Costa Rica Like Never Seen Before: A Guide On Most Amazing Places To Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one country in Central which is most visited by tourists from all around the globe. Due to its cheap living, amazing beaches, great weather, and friendly locals, the country has become a hot spot for retirees, newlyweds, and expats. However, because it is not as cheap to visit as its neighboring countries, many budget travelers still skip over Costa Rica. Though that’s true, however, the beauty of the places discussed below is worth the extra price. Check out our guide on the 5 best places to visit in Costa Rica.

5 Best Destinations To Visit in Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo

Situated on the Caribbean coast near Panama, Puerto Viejo is quite famous among young people and backpackers because of its party atmosphere, great beaches, and surfing. The town is lively and you’ll discover something or the other going on every night. It’s probably the most famous destination on the Caribbean coast. There are also plenty of quiet beach hotels around the town for all those who are looking for some peace and quiet. There is a jaguar rescue center nearby that is into rehabilitation of all sorts of local wildlife and rescue them back into the wild.

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Sitting at an altitude of 1,670m, Arenal is one of the many volcanoes of Costa Rica. It still emits lava from time to time, and if you happen to be lucky, you’ll see one flowing down the volcano. Although, it is less likely to happen since the volcano has been dormant for the last 7 years.

The area has an abundance of wonderful activities: an amazing waterfall (La Fortuna), sunset views over the lake, the national park with great hiking, caving, rafting options, and popular hot springs. With so much to do and see here, there is no wonder the place is one of the most visited in the country.

Manuel Antonio

A famous beach destination on the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio’s extensive, white-sand beaches and warm azure waters aren’t the only highlights people come for. The nearby national park opened in the year 1972, witnesses over 150,000 tourists annually and is home to substantial hiking trails, plenty of secluded beaches, and offers up the chance to view three distinctive kinds of native monkeys. Over the years, the place has become a lot more crowded and advanced over the years. You’ll witness a lot of wildlife here and the beaches in the area have surprisingly been kept pristine!

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Poas Volcano

An amazing day trip from San José, Poas Volcano is a dynamic stratovolcano having twin calderas filled with sulfur lakes. The lakes are so quiet that you’ll look at your photograph and wonder you painted the color on. The volcanos last erupted in the year 2017, and have indeed erupted 40 times since 1828! There are also some small trails around the area. Arriving early in the morning is recommended to avoid the clouds closing in and spoiling the view.

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Corcovado National Park is situated on the remote Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica. Established in the year 1975, this park covers an entire area of 424 square kilometers, thus making it the largest park in Costa Rica. Though more famous than it used to be, it is still a very quiet, rugged, and off-the-beaten-path place in a country where everything is on the beaten path. The Peninsula region is not easy to get to which keep the crowd away. However, your efforts will be greatly rewarded with tons of wildlife, deserted beaches, great hiking, camping, and plenty of marine life. It is indeed one of the best places in Costa Rica.

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Though everything in Costa Rica is a bit touristy as well as a bit crowded, the diversity of wildlife, white-sand beaches, natural beauty, amazing sunsets, and warm azure water make it worth the price. A Bonus, the locals in Costa Rica are super nice and welcoming.

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