Heritage Sites in Ireland

Highlights of Ireland Tours – Uncovering the Bountifulness

Ireland is a beautiful country full of lush hills, palaces, beautiful sheer rocks, Guinness beer and very friendly local people. Dublin is a vibrant city with great pubs and history, while the country is full of beautiful landscapes and palaces. Regardless of the length of your journey, it is easy to find small size of the country. This is a magical land full of surprises, history and fun and just cannot recommend going here adequately. Nobody is ever unhappy with Ireland and using travel guide, you know all the best things so that you do not do this either. Visit Ireland. This is unprecedented.

Heritage Sites in Ireland

  • At a distance of a few km from Newgrange, in the grave near North, more than one-third of the total number of examples of all megalithic arts in Western Europe.
  • Cemetery Cemetery in Carrowmore, County Sligo, is the largest group of Megalithic tombs (30 of them) in Ireland or Britain.
  • The Cideide Fields in County Mayo is the world’s most comprehensive Stone Age site. It has the world’s oldest known field systems (6,000 years old), as well as Europe’s largest stone enclosure (77 km).
  • Neolithic site of Newgrange (3200 BC), County Math, is the best-preserved way tomb in Europe. The central room of the monument was designed to combine with the rising sun on the winter solstice, which makes it the oldest solar observatory in the world.
  • Hill of Eusen in County Westmeath marks the traditional center of Ireland. Although it is located 20 km from Ireland’s true geographical center (just south of Athlone), this 182-meter-high hill place is unique in the fact that 22 of Ireland’s two-thirds can be seen from the top. In the medieval period, the hill beltan was the main place of the celebration (May 1), which was a symbol of the beginning of summer.
  • By the 11th century, Hill of Tara (near County Town, County Math) was the seat of the Upper Kings of Ireland, which was the political and spiritual capital of the country, as well as the center of Ireland’s ancient road network.
  • In 1854, three workers clearing the path of the Ennis railway line stumbled the remains of the late Bronze Age Mohagun Hilfort, which was Ireland’s largest mountainous region. There was a stone box on the site with 150 objects, most of which were made of gold. It was one of the biggest discoveries of mixed gold items in Western Europe, and it is known as Great Clare Gold Find.

Ireland Vacation Tours

With the best experience in Ireland, these travel events highlight the most interesting points in Ireland. These Ireland tour packages are for a maximum of 4 to 14 days but can be modified in any way that you want to align with your travel plans. Each Ireland holiday package includes accommodation, rental cars and unique experiences, as well as flexible departure dates.

Get the essence of Ireland in just five days with 5-Night Pure Ireland tour, which offers a beautiful location in the green countryside of western Ireland. If you are looking for a bit more city/country balance in your trip to Ireland, then you can prepare yourself for our 9 Night Castles in the Mist Vacation Package, a tour that includes 3 full nights in 2 luxury Irish castles. As well as some time in Ireland’s exciting capital Dublin.

Ireland Luxury Tours

The authentic Ireland luxury tours are perfect for those looking for Ireland’s more spectacular experience. These magnificent Irish retreats locate different areas of Ireland for different periods and all are 100% customizable. Travel Agents can take care of every detail from your first class flight system to limousine transportation to the airport. You have the option of taking an authentic Ireland Self Drive Tour or select one of our all-inclusive Tour options.

You can experience great views and world-class luxury in high end suites in some of Ireland’s most exceptional resorts. From the city’s central five-star locations to the grand palace in the country, our { leisure} luxury tours are the best of both worlds. Take a trip to visit the world famous Makaros Park Hotel and Spa in a Preservative Facial, Pivonia Massage or Killarney, which is included in our Southern Ireland’s authentic luxury tour, but it can be added to any travel event. Enjoy in real-life rejuvenation at the Galgram resort of Northern Ireland, and dine with Chef Phillip in our Northern Ireland’s authentic luxury tour at Solis Loft Eskke. Our first-class tour of Ireland comes with a choice of a private vehicle or luxury vehicle.

Ireland Honeymoons

An Ireland Honeymoon is a lasting experience that will always be with you. There are several honeymoon packages in authentic Ireland, which range from solitary palaces to grand romantic resorts. All our Ireland holiday packages are customizable, so that you can make your own travel program from start to finish or you can modify one of our existing Ireland honeymoon packages. Most of our travel experts are not only native to Ireland and are in many places of our visits, they have helped to plan for hundreds of Irish migrants. We, Leisure.com has many packages to choose from that category for 6 to 9 days, but if you want to make your own romantic honeymoon in Ireland, tell us where you want to go, your holiday dates and if you are Any destination in Ireland should be seen and we will handle the rest.

Feel romantic Ireland with the Castle Hideway Tour, which enriches you with a separate 18th Century Rebuilding Gatehouse and an award-winning Fairy Palace, which is rich with a rich atmosphere that will cross your experience.

Ireland Rail Tours

The authentic Ireland Rail Tours is an ideal choice for those who want to easily search for Emerald Isle. From coastal highlights to major cities. Finding Ireland by rail means that you will have an opportunity to see the sights outside the country, so many visitors are often missed – on a journey with a railroad, you feel that you will see the bits of Ireland, which are the main roadways Will not be visible from.

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