Albania has a wide array of unique attractions, just not the natural beauty, but a lot of golden beaches and coves that enhance the beauty of the country. Albania, also known as a Mediterranean country that is situated just north of mainland Greece with an incredible history. Setting impressively against a wild and rugged landscape, the country looks amazingly beautiful. With the stunning mountain scenery, forgotten archaeological sites and villages, it has become the sleeper hit of the Balkans.


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Albania Tours: A Quintessential Trip into the Lap of Nature

Albania is a small mountainous part of Southeast Europe located in the Balkan peninsula with its coastline on Lonian seas and the Adriatic. Over the years, the tourist influx has multiplied and the reason is its wonderful ancient archaeological sites, perennial natural beauty, the magical mountains, and amazing beaches. A trip to Albania is a dream for many!

Albania tour is only a few years old. This Mediterranean Europe's land was an undiscovered enigma for many years. For the large part of the 20th century, it was closed for travel and tours. The fortress towns and glittering beaches were just heard in stories. And, it was with the end of communism in 1991 that Albania tours opened its doors for the voracious travelers around the globe.

For half a century, tourists from around the world are coming here to discover the beauty of this charming land. The stunning mountain, crumbling castles, and the dreamlike beaches compel one to revel at the magical creation of nature. It’s just not possible to explain the charm of this charismatic land in words.

Albania is adroitly connected with most of the major International cities. Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza is the best option for travelers to board a flight. In the Balkans, located in the capital city of Tirana, this the super busiest airport. Most International airlines including Austrian Airlines, British Airway, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa operate here. There are connecting flights to Tirana provided by Lufthansa, Gulf Air, and Turkish Airlines.

Tirana, the capital city is the best place to find accommodation in Albania. It has plenty of options to choose from. From family-run establishments to luxurious hotels and many budget options one does not have to feel stuck. There are cheap hotels in Albania that cost around $18 to the costly ones that cost around $145. One can customize their trip expenses as per their budget.

Having spent a considerable amount of time on your trip to Albania we assure that the money spent is worth it. And, our recommended Albania Travel Agents, will add to the ease and zeal of the trip. There are a large number of places to visit in Albania that gravitates people from around the globe. Across Europe, this small destination is turning into one of the best tourist destinations. Many of the popular destinations in Albania including Albanian Riviera are proof of the overwhelming tourism of the country. And, planning a trip to Albania with many interesting music festivals like Turtle Fest and Soundwave Albania is an enthralling experience. In addition to that, plenty of beaches here including the Llamani Beach, Porto Palermo Beach, Filikuri Beach, and Drymades Beach, one gets an opportunity to gather the best and memorable moments of their lives.

In Tirana, there are a large number of places to discover and see. From the 18th century Et’hem Bey Mosque to the National Historical Museum of Skanderbeg Square and the Llogara National Park where one can satiate their wilderness and get the sights of rare animals including fallow deer, golden eagle, and European wildcat.

There are interesting places for history buffs too. From the Kruja Castle to Qafe Shtama, and Sari Saltiks, there’s no dearth of options. Our suggested Albania Tour agents will guide travelers to get deeper into the historical angle of the country by visiting some of the other important places here that include Apollonia, Gjirokastra is known for its unique architecture, and Berat for the castle Kalaja.

Many do not know some really interesting facts about shopping in Albania. For those who are hardcore shopping buffs, this places is heaven. Missing on this chapter of an Albania trip is just not a great idea. And, that’s why we want our valued travelers to get connected to only the highly acclaimed Luxury Albania Tour Agents, who know how to make it best for their client.

Let’s not forget about options for eating in Albania. The diversity of Albania’s cuisine has been largely affected by its perfectly suitable climate for vegetation and its geographical location. One can’t miss sampling dishes like Tave Kosi, Fileto Pule Me Panna Dhe, freshly caught shrimp, and Perime Ne Scare. The eating habits are largely influenced by Greek, Italian, and Turkish style. Our Albania tour agents and advisors have themselves experienced it all.

We at Leisure.com act as a bridge connecting travel enthusiasts around the globe with the best Albania Travel Agents. These agents are so skilled and experienced to give travelers a blueprint of how to travel in Albania. One must have this Europe destination on their bucket list and make sure that they are not missing on this beautiful part of the Earth.

