Planning Group Travel on a Budget – Things To Consider!

It is starting to snow across most of the U.S now and is the perfect time to start planning your vacation in case you haven’t already done so. Group travels these days are a trend for a number of reasons – similar interests and budgets, lower overall expenses, and additional fun! Though, there are certain risks as well which are involved with Group travels, and so you need to carefully review all the upsides and downsides of traveling with a group before you jump into something. So, here we will share with you the Pros and Cons involved with group travel and will also discuss certain important things to consider before you commit yourself to a trip. We will also be exploring some interesting Group-Friendly travel ideas to help you out in planning that perfect trip. So, check it all out…


Pros and Cons of Group Travel

  1. Safety Aspect

Pro: It is usually said that “The more, the merrier,” and is generally true as well. The more people in your group, the more likely it is to have fun and laughter. Perhaps it is about the combination of different kind of people. In a large group, you’ll probably be with some of your favorite friends and might make some great new friends too.

Con: There is always that rule of the majority that wins on a big group. For instance, if there are seven people in a group who are traveling, and you happen to be the only one who wishes to go to the mountains rather than a beach, then it’ll be bad for you. When it comes to group travels, everyone needs to compromise at some point or other, and even before the trip begins, you may have to sacrifice a few preferences.

  1. Activities vs. Relaxing

Pro: In a large group, you will always have something to do and also someone to do it with. It could be simply just someone to talk to while the others are sleeping. You will never feel bored or alone with many people in a group.

Con: Your group travel won’t necessarily be relaxing. Yes, it will be fun but not relaxing! With so many people sharing the space with you, there might not be a time when you’ll get some peace and quiet. However, you can always learn from experience. If you happen to be an introvert, make sure you have your own room to retreat and rejuvenate yourself. It’s worth the added cost to ensure that you are comfortable on your vacation.

  1. Budgets and Logistics

Pro: The biggest benefit of group travels is that they save you money. Since there’ll be many people to split the cost of everything, lodging is generally cheaper in a group vacation. You’ll be able to buy food in bulk and save a lot on the bill. Moreover, you’ll pick up group rates at most of the attractions that you visit.

Con: Organizing the entire group can seem like an almost impossible task. Also, the planning involved can feel to be quite a chore. Again, you can learn from experience. Assign a committee of a few people that hold a meeting to plan out all the logistics of the tour. This way there won’t be just one person who has to do everything.

Things To Consider Before Committing To A Group Travel

1. Consider The Budget

When you just start planning a group vacation, the very first thing is to decide how much each person is willing to spend on the trip. Make sure that everyone is aware of what to expect regarding the costs. Having said so, do not commit to the trip if you think the budget will be above your price range. Also, during the trip, assign one person as the “banker” who can collect money and ensure that everyone is paying their share.

2. Think About The Meals

During the planning process, decide how the meal will be handled. Will it be included in the budget? Will you prefer to cook your own meals? Also, you need to decide the in charge of the food. A few weeks before the trip, mail the shopping list and a meal list to everyone in order to be sure that they are completely OK with the plan.

3. Do Not Forget The Cleaning

In case you plan to stay at a rental and will not have any kind of room service, then it is also important to consider who will be in charge of ensuring that the place stays clean during your stay. There’ll be a need to clean up after every meal and before you leave for the activities. So, before you commit to the trip, make sure everyone agree on how the group will handle the cleaning tasks in order to avoid any issues later on. Putting together a cleaning schedule is also a good idea.

Some Group-Friendly Travel Ideas

Cabin in the Mountains

If you wish to combine group fun with some alone time in nature, you can always head to the mountains.

Beach Rental

You can find them in almost every beach town, whether large or small. You’ll find beach rentals in all shapes and sizes, and so you can definitely find one to fit your crowd. Also, beach activities are great for the young as well as old travelers alike.


If you are in search of some rustic adventure, then camping is your answer. Apart from purchasing your own camping gear, the costs are going to be very low.


If you do not want to cook or clean while on the vacation, it’s perfect to opt for a cruise. Though, it’ll be more expensive, and so be very conscious of your budget.


So, what’s your next travel plan? Have you decided to go on a large group travel? Do share your success stories in the comments below.

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