Best Travel Destinations Around The Globe For First-Time Travelers

So have you been thinking about visiting a new place for the very first time? Traveling for the very first time is exciting yet a bit intimidating. You are likely to be getting out of your comfort zone. Visiting a place far away from home feels scary the first time, however, know that it tends to get easier with each passing trips and you ought to start somewhere. The world is a huge place having so many choices that it becomes hard to pick one. If you are someone who is a first-time traveler, there are certain travel destinations which are easier to navigate, more secure and enjoyable as well. We are sharing with you 4 such travel destinations best for first-time travelers. Check it out…

Travel Destinations For First-Time Travelers


At present, Iceland is one of the trendiest travel destinations. While its awe-inspiring landscape, glacial lagoons, black sand beaches, steaming volcanoes, endless majestic waterfalls, and impressive hot springs make it appear like an entirely different planet, the place is just ideal to visit for first-time travelers. The locals in Iceland speaks English, crimes are non-existent here and the tourism infrastructure is strong in Iceland. You may even get to witness the beautiful northern lights if you visit in between late September and mid-March. Though the roads here are quite easy to navigate in case you decide to drive on your own, there are also a number of one day as well as multi-day tours that can be booked. Many of these tours are small group adventures, are low-key and allow you to completely relax while someone else will do all the planning and driving for you. Whatever it is that you choose to opt, Do Not miss to get soaked in the glorious Blue Lagoon. This experience will be something that you will never forget.


Though not an English-speaking country, a number of Germans speak decent English and you shouldn’t face any major problems with language in most of the areas here. Public transportation is quite reliable and well-organized, and so you can get around easily. The German train system links all parts of the country, the trains are not even expensive if you book in advance. The country’s organization makes things quite easy for new travelers.

Germany also possesses plenty of other interesting areas that aren’t as well known to non-Europeans, such as Cologne and Hamburg. If you’re looking to visit castles, know that Germany has many in the Rhine Valley.


There is truly nowhere like Barcelona. The place encapsulates the best of Europe in many ways – there is a culture in spades and just enough charm to keep things exciting. Barcelona is also one of the most tourist-friendly cities around the world, and you will be likely to hear nearly every language spoken here. There’s also a number of cheap, trendy hotels here and a bottle of wine can cost you as little as €2.
Barcelona is home to medieval neighborhoods such as Barri Gotic and El Born, which date back to the 13th century. However, the modern gems here might be more famous, and one of this city’s biggest delights are Catalan Modernist Antoni Gaudí’s. They include the spectacular Sagrada Familia, which for over 100 years has been under construction, and the mischievous rooftop of La Pedrera. Barcelona is also home to both the Picasso Museum and MACBA.
With an amazing array of designer stores and indie boutiques, and also a food scene covering everything from traditional tapas to Michelin-star dining, there is never a lack of things to do in Barcelona. You can also simply head to the beach in order to recharge, just in case you run out of steam.

New Zealand

Another English-speaking and easy to navigate the country in the list is New Zealand which is a little farther away, still well worth the long distance to get there. The bus links are also really good, and there are also good flight options within the country. Another good option to get around in New Zealand is the scenic trains if you have some extra time.
Auckland is a great place, to begin with for both the city as well as the sea. Visit the capital city of Wellington, explore Rotorua’s thermal wonders, get out into nature on a Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound cruise, and experience Queenstown’s extreme adventures. This country is just great for both nature lovers as well as city people and is also a great place for ultimate adventures such as helicopter tours and bungee jumping.

Final Words

Hope you would have made your mind till now. So, ease yourself into the experience by heading to one of these amazing destinations that are far less challenging yet just as spectacular to visit.

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