The Most Impressive Waterfalls in Asia

One of the most splendid parts of the natural beauty, waterfalls make for some amazing sights. An amazing way to enjoy the most of nature and get close to it is to explore waterfalls. The sound of cascading water is such a joy to listen. Moreover, jumping into the deep blue water and listening to the peaceful sounds of the jungle adds to the serenity! The Asian countries boast a wide range of magnificent waterfalls. Surrounded by splendid landscapes and lush forests, the glittering rivers and glorious mountains create awe-inspiring waterfalls. Most of these waterfalls are just purely the most alluring sights to behold, and also a must-visit!


The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Asia

Bua Tong Falls – Thailand

Image result for Bua Tong Falls – ThailandSituated just outside the city of Chiang Mai, the Bua Tong Falls are also famous as the Sticky Waterfall. The waterfalls are indeed astonishing as one can actually climb up the falls. Due to the limestone deposits over the water, it is slightly sticky. While moss at the top makes the falls quite slick and dangerous. When scrambling up the rocks, one should always use ropes as the water cascades down. It is indeed a remarkable experience to climb up a waterfall.


Jog Falls – India

Image result for Jog Falls – IndiaJog Falls is the tallest and largest of waterfalls in India. There is indeed something stunning about these waterfalls that attracts tourists from not only within India, but from all across the world. The falls consist of a floundering group of four waterfalls named Roar, Raja, Rocket, and Rani. During monsoons, the waterfalls achieve its full grandeur and offer a magnificent sight of gushing water rumbling down an enormous height.


Mimbalot Falls -Philippines

Image result for Mimbalot Falls PhilippinesThe Mimbalot Falls is one of many gorgeous waterfalls in the Philippines. Situated within the Iligan Paradise Resort in Iligan City, the waterfalls are indeed splendid for adventure tourists. It is certainly phenomenal to look at those strong currents of falling and rushing water. The large rock separates the water in streams that cascade into a series of drops. Capture a perfect view of these amazing waterfalls as you zip line above them.


Huangguoshu Falls – China

Image result for Huangguoshu Falls – ChinaThe highest waterfalls in East Asia, Huangguoshu Falls stands tall at 243 feet. The waterfall is referenced highly in the classic Chinese literature, Journey to the West. The tourists can feel the gush of standing in Water Curtain Cave here. Apart from the waterfall, one can also explore the surrounding areas as there are a number of hiking trails around the waterfall.


Erawan Falls – Thailand

Image result for Erawan Falls – ThailandErawan Falls National Park is a famous tourist destination in Thailand. The iconic waterfall is located just about 3.5 hours from Bangkok. The 7-tiered waterfall cascades through the jungle of the Erawan Falls National Park. At the bottom, one can simply relax or enjoy picnics.


Jembong Waterfall – Indonesia

Image result for Jembong Waterfall – IndonesiaSituated in Ambengan village, in Northern Bali, the gently flowing stream of the Jembong Waterfall is surrounded by serene vegetation. The waterfalls cascade gently on sloping terrain and create a feeling of solitude and serenity. In order to reach this waterfall, one can enjoy a pleasant hike as well. It is an ideal getaway as it makes a notable spot for city dwellers.


Kawasan Falls – Cebu, Philippines

Image result for Kawasan Falls – Cebu, PhilippinesKawasan Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Philippines. One can swim and simply relax in the azure blue waters. The adventure junkies can go for a ride under the waterfall on a bamboo raft. Simply relish the feel and force of the gushing water on your body. Kawasan Falls is indeed awe-inspiring, and the scenery around is truly picture perfect.


Thi Lo Su Waterfall – Thailand

Image result for Thi Lo Su Waterfall – Thailand

The multi-tiered Thi Lo Su Waterfall is the largest in Thailand. There is a precise grace and character about this astonishing multi-segmented waterfall. The tourists can swim beneath its tiers and admire the overall greenery around. Because of its remote location, the waterfalls seem unperturbed and thugs carry a scenic feel.

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