultural influence from all of these countries had brought about a unique blend in Albania that is too desirable. The aptest start with this exploration of Albania could be Tirana, the capital city of Albania. 

Although, in the last few years tourism has grown in a positive direction in Albania, it still has remained unexplored by foreign tourists. With this Albania itinerary, you will be taken to some of those places including Appolonia, berat, Theth, Grama Bay, Bovilla Lake, lepushe, Dardha, Gjirokaster, lake Komani and much more. After visiting these places, you will understand why people call this the hidden treasure trove for all types of tourists. 

Albania, the off-beat location, as is always called has tremendous treasures into its kitty. From the capital city Tirana to even the most unknown villages will get something for the travelers. Albania is great throughout the year, it’s particularly a paradise during the summers. The reason being its many spectacular beaches and coastal destinations due to which the country is also called as ‘the land of Eagles’. And,  country offers the most exciting opportunities for hiking, trekking, and carrying out various spine-chilling activities. 

To be at the safer end, it’s great to hire Albania tour agents who will guide you throughout the trip. These experts are meticulously screened before their final deployment into the work arena. While Albania is one of the friendliest countries on the planet, it’s difficult managing everything and then traveling with that zeal. There are many agencies that work just to connect these expert Albania travel agents to travelers. Go for these services! They don’t disappoint. Let’s take on the exploration journey of this alluring Albania.

Trip At a Glance:

Day 1: Berat

Day 2: Theth

Day 3: Grama Bay

Day 4: The Bovilla Lake

Day 5: Gjirokaster

Trip Highlights:

  • Reach Berat, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites..

  • Get acquainted with its architecture and the rich-history.

  • Plan a trip to Theth. It is a place for nature admirers and who love discovering about food, culture and villages of different places around the globe.

  • Visit Gjirokastër Castle, UNESCO Old Town, the Ethnographic Museum, Read Chronicles in Stone, Zekate House, Cold War Tunnel, and more.

  • Visit The Bovilla Lake, which is located just about 45 minutes driving distance from Tirana.


Day 1: Berat

Berat is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place is particularly known for the spectacular architecture and extremely rich-history. If you are specifically interested in discovering history related to different places and if you love going the extra mile to understanding the gorgeous architecture of a place then this is the place for you. Many a time Berat has been called one of the gem cities of Albania. One should visit this place once in his lifetime.

There are uncountable tourist spots in Berat. One of those is Kala, the old Castle, which is located at the top of the hills. This gives the perfectly mesmerizing view of the city. And, the place that was built inside the castle is something to see. You will also notice that there are  people who still live here. Other tourist spots in Berat include Onufri Museum, the Holy Trinity Church, Gorica , and more.

Day 2: Theth

A trip to Theth is a must if you are someone who likes spending time in the outdoors. In addition to that, those who are great nature admirers and who love discovering about food, culture and villages of different places around the globe. Theth is actually a beautiful village located around the Shkodër County. 

You will get to discover the natural beauty of Theth valley only after you have passed through the Boge village and this will remain alive till you are here in Theth. Qafa e Thores peak is the first thing that you will notice while on your way to the Thetha valley. After this there’s Edith Durham monument, where you can get a glance of the Thethi valley view and Shala’s valley view. In addition to this, there is much more to discover in Theth, Albania that include Blue Eye of Kapre, Waterfall of Thethi in Grunas, Grunas canyon, Ethnographic Museum, and more.

Day 3: Grama Bay

The Grama bay is one of the best beaches in Albania. This is the most stunning destinations for those who want to spend time in the outdoors. The serene Grama Bay located at an unexplored corners of Albania looks tranquil, peaceful, and untouched. With this incredible journey, you will also get an opportunity for an incredible hike. You are going to reach the Grama Bay with a hiking journey from Palasë to Shen Andre and then to the Grama Bay. This is believed to be one of the most interesting hiking journeys in southern Albania. 

The Grama Bay is around 4-5 km away from the Shën Andre Bay. There’s this sea that will run parallel to the hiking area and this looks wonderful throughout the hike. Upon reaching the Bay, you will be forced to admire the immaculate environment along the shoreline. 

Day 4: The Bovilla Lake

Bovilla with its beauty and its perfect location makes for one of the most stunning tourist destinations in Albania. The Lake is located just at a driving distance of 45 minutes from the capital city, Tirana. Traveling through this area, you will get to cross some of the most wonderful terrains and it’s great throughout the year. Also, all around the lake there are stunning mountains of Mount Gamti and Brari that makes this destination way astounding destination. 

Day 5: Gjirokaster

You will definitely find Gjirokaster in every list of best places to visit in Albania. It’s one of the most fabulous tourist destinations in the country and it’s particularly known for the perfectly preserved old houses. For its undeniably enormous beauty it was listed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005. Located at a driving distance of an hour from Saranda, it’s one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Albania. 

Best things to do in Gjirokaster: Gjirokastër Castle, UNESCO Old Town, the Ethnographic Museum, Read Chronicles in Stone, Zekate House, Cold War Tunnel, and more. 

With wonderfully designed Ottoman-era houses, wealth of history, old bazaar, and much more, this place is definitely one of the most loved tourist destinations in Albania.


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