8 Days Albania Itinerary: Your Best European Trip to remember!

This 8 days itinerary can be one of the best European Trip of your life! Although there are only a few tourist attractions here, a well-thought plan can take you through some of the best places to see in Albania. You will get to know this corner of Europe, a little deeper. You will get to discover a plethora of things, apart from the incredible remains of the communist past.


Trip at a Glance

Day 1: Tirana - Welcome to Albania

Day 2: Tirana - Explore the Capital City

Day 3: Tirana - Explore the Durrës and the Surrounding

Day 4: Berat

Day 5: Sarandë -Beach Time

Day 6: Gjirokaster - A Day Trip

Day 7: Travel to Tirana

Day 8: Home Calling


Trip Highlights

  • Explore Tirana’s city center.

  • Skanderbeg Square

  • A trip to Mount Dajti.

  • Visit the National History Museum.

  • Explore some of the best beaches in Europe in Sarandë.

  • Gjirokaster - This place is a UNESCO listed center.

  • Enjoy your last drink in Blloku.


Best Places to Visit in Albania

Tirana, Berat, Sarandë, Gjirokaster



Day 1: Tirana - Welcome to Albania

This is the first day of your 8 Days long Albania Itinerary! You will be landing in the capital city of Albania, Tirana. Albania is also called as the double-headed eagle country. Today, you will be just relaxing and wandering around in the vicinity of your hotel. Catch up with some sound sleep to make yourself ready for next day trip.


Day 2: Tirana - Explore the Capital City

This is the second day of your 8 Days long Albania Itinerary and you will be exploring Tirana’s city center just by walking. And, the best way to start the trip is from Skanderbeg Square. This place is the central orientation point of Tirana city.

You cannot miss grabbing a yogurt drink and a Byrek from one of the bakeries. Byrek is actually a famous flaked pastry in the Balkans and it has various salty fillings. You will be loving it for sure.

  • After reaching the square, experience the charm of the mosque, the clock tower, and the Skanderbeg statue.

  • Your next stop will be Park Rinia towards South. The wonderful fountains situated diagonally to the Pyramid cannot actually be missed.

  • You will get to experience a perfect view of the city atop the Pyramid, a Communist landmark. It’s also the perfect place for taking pictures!

  • And, then you will be visiting Komiteti, a small museum-like café. Here you will get to see many communist era artifacts and is also the perfect place for enjoying coffee.

  • Here from the Pyramid, you will be moving towards South to visit a small memorial having a communist bunker, a pillar of the prison, and a section of the Berlin wall.

  • In the evening, you can enjoy sitting in a bar Radio, where you will get to meet the most creative youths of Albania. It’s the best place in Albania to sit and relax, built in communist-style. It may be a little expensive, but you will enjoy.


Day 3: Tirana - Explore the Durrës and the Surrounding

Start this part of your 8 Days long Albania itinerary by making a trip to Mount Dajti. You can take a cable cart here, which will take you to the top within 15 minutes. You will enjoy the perfect view of the city from the top.

  • After this, you will be visiting the National History Museum.

  • Next destination is Durrës, which is located at a driving distance of an hour. You can take a bus or minibus to reach, they are very cheap. But, if you want to be a little more comfortable and can spend a little more, you can take a shared car.

  • After reaching Durrës, you will be exploring the old ruins in the city center and the seafront along the promenade.

  • Then, there’s this Balkan’s largest amphitheater, that you cannot miss.

It’s a small place and you don’t have to travel much to move from one spot to another. At the end of the day, try out some fish at a restaurant. It’s the perfect end of the third day!


Day 4: Berat

From the Western part of the Tirana city, you will be catching up a bus to Berat. The traveling distance between Tirana and Berat is 2.5 hours. If you are finding it difficult to locate, search on google maps  “Southern-City Bus Station Tirana”. After reaching Berat, you will be visiting the promenade. It’s located in the central part of the city. Here you will be enjoying some leisure time and your perfect cup of coffee.


Day 5: Sarandë -Beach Time

After you have spent one night in Berat, you will be checking out from Albania’s Riviera! You will be catching up your bus from the northern outskirt of the town, where the bus stand is located. You will have to be a little patient here because it takes seven hours to travel to Sarandë. After reaching your destination, explore some of the best beaches in Europe here. And, rest of your day, you can customize this day of your trip.


Day 6: Gjirokaster - A Day Trip

You will be traveling to Gjirokastër which is in the vicinity of Sarandë. This place is particularly popular for its Ottoman-period architecture. This place is a UNESCO listed center. You cannot miss visiting the Blue Eye, which is a deep natural spring and imparts clear blue color to the water.


Day 7: Travel to Tirana

You will be leaving Sarandë in the morning so that you could reach Tirana in the early Evening. It is going to take around 8 hours to reach your destination in Tirana. After reaching, you will be enjoying your last drink in Blloku. At the end of the day, you will be visiting the Sky Tower Rotating Bar and enjoy late night-dance party around Pepper Lounge.


Day 8: Home Calling

It’s time to say goodbye to this beautiful European vacation spot! You are definitely going to enjoy this trip.



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