5 Myths About Solo Traveling Debunked!

There are plenty of misconceptions about solo traveling. People assume it to be too much work, dangerous, lonely, or make people think that the one doing so do not have any friends. So for everyone who thinks that traveling solo is dangerous, lonely, or boring, I am here to debunk a few common solo travel myths in order to help give people the courage to get over their fears and go on an epic solo adventure!


Myths About Traveling Solo

Myth #1: Solo traveling equals being lonely.

Most people think that traveling all by yourself means you will be alone for the entire vacation. Isn’t? After all, who wants to travel to a completely new world only to have to be by yourself while admiring the majestic sunrise over the sky!

But, do you know that the best thing about solo traveling is that you get to make more friends while doing so? Yes, because you are not the only one doing it. More and more people these days are considering the concept of traveling solo. Apart from that, it feels so encouraging seeing many other travelers out there traveling all by themselves! Because of the power of social media, one can easily join the various communities created specifically for solo travelers, where you connect with like-minded solo travelers, share your travel plans,  and gain and give support.

Myth #2: Traveling solo is meant only for single people.

People assume that just because you are traveling by yourself, then definitely it’s because you don’t have a significant other. People who are committed to their family or partner don’t really go traveling on their own. They even go further to say that it’s probably because there must be some problem in the relationship or you are simply escaping your commitments!

Well, there are a number of people who travel alone even after being in a relationship, and for all kinds of reasons. It could be that their significant other have different interests which many relationship experts consider completely healthy. It may also be because their partner couldn’t get time off from work, or maybe both the partners made a conscious decision to go on some solo adventure or something like soul-searching and then meet back up again. So, just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have your me-time all by yourself.

Myth #3: One must be exceptionally brave to travel solo.

A lot of my people think that you need to be ultra brave and independent to go travel alone. The honest truth is that many people were incredibly scared and overwhelmed with the idea of traveling solo until they finally just got on the plane and went. To fear what you have no idea about is just to be human. It’s in our very own human nature.

One doesn’t have to be sure of everything and extremely courageous to go solo traveling. Those things may automatically come as a benefit of solo traveling, but they don’t need to be prerequisites. The difficult part is getting on the plane. After that, it’s surprisingly easy to figure out timetables, get around language barriers, and have an adventure. Plenty of locals everywhere speak at least some English, and translation apps, Google Maps, and cellphone connectivity have all made traveling solo so much easier than it used to be years back.

Myth #4: You cannot be an introvert to travel alone.

An incredible benefit of traveling solo is that it makes you outgoing. Even if you face trouble starting a conversation, chances are really good that eventually someone or the other will reach out to you and bring you into an interesting conversation while traveling.

Probably you’ll also discover that after the first few times of approaching new people, they will be so much more open that it will be an encouraging surprise for you. It is just so easy to start a conversation with someone by simply asking where they are from or where they just came from.

Always know that travelers are inherently really friendly people!

Myth #5: Traveling solo is way too much work as you have to do everything by yourself.

If you travel on your own, you will definitely be making all of the decisions.

This also happens to be the biggest benefit of solo traveling. It means you won’t have to plan ahead out of your wish and have more serendipitous fun. Also, you won’t have to stress about whether the other person is having fun or not or worry about doing everything for two or more people.

In fact, planning a trip for yourself is often much easier than planning for a group. You get to do only exactly what you want to do!

If traveling is all about the advantages, a departure from normal, routine life and the time spent in a new reality, then to traveling solo is to put all these advantages on steroids. Just try it once, and you too may discover that the misconceptions about it are all wrong.

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