How to Celebrate & Where to visit in USA on Labor Day 2019?

Labor Day came into being to honor the industrious attempt of workers through their everyday work to make a difference to the world. Every year, on the first Monday of September, this day is celebrated in the USA to honor their work. For different people, it essentially holds different meanings. While for some people, it is the happiness of the long weekend that it brings every year, for some it is just the end of the summer vacations. 

However, for a bunch of people it has to be something that should emphasize on the essence of Labor Day. For these people, it is a way of inculcating a sense of respect for the worker community. The Workers in America, on Labor Day, reward themselves for al the work that they do throughout the year by taking a day off from work. They are given this day off from work to enjoy the other side of life that they miss on the usual days of work.

Whether you are working for an organization or own a business, Labor Day honors the economic & social contributions made by you to the growth of the nation. Let’s talk about some of the interesting & innovative ways to celebrate Labor Day 2019. 

Labor Day

Best Ways to Celebrate Labor Day 2019 in USA

  • Organize a Labor Day Party

Throwing a Party is one of the best ways you could plan to celebrate Labor Day 2019 in USA. This can be done in two ways – either you can invite your close friends and family members and organize a small party. 

The other way out could be throwing a big party with everyone you can think of, on the list. But, for the second option, you’ll definitely need to have a big budget. Therefore, the first option is way more viable. When you can cook some great food, have barbeque to feed your guests and spend some quality time together.
This will also give you time to arrange a game session for guests. You can opt to arrange for a croquet course, badminton net or a volleyball net. Your guests will enjoy playing and socializing together at the same time. 

  1. Attending Labor Day Festivities

All through the country different events are organized on Labor Day. So, if you love that way of celebration, just Google and find places where Labor Day 2019 events, parades or the musical shows that are being organized near your locality. You may also ask your coworkers, look out in local newspapers to find out where Union is organizing parades and festivals. Before venturing out just take care of the timing – this is going to be a long weekend and traffic can be really annoying. 

If not events & festivals, you can check out for a Labor Day sale running in an area near your place. For Americans, Labor Day is one of the most awaited time of the year when they wait for a long weekend shopping, fun & celebration. 

  1. Work for a Cause

If you are looking out to add value to your life on Labor Day 2019, then volunteering for a cause is one of the best ways to look for. This can help with feeding your soul! You can sit and contemplate on what contributions you have always wanted to make to society. There are too many ways – contact an NGO, or find some street children, or join a youth club. 

If you have always wanted to share your knowledge with children and people around you then this is the time to do this. You can teach street children a lesson on “why, where, and how Labor Day in the USA is celebrated”. Discuss with them the history related to Labor Day and why they should respect the hard work that workers do, contributing to the growth of the nation. 

  1. Go for a Weekend Vacation in USA

Since Labor Day falls on a long weekend, another perfect way to celebrate Labor Day is traveling in USA and enjoying the festivities around. Most people wait for this long weekend when they can plan out chilling with friends and family. There are many astoundingly wonderful Labor Day Weekend Getaway in USA. Let’s have a look at the best places to visit on Labor Day 2019 in USA:

Top Places to Visit on Labor Day 2019 in USA:

  1. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is home to amazing beaches, swanky restaurants, bars, host of great hotels & more. You must try out Ocean House’s Secret Champagne Garden, if you are here in Rhode Island. 

  1. Visit San Diego, CA

The beachside city is not only a laid-back vacation spot, but it is also a wonderful destination for foodies. Visit the easy-going San Diego on Labor Day 2019 and go to the city’s culinary hotspots. You must try out tsunami burrito, grilled shrimp, grilled shrimp, and more. 

  1. Ojai, CA

For people who want to make the Labor Day weekend, a time to relax, play golf and enjoy spa – going to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa is a perfect idea. You can take a day out tasting the Ojai Olive Oil. Also, you can check out used books at the open-air Bart’s Books. Another part of this trip can be enjoying the panoramic view of the Meditation Mount, which is the perfect public meditation center. 

  1. Hudson River Valley, NY

The Hudson River Valley is very easily accessible from the New York city! This is one of the most amazing Labor Day Getaway in USA. For people who are visiting the valley in the day time, it’s great hiking around the Cold Spring and taking a look at the seminar works of Richard Serra and Dan Flavin at Dia. 

  1. Block Island, RI

The Block Island is one of the interesting locations to plan a getaway on Labor Day vacation. There’s too much to make the day full of fun – walk around various lobster roll spots, bars, spa & boutiques. Go on a sightseeing trip to visit SouthEast Lighthouse, a small animal farm, and Poor People’s Pub. 

With 125 years of continuous celebration of Labor Day in America, people have learnt to contemplate on the huge contribution workers make in the social & economic growth of the nation. They have in a way learnt to appreciate this contribution. On Labor Day 2019  make your move to appreciate it. And do not forget to enjoy the long Labor Day weekend.

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