Our platform is dedicatedly working to provide the best possible way to help ardent travelers around the globe discover the Luxury Albania Tour Agents and make their dream trip possible. Our team has worked meticulously to cherry-pick these groups of Albania Tour Agents. A number of filters have been applied before including these agents in our list. We make sure that they are well-equipped and are verified by real customers. These agents will help travelers with personalized Albania tours.

Unique Experiences in Albania

No wonders, like many other countries, Planning a trip to Albania is going to take you through many new and interesting places. From its 104 years of independence, this place has become one of the best tourist destinations. From beachcombers to history buffs and foodies, from around the globe travel to this place.

But, one needs that right kind of guidance and assistance from right Albania travel Agents. Leisure.com will help with that! Extending its helping hand the site helps you see and do some of the really unique experiences in Albania. Nowhere else in the Universe one can get such interesting experiences. One should not miss exploring interesting facts about this historically isolated place and the unique experiences, on their trip to Albania.

Xhiro (A Walk in the Evening)

Just like that the locals like walking in the evening and they call it “xhiro” and it’s official. Everyone has to go on this specific walk in the evening with their neighbors to stretch their legs and have fun. Interestingly, in some of the towns, cars are stopped on roads for a few hours. The apartments get almost emptied with every resident out, talking and walking around until the evening.

“Yes means No” & “No means Yes” in Albania

In Albania, one has to be very well-taught beforehand! Don’t get confused, when an Albanian nods that means he is disagreeing and when he shakes their head that means he is agreeing. Yes will mean No here and No will mean Yes. To avoid such confusion and feel trapped at the end, we at Leisure.com recommend our valued travelers to find the best Albania Travel Agents. Their job is to help travelers feel relaxed and be at ease on their trip!

Majority Albania Population is Muslim

According to the 2011 census Data, 70% of the Albania population is Muslim. Sunni and Bektashi Shia is the biggest religion here in Albania and 60% of the population into practicing this religion. The second largest religion practiced here is Christianity. 17% of the Albania population practices Christianity. And, the religion practiced by the remaining 17% is either not known or are atheist. Hiring reliable Albania Tour Agents will give one a clear picture of everything here.

Scarecrows in odd places

While on a trip to Albania it’s strange to see many scarecrows on odd places. Only the well-informed Albania travel agents can give such subtle, yet some important facts about this place. There’s a tradition in Albania to place scarecrows on home or other building during their construction phase. This tradition is based on the belief that it can ward off bad eyes and keep one into the safer zone. Many people use a teddy bear to serve the purpose. And the odd part here is that, this teddy bear or the scarecrow, like a noose will be hung through a rope or rod. Albanians are of the idea that this tantrum can bring good luck to their life.

Raki - The National Drink (Be Warned) 

Albania’s National drink is called Raki! But, to be at the safer end just know the facts beforehand. Raki is made in a way that its effect equals to the effect of three normal drinks. Those who already have traveled in the Balkans must know about Rakia or Rakija that has some similarity with Raki. But, there’s something unique about Raki. Extremely strong, Albanian Raki is moonshine that is made with grapes. Be warned and do not forget to check the source before consuming. We simply recommend our valued travelers to take assistance from our highly acclaimed and reliable Luxury Albania Tour Agents and Albania tour specialists. They help their travelers wholeheartedly at every step all through their trip to Albania. 

Best Time to visit in Albania

  1. The best time to visit Albania is between April to October. LIke the other parts of Balkan, Albania looks the best during this season.

  2. The weather during these months are pleasant enough for the beaches and one could easily access the Mountains.

  3. Days are long during this season and travelers can explore the country before dusk falls and before the town sleeps into rest for the day.

  4. May and June are the ideal seasons for those tourists looking for warm days. There are only a few travelers during this part of the year and it’s easy to travel around.

  5. July and August are the peak season of the year like in most parts of Europe. You can’t expect the beaches and rest of the city to be empty, because it’s the time when Albanian goes on vacation.

  6. September is also a great time to plan a trip to Albania. During this part of the year, the weather is pleasant, and there are just a few tourists around. There’s an opportunity to explore the city all through.

November to March

  1. During November to March one can hardly see any tourist; the season is quite slow here in Albania. While the weather is not that unpleasant, but it’s also not that pleasant to enjoy Sunbathing.
  2. During this season travelers may find it difficult to access ferry services. Also Lakes and the Mountains could not be visited because of snowfall. And, it’s tough to go on a hiking adventure because of the shorter days.


