Top 30 Destinations in the USA to Visit in June 2019

Top 30 Destinations in the USA to Visit in June 2019

With June a few days away and summer on its peak, you must be wondering which are top getaways in the USA to beat the heat. Too many beaches, mountains towns, and bustling cities – it’s quite difficult to decide where to head for your vacay in June!

Here’s a compiled list of Top 30 Destinations in the USA to visit in June:

  • Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is also known as “America’s Walking City”. This city can be best explored during the peak of summer (June). Boston is one of the top getaways in the USA during June. there’s too much to do and see – you can wander around the sidewalks, see the plethora of green parks, and it’s even great watching out people enjoying at one of the coffee houses. There’s a great history you can discover while wandering around the roads.

Boston, Massachusetts

Best things to Do in Boston

  1. Boston’s Big Events and Festivals – Cross-cultural festivals, music, dance,
  2. Museums & Exhibitions – the Glass Flowers, the Downton Abbey Exhibition
  3. Sports of All Sorts – Red Sox game at Fenway Park, Rose Kennedy Greenway
  4. Arts & Culture – Concerts at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Public Library
  5. Tours & Trails – Historic tours & Trails
  6. Outdoor Dining – the beer gardens, the Food Trucks, and restaurants are great in Summer

What to Pack?

  1. Get ready to face humid hot days and cool days.
  2. Only wear comfy sandals and sneakers.
  3. T-shirts and Shorts would do.
  4. A hat or sunglasses are a must.
  • Seattle, Washington

Seattle simply glitters from June through September. In June the city looks as usually happens during summers. Rain, in that part of the year, in Seattle is less prevalent. Irrespective of the season, people here like more being out in the sun even when it’s at its peak. There are plenty of things to do in Seattle during the summers. Let’s find out:

Seattle, Washington

Best things to in Seattle during Summer

  1. Visit Pike Place Market.
  2. Boating through the Ballard Locks
  3. Strolling through the Lincoln Park
  4. Discovery Park (the largest city Park in Seattle)
  5. Hopping aboard the Emerald City Trolley
  6. Gorgeous views and spectacular art at the Olympic Sculpture Park
  7. Seattle Center (Pacific Science Center, Chihuly Garden, the Space Needle, and more attractions)

What to Pack?

  1. A rain jacket is a must.
  2. Sneakers
  3. Hat for hiking
  • Sonoma, California

Sonoma, California is one of the top getaways to visit in America during summers. This is particularly a great place for the wine aficionados. Sonoma has huge numbers of vineyards and wineries. Traveling here, particularly during summers can be rewarding, as they can enjoy many flavors of wine. In addition to tasting the best quality of the wine, you will also be experiencing great summer activities in Sonoma, California. It is a family as well as kid-friendly destinations. Here’s what you are going to discover during your visit to Sonoma, California in June:

Best things to Do in Sonoma, California:

  1. Zipping through the Redwoods in Sonoma Canopy Tours.
  2. Exploration of the Seasonal Farmers Market ( packed with live music, freshly-picked produce, prepared foods, and great cheerful atmosphere).
  3. Visiting the Farms (agricultural bounty, pumpkins, fields of lavender, cattle, olive oil, and more.)
  4. Following the Cheese Trail of California.
  5. Bird Walk Coastal Access Trail
  6. Clubbing at La Rosa

What to Pack?

  1. Low-heel show (to help walk through vineyards and cellars).
  2. Waterproof Coat.
  3. Sun hat
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Small Backpack
  6. Light Sweater
  • Seaside, Oregon

The name Seaside, Oregon has been derived from a summer resort that existed during the 19th century. There are plenty of tourist attractions that are apt for visiting particularly during summers. Want to choose the best place to visit in the USA? Seaside is the perfect thing – Go for it! It has almost everything that you will expect from any beach. And, the location is a plus with just two hours distance from Portland. Let’s throw light on some of the most popular tourist destinations in Seaside:

Best Places to Visit in Seaside, Oregon:

  1. The Seaside Promenade.
  2. Arcadia Beach State
  3. Camp 18 Museum
  4. Clatsop County Historical Society
  5. Clatsop Plains
  6. Del Rey Beach State
  7. Ecola State Park
  8. Fort Clatsop and more.

