Want To Make Money While Traveling? Explore The 11 Ways To Do That

Making money while traveling! The thought probably seems impossible. But, it must have crossed your mind at some point or the other! Right? Well, it crosses all of our minds. “How can I achieve all my travel goals if I spend all my time making money?” And, “How will I be able to even travel if I don’t make enough money?” But, what if we tell you that it is indeed possible to make money while you travel. Yes, you read that right. So, here we are going to share with you some interesting ways by which you can make money while traveling…


  • Resort Work

Various resorts all over the world often hire employees from other countries for a number of positions, including restaurant, entertainment department, or even front desk.


  • Selling Products Online

Do you have your own handmade goods that you want to sell? Or did you found some interesting product that you believe others would be interested in? Well, you can do all this by simply setting up a shop on eBay or a website of your own and start selling. If you know how to get your products in front of the right people, then even a few sales every week could potentially get you a lot of money.  


  • Teaching English

You don’t really need to be certified in order to take the job opportunities scattered all around the globe. Scan out eslcafe.com and send in a few applications to various schools in Japan, South Korea, Thailand or various other places. Just you need to be able to speak the native language and you’ll be amazed at how many interviews you land in the strange land.  


  • Hostel Jobs

A number of hostels all across the world are eagerly looking out for new staff who are ready to work few hours every day, in reception or cleaning, in exchange for a free bed every night. Not bad to save some good amount of money, probably!


  • Fruit Picking

This is a fairly easy job. What you need to do is simply grab a basket, get out into the sun and start picking fruits. This kind of option quite common in Australia for travelers and the payment include pay per kilo of fruits that you pick, board, room or any combination of these three options.


  • Restaurant/Cafe Job

If you happen to be in a popular travel destination, just consult your hostel staff about the cafes or restaurants that hire travelers. Sometimes, you come across a local classifieds magazine lying around the hostel reception as well. Many a time you can find restaurants or cafes advertising for help.  


  • Online Freelance Work  

If you have a background in programming, web design, writing, illustration, consulting, marketing, engineering, legal work or admin work, you can scan websites such as Odesk.com and Elance.com. These platforms connect freelancers with companies and people who need work done. Even if you don’t have an experience, you can still look anyway to find something of your interest.


  • Blogging

Though, it is not easy to earn a big amount with a blog. There is this too much time and effort which is needed to invest here. However, if you are looking for some extra money for your travels, starting a travel blog or any other blog, for that matter, might be the answer.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Making a good amount of money this way is surely possible though the competition might be high. However, if you are willing to dedicate yourself to a few months worth of research, you’ll definitely discover your niche and also a steady paycheck, hopefully. You can also look at Affilorama.com to learn lessons on affiliate marketing for free to get yourself started.


  • Teaching Dancing or Yoga

You need to put up some signs around the town, look out for some space and start teaching others how to get their body moving in rhythm. You could also look out for a deal with a bar/restaurant where you hold a class at their location and get pay in return. This also helps them bringing a lot of extra business. You could do this with yoga or any other form of exercise as well.


  • Selling of Your Arts and Crafts at Local Markets

There are a number of markets all around the popular travel destinations where travelers can rent a stall and sell their products. These markets are geared towards tourists basically. There are plenty of people who follow such market circuits, selling their arts and crafts, clothes, handmade goods or any other products that are in high-demand.  

So, this is the list. Know that this is just a fraction of the possible ways. There are a lot many. You just need to explore the big world out there. I really hope that this helps you in making money and traveling simultaneously. If you would like to share your stories or anything, please do leave your valuable thoughts in the comments below.

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