Best Place to stay in Albania Tours

The tourist infrastructure is very new and one must know that before planning a trip to Albania. And, the best way one can do that is by hiring a reliable Albania Travel Agents. They are in the market only to help their clients with the best possible way.

  1. In Albania there are not much choices for five-star hotels. And, the level of luxury in any of the five-star hotels is not going to be like that other parts of Europe.

  2. Most of the affluente sectors of the markets have been newly built keeping in mind the increasing numbers of travelers influxing from around the globe.

  3. In Albania you won’t find a large number of resort-style accommodations. There are family-run establishments also called boutique, located in the rural parts of the country.

  4. While in Tirana, one can find some really great luxury hotels in Albania, in the Berat and Gjirokastra, there are small accommodation in period buildings.

  5. On the trip to Albania, through the accommodation, one can’t expect opulent facilities or high-speed wifi connectivity.

  6. Also in the other parts of Albania, travelers can find some really excellent home-stays. These accommodations also provide a homely feel.

  7. Leisure.com recommended Albania Tour Agents will take their valued customers to Albanian villages to get great cultural experience.

  1. Albania allows people of all nationalities to visit the country. Travelers acn enjoy visa-free stay here in and the US nationals can stay here in Albania for a complete year without Visa. For nationals from other parts of the country it’s 90 days visa-free stay.

  2. Albania tourism has opened its doors for the entire world and is aiming to expand in the area. This makes planning a trip to Albania unquestionably an exhilarating one.


  1. While on your trip to Albania, it’s important that a person is taking some health precautions. In most cases, medical facilities won’t be according to one’s expectations.

  2. But, our recommended  Albania Travel Agents will be available with their clients on their trip. These agents and specialist will be responsible to take you to clinics and hospitals in case of any emergency.

  3. Although the locals drink the tap water, but it’s not safe to drink. So, on a trip to Albania one should use only bottled water, which is available throughout the country.


  1. People of Albania are very friendly and their hospitality is considered the best in the entire Europe and particularly in TIrana, the capital of Albania.

  2. It’s been officially declared by both the USA and the UK offices that the crime rate towards tourists is almost negligible in Albania.

  3. But, traveling through Tirana, one should make sure not to talk about their money and affluence. For those who are visiting the country for the first time, Tirana can be a little dangerous at times.

  4. At night, the city is especially lively and one can feel safe walking around. And, our trustworthy Luxury Albania Tour Agents will give one all the important information (safety) about the area they are staying on their trip.

Customs And Etiquette Tips for Albania Tours

  1. Albania is a country where Christianity and Isam flourish together. And, the people here feel pity on nations around the world, fighting over religious differences. The country respects peaceful living and harmony.

  2. Unlike most western nations, Albania believes in accepting each other’s religious differences. These customs and etiquettes are related to the history of the country.

  3. Planning a trip to Albania would be really fulfilling as one can feel at ease being in the peaceful European land. And, with our trusted Albania Travel agents and specialist it’s going to be way more safer.

  4. People here will overwhelmingly involve themselves talking to the tourists from other nations in extremely welcoming way.

  5. Albanians are eager to learn about the world who are coming to travel to their land from different parts of the world. So, one can be at ease sharing their stories and experiences with people in Albania.

  6. It can be challenging for some travelers to commune with people on their trip to Albania. Most people speak Italian here, and one can hardly find people who know English. But, don’t worry our trusted Albania tour agents will be there through the trip to make you feel at ease.

  7. One must know different ways of accessing their money, because Albania’s financial structure is not that sound accept in Tirana (with enough number of Mastercard and visa accepting ATMs).

Why You Should Choose Leisure.com to Plan Albania Tour

Leisure.com is a platform that has been designed particularly to act as a bridge between the highly skilled Albania Travel Agents and people who want to travel to the country. These agents and specialist help their clients throughout the trip. They provide the needed help to customize the trip according to the requirements of visitors. These tailor-made trips provide an opportunity to the people to travel in the way they like.

Allow our recommended  Albania Tour Agents to help you and customize your trip to Albania. Travelers can start by filling out the Trip Request form and let us know their requirements and trip priorities. We’ll match these requirements with different Luxury Albania Tour Agents and then finalize the one who will be working with you throughout the trip.

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