Happy World’s Tourism Day

Celebrate Leisure Life With Family On This World’s Tourism Day 2019

It is celebrated on 27th September and the main idea of celebrating World’s Tourism Day is to highlight the importance of tourism globally among society. It’s your day if you like exploring the unexplored places around the World! Yes, it’s World’s Tourism Day 2019 and this year, Leisure.com has come up with a concept of #LeisureLifeWithFamily. The core idea of tossing this concept is to promote family vacations.

Often times, couples plan a leisure vacation with their partners to spend some quality time together, and of course, to flaunt their happy and leisure moments through their drool-worthy Instagram posts among friends. But this year, Leisure has thought something different to celebrate World’s Tourism Day by encouraging tourists to have a leisure vacation with their entire family, especially with your mom and dad. 


Celebrating Leisure Vacation With Family

The world is so huge for those who have a passion to explore each and every corner of it, however, this reciprocates for those who wish to explore and end up going nowhere. On this big day, book the best online travel agency that can connect you with the best travel agent to plan out a perfect vacation with family. 

The perfect way to start off your journey is by jotting down the best places that have been on your parents’ travel bucket list for 2019. Once their bucket list is right in front of you, approach your travel agent to plan your family trip under your budget. To get the best travel services, it is always recommended to book a professional travel agent who cares for your travel preferences, not your needs. 

Living Life Leisurely

Vacation is the best therapy to relax your body and celebrate the peace of mind when being around your favorite place. And what could be the better way to feel it than by planning a vacation? Therefore, just not sit, rather get up and get going on a family vacation tour that could change your life forever. 

The leisure team has a special request for travelers to join in to celebrate the real travel spirit in you with us and don’t forget to live #LeisureLifeWithFamily this World’s Tourism Day! 

Happy World’s Tourism Day to all the real travelers who acknowledge the importance of the day.

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