What to Pack on Seaside, Oregon Tour?

  1. It’s fine to carry t-shirts and jeans.
  2. A jacket for dealing with rain.
  3. Choose Gortex fabric Jackets.
  • Portland, Oregon

Located on the Pacific Ocean, Oregon is one of the most fascinating places in the USA for tourists. California is located on its north and Washington on the south. U.S. Route 100 or U.S. Highway located along the coast connects beaches, resorts, landscapes, and more. You will see the northern point meeting the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Here you will have an assortment of fun things to do. Here’s more in the kitty on your trip to Portland, Oregon:

Portland, Oregon

Best things to do in Portland, Oregon

  1. Visit Washington Park.
  2. Visit the International Rose Test Garden.
  3. Portland Japanese Garden.
  4. Lan Su Chinese Garden.
  5. Powell’s City of Books.
  6. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
  7. Portland Art Museum, and more.

What to Pack on Portland, Oregon?

  1. A raincoat to cope with the rainy days.
  2. A Compact Umbrella (a smaller one).
  3. Waterproof shoes or Rain Boots.
  4. Shoes with comfortable insoles.
  5. A variety of clothes (to layer & mix up as required).
  • Delray Beach, Florida

Florida is one of the most popularly known vacation getaways in the USA during summers.  It’s just that you have to act a little cautiously and wisely while choosing the beaches. There are a variety of things to do and see on Florida tours including the water sports, boat cruises, and more. If you are traveling particularly to the Delray Beach Atlantic Avenue, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful cafes, a lot of music, and an amazing dining experience. Also, the Pineapple Grove Arts District has numerous galleries and the number goes to more than 20. One of the specialties of Delray Beach is that it is one of the rarest destinations where downtown and beach meet.

Delray Beach

Best things to do on Delray Beach, Florida, USA

  1. Visit the Cornell Art Museum.
  2. Wakodahatchee Wetlands,  nature’s gift that has been well-preserved.
  3. Check out the Sandoway Discovery Center.
  4. Go to Delray Municipal Beach.
  5. Atlantic Avenue, the epicenter of people here.
  6. Saltwater Brewery
  7. Silverball Museum
  8. ‘Old School Square

What to pack on Delray Beach, Florida trip?

  1. Lighter and breathable clothing.
  2. Sunscreen is a must.
  3. Sunglasses are a must.
  4. A Swimsuit.
  5. Full sleeves for 90-degree weather.
  • Atlanta Georgia

This is one of the great tourist locations in the USA if you are planning one in the month of June. Yes! You heard that right! It’s June and there are too many cool things to do in Atlanta during this time of the year. It’s time to put on some sunscreen and get out to experience the incredible festivity on the streets of Atlanta.

Atlanta Georgia

Best things to do on your Atlanta, USA tour

  1. Visit the Modern Atlanta spotlights modern – See high-design products from emerging and established companies.
  2. The Food & Wine Festival of Atlanta – sample cuisines, wine and dine like a king.
  3. The Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo – For the shopaholic Women out there.
  4. The Summer Indie Craft – Experience live-music and more than 120 crafts.
  5. The Atlanta Fringe Festival – Watch out 20 performance groups.
  6. The Atlanta Moon Ride – watch the charity bicycle even.
  7. Summerfest – Experience the incredible food, art, and music.

What to Pack?

  1. A pair of shorts
  2. 3-4 Lightweight T-shirts
  3. Tanks Tops (Optional)
  4. Other breathable Clothes
  5. A swimsuit
  6. A Waterproof jacket is a must
  7. A Pair of comfortable shoes
  • Dennis, Massachusetts

Dennis, Massachusetts is another perfect location for your summer vacation in the USA. Perfectly located in the center of Cape Cod, a vacation to this location is an awesome opportunity for travelers to sink in the serenity of soothing waves and tranquil wind. There are too many incredible places to visit at this particular location. You have this great opportunity to drive along the highway (Route 6 A) with many art galleries. Then you can enjoy the perfect at the Cape Playhouse, a great a theatrical performance. “Free Fun Fridays” is a summer event organized at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, where there are many activities like pottery-making and face-painting. Dennis is one of the best locations if you are planning a trip in June.

