Explore The Best of Argentina With This Tour Itinerary

From the succulent and sensuous Malbecs growing in the warmth of a Mendoza sun to the ardent locals dancing the tango in the San Telmo streets and the spectacular splendor of the cataracts of Iguazu, Argentina is one place which is filled with countless memories waiting to be created. It isn’t the type of place that you visit but an experience!

Argentina Trip Highlights

  1. Spend a night filled with romance and excitement in beautiful Buenos Aires, where you’ll take in the capital’s many sights, enjoy delicious meals and delectable wines, and also get to attend a world-famous exhibition of Argentina’s national dance, the tango

  2. Turn north to the unparalleled splendor of Iguazu National Park

  3. Visit the mighty grandeur of Iguazu Falls - one of the Seven Wonders of Nature and one of Argentina’s best tourist attractions

  4. Explore majestic Mendoza - the heart of South America’s wine country and one of the best destinations in the world for wine tourism. It is filled with gorgeous vineyards, charming bodegas and the inspiring scenery of the mighty Andes dominating the horizon

Trip at a Glance

(Day 1): Buenos Aires - Welcome to Buenos Aires! Half-Day of Touring and A Night of Tango

(Day 2): Buenos Aires-Iguazu - On to Iguazu -  Discovering a Natural Wonder

(Day 3): Iguazu and Mendoza - Briefly to Brazil, Then On to Wine Country

(Day 4): Mendoza-Buenos Aires - Flight Back to Buenos Aires

(Day 5): Buenos Aires - Saying Goodbye to Argentina


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Day 1: Welcome to Buenos Aires! Half-Day of Touring and A Night of Tango

Your amazing Argentina vacation starts in Buenos Aires, the dapper and delightful capital of Argentina as well as the country’s political, social and cultural center. You can drop off your luggage, relax in your comfortable accommodations and then get ready for a day of your first glimpse of life in Buenos Aires. You can explore the pleasant neighborhoods of Palermo and Belgrano, find a local parrilla (grill), where you’ll be served the freshest and finest Argentina beef alongside delicious and sumptuous Malbecs or simply breathe in the history of the San Telmo streets.

In the evening, after a delicious and hearty lunch, set out with a friendly and knowledgeable guide to discover the many offerings of “the Paris of South America.” You can start at the vibrant and bustling streets of Retiro and the serene sidewalks of Palermo before setting out to perambulate along the widest avenue in the world, the famous Avenida de 9 de Julio, in the heart of the capital. You’ll be captivated by the incredible stretch of this thoroughfare as well as the attractions that can be found alongside it, from the towering Obelisk near downtown to the immense and impressive Teatro Colon, the city’s main opera house and one of the five most acoustically superb concert halls on the planet. The evening features a true Argentine cultural experience as you head out to one of the city’s famous tango houses. The dancers are sublime, and the food is superb, where the mild tannins and bold notes of a Malbec mix with the fiery passion and pageantry of the tango, and where you’re sure to witness a spectacle unlike any you’ve seen before.

Day 2: On to Iguazu -  Discovering a Natural Wonder

In the morning, board a flight that will take you to Argentina’s border with Brazil and near the incredible formation of Iguazu Falls. You can choose to cross the border and view the immense spread of Iguazu from its shores in Brazil, providing a view of the Falls that many viewers miss and giving you an even greater appreciation for this formation’s undeniable allure (Visa is required for US citizens to enter Brazil). Or, you can spend the rest of the day relaxing within your phenomenal hotel surroundings. In the afternoon, set out to uncover the inimitable majesty of the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world and a recently proclaimed member of the Seven Wonders of Nature. You’ll be dazzled as you lead along the paths that line this impressive formation and get you within yards of the rippling waters, casting themselves over a series of up to 300 cataracts.

Day 3:  On to Wine Country

After breakfast, board your flight to the foothills of the Andes and the magical metropolis of Mendoza, the center of Argentina’s burgeoning wine industry and one of the most up-and-coming cities in its own right.

Day 4: Flight Back to Buenos Aires

In the morning of the 4th day, reach the airport at Mendoza to return to Buenos Aires for one final night in Argentina. Get some last-second shopping done on Florida Street in the Microcentro,  Recoleta or Palermo where some of the city’s finest goods are always on display. You’ll also want to visit the spectacular El Ateneo Grand Splendid, a former theater that has been converted into one of the most beautiful bookstores on Earth. Enjoy dinner at one of Buenos Aires’s best parrillas,such as Don Julio in Palermo or Pobre Luis in Belgrano.

Day 5: Heading Home

Once you depart Buenos Aires and the magical country of Argentina today, you will be filled with memories, stories, and the longing to return. From the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires to the stirring puissance of Iguazu to the high-style living at Mendoza, this is truly a vacation that you will not soon forget.  


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