Goa Liberation Day 2018: It’s the Perfect Time to Plan a Trip to Goa!

Goa Liberation Day 2018! It’s 2018 and this exquisitely glamourous part of India is once again going to celebrate its Independence Day. It was on the same day when Goa felt that incredible freedom in its air. Every year on 19th December, the Liberation Day of Goa is celebrated. It was only after long years of freedom fights and numerous army operations that it got independence from the Portuguese dominion.

Goa Liberation Day 2018
Goa Liberation Day Ceremony

Goa was finally given statehood in the year 1987, which completely changed the fate of this piece of land. Gradually it earned many accolades and became one of the richest states of India. Today, Goa is listed among the top state of India in terms of per capita income. Apart from that, Goa is also considered as one of the topmost tourist destinations in India.

Plan a Trip to Goa During Goa Liberation Day Anniversary

There is no dearth of tourist attractions to plan a trip to Goa! From the spectacular beaches to the hundreds of serene and tranquil churches, every part of it is beautiful. A flock of Tourists from every corner of the World come here to relax at its magical Sun-kissed beaches. If you are planning a trip to Goa then December is the best time. Because it’s the time when Goa Liberation Day 2018 Anniversary will be celebrated with the same gusto and zeal.

Here’s a brief description of what uniqueness you will be enjoying by planning a trip to Goa during its liberation day.

Best Places to Visit during Goa Liberation Day 2018 Anniversary

  1. The War Memorial at Indian Naval Ship Gomantak

It’s perfect to start off with your trip to Goa from this place. The memorial was constructed by the Government of Goa to celebrate the audacity of seven gallant sailors and other freedom fighters of Goa liberation movement that took place on 19th December 1961. The entire face off was named by the Indian navy as “Operation Vijay”. The Indian navy took up the operation for the liberation of Daman and Diu, Territories of Goa and Anjadiv Island from the rule of Portuguese.

Planning a trip to Goa during this time is a prudent decision because you can see Men of Indian Navy and officers paying their homage to the freedom fighters of the Goa liberation movement. Every year on 19th December, wreaths laid and a guard is paraded.

Goa Liberation Day 2018 Anniversary

  1. Enjoy Shopping at the Saturday Night Goa Market

The hustle and bustle of sellers and buyers at the busy sands of Arpora in Goa! You must not forget planning spending some time at the Saturday Night Market of Goa. This market begins from at seven in the evening and you can be here till the early morning. Here, you can celebrate Goa liberation day 2018 by shopping for some swanky pieces of jewelry and antique showpieces. You are here, and you cannot miss the exotic fire dances and the live music performances, which usually begin from 10 pm. And, here you can sample some really delicious food.

Saturday Night Goa Market
The Saturday Night Goa Market

3. Enjoy the Mesmerizing Serendipity Arts Festival

The Serendipity Arts Festival takes place in Panaji on the bank of the Mandovi river. A variety of art forms are displayed during this festival including culinary art, performing and visual art. A jury of highly skilled artists curate the performances. If you are planning a trip to Goa during liberation day 2018, you should not miss visiting this place.

Serendipity Arts Festival
Serendipity Arts Festival
  1. Enjoy Christmas Balls or Dances

When you are on your trip to Goa during the Christmas week, various balls and dances are another highlights that take place at every nook and cranny of the state. And, some of the most famous places where it’s organized are Nuvem, Parra and Woodbourne Hall Gounley. And, there is an assortment of dance workshops are organized by a plethora of dance groups. You don’t have to worry even if you are not that good at shaking your booty.

Christmas Balls or Dances
Christmas Balls or Dances

These are just a few names of places and activities that can be made a part of your trip to India,  during Goa liberation Day 2018 Anniversary. There are many more that include attending an EDM Party, watching turtles taking over the beaches, participating in church fairs, visiting the Mollem National Park, Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and much more.


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