Best things to do on Dennis, Massachusetts, USA Trip

  1. Explore the Scargo Tower
  2. Jericho Historical Center
  3. Visit the Cape Cod Rail Trail
  4. Educate Yourself at Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
  5. Visit the Crowes Pasture Conservation Area
  6. Eat at Scargo Cafe or Chapin’s Restaurant
  7. Beaches to Visit: Grey’s Beach, Corporation Beach, Mayflower Beach, Cold Storage Beach and more.

What to Pack?

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Swimwear
  3. Hat
  4. Reusable water bottles
  5. Light jacket
  6. Comfortable shoes
  7. Sunglasses
  • Boulder, Colorado, USA

Colorado is not just a place for winters, but it’s equally pleasant during summers. Planning a vacation to the USA? Add this to your list of the best places to visit in America during June. with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities along with awesome activities in the downtown, Boulder is one of the best getaways in America during June. Every day you can find some live music program going through a part of the city. Below is the list of best things to do in Boulder during June.

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Best things to do in Boulder, USA in June

  1. Go tubing
  2. Go to the Boulder Reservoir for beaching, paddleboarding, swimming, and boating.
  3. Go for a Summer concert on beautiful Pearl Street.
  4. Explore 20 breweries of Boulder – Go for a Boulder beer trail.
  5. Visit the Boulder Beer Tasting Room.
  6. Watch the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.
  7. Head to the Colorado Music Festival.

What to Wear?

  1. Hiking shorts
  2. Short sleeved shirts
  3. Some long pants
  4. Long-sleeved shirts
  5. A waterproof jacket is a must
  6. A pair of waterproof hiking boots
  • Dallas, Texas, USA

Vacationing in Dallas, Texas, when in the USA during June is particularly about Food. During the summers, Dallas organizes many food festivals. In addition to that people can hit the steakhouses or breweries for more food & fun. There are guides who will just help you find the best places to find more food. there ‘s also an event called, “the 31st Annual Taste of Dallas”, which showcases food trucks, craft breweries, 80 restaurants, and also demonstrations from other countries. Here’s more you can find on you Dallas vacation during June:

Dallas, Texas, USA

Best things to Do in Dallas, Texas, USA during June Vacation

  1. Visit the Dallas World Aquarium.
  2. A day out at Six Flags.
  3. Go wild at Oldest Zoo in Texas.
  4. Visit the White Rock Lake.
  5. A Thrilling day at Zero Gravity Thrill Park.
  6. A Tour on McKinney Trolley.

What to Pack?

  1. Lightweight clothing.
  2. Breathable Clothes.
  3. A pair of comfy Shorts
  4. Some T-shirts
  5. Button-down short-sleeved shirts
  6. Dresses & skirts.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

For many, it’s shocking to see Minneapolis on the list of the best places to visit in the USA during the summer. But, that’s right! You must be knowing that after reading this post. The city offers an opportunity to indulge in many family-friendly activities. One of the most fascinating things to do in Minneapolis is visiting the annual Minnesota State Fair. This is one of the most sought-after and the biggest fairs in the USA. And, there is much more that can do and see on your vacation to Minneapolis, Minnesota, the USA in June. let’s find out:

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Best things to do in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the USA during June Vacation

  1. Witness the beauty of St. Anthony Falls from the Guthrie’s Endless Bridge.
  2. Wandering through Loring Park.
  3. Walk, run, and go biking along the Chain of Lakes.
  4. Go to the Mill City Farmers Market.
  5. Enjoy Mayday Parade.
  6. Watch the Open Streets, Lyndale.
  7. Go & enjoy Stone Arch Bridge Fest.

What to Wear on Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA June Vacation?

  1. Shorts and T-shirts
  2. Long Pants
  3. Lightweight and quickly drying Shirts
  4. Some Classy pair of dresses for a night out

We will be discussing the rest of the destinations to visit in the USA in June. Till then read the post and plan your vacation to beat the heat.

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