Labor Day 2019: When, Why & Where Labor Day is Celebrated

Labor day 2019 will be celebrated in the United States on Monday, 2nd September. It is celebrated as a national holiday in America every year on the first Monday of September. It was created through labor movement in 1894. 

Labor Day 2019 is going to be the 125th anniversary of this great reformation. Many Americans celebrate Labor Day in their own way by attending athletic events, parties, and street parades, which is more like the end of the summer vacations.

Labor Day 2019 – 2025

Labor Day 2019: 2nd September (Monday)

Labor Day 2020: 7th September  (Monday)

Labor Day 2021: 6th September  (Monday)

Labor Day 2022: 5th September  (Monday)

Labor Day 2023: 4th September  (Monday)

Labor Day 2024: 2nd September  (Monday)

Labor Day 2025: 1st September  (Monday)

When was the First Labor Day Observed?

The first Labor Day was observed on the 5th of September 1882. As per the Central Labor Union, it was observed in the New York city. In the preceding year, it was celebrated by the Central Labor Union on 5th of September 1883. Further, with time, more and more states started joining the crusade. And, by 1894, 23 more states made it an official holiday and on June 28, 1894, it became a law stating that every first Monday of September, every year will be a national holiday.

History of Labor Day: How it Came into Existence?

Labor Day history is associated with the time when workers could not bear it anymore. It was when American workers were toiling about 12 hours a day and seven days a week. It was when the jobs were getting more and more physically demanding and yet very low paying. The working conditions were too harsh.

It was after this that the American workers decided to hold a Labor Day Parade. It was on 5th September 1882 that the first Labor Day parade was held by the workers in America from New York’s City Hall to a giant picnic at an uptown park. Further in 1894, June 28, an act was passed by Congress to making the first Monday of every September a legal holiday. 

Labor Day Foundation: Who Spearheaded the Crusade?

Even today, there have been doubts about who was the key person who spearheaded the crusade and who first came up with this idea. However, from some of the records it has been found that Peter J. McGuire, the co-founder of the American Federation of Labor was the person who came up with this idea first.

Significance of Labor Day

Labor Day is observed to honor the great economic & social achievements of workers of America. It is a way of giving tribute to the entire labor community of American workers who put all their heart & soul in what they do. It is observed to celebrate the contributions that workers make in strengthening the foundation of the nation.

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