Escape the Crowd with this 8-Day Customized Kenya Safari Tour Package

We plan an African trip for no reason but to find our inner happiness which is no more in the materialistic world of humans. The same can be said to Kenya Safari Tour which with its wide range of national parks - packed fully with wild animals - and scenic views help you escape from the crowd. Plan a Kenya Safari to step into the animal kingdom leaving the world of the humans behind. Know about the best places and topmost attractions on one itinerary.

Trip At A Glance

Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi

Day 2: Nairobi to Masai Mara

Day 3: Welcome to the Big Game Drive in Masai Mara

Day 4: Tsavo East

Day 5: Amboseli

Day 6-8: Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha

Trip Highlights

  • Arrival in the colorful capital city of Kenya - Nairobi

  • A short drive from Nairobi to Masai Mara - full of scenic views and green rolling hills

  • A full-day tour in Masai Mara. Getting face to face with big five, elephants, hyenas, buffalos and many more

  • Visiting Tsavo East National Park to escape from the crowd

  • Witnessing one of the largest herds of elephants and the stunning Mount Kilimanjaro backdrop in Amboseli

  • Exploring the main attractions of Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha


Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi

The beginning of any safari trip starts from landing to the international airport of the country and this tour is no different. No matter what time of the day you reach the airport, the moment you touch down the capital city of Kenya, your first day will be counted. So, on this Kenya Safari tour, you will land to the capital city of Kenya - Nairobi -  from where a personal guide will pick up you for your safe arrival at the pre-booked hotel. Nairobi is full of colors and contrast and you will realize it during your short drive from the airport to the hotel. The buildings, the people, and the mild breeze of the city will trigger your nerves making you feel that you are in the real Africa. After check-in, you can opt to relax in your hotel room for the rest of the day. It is recommended to prep your body and mind for the upcoming Kenya Safari tour.

Day 2: Nairobi to Masai Mara

With the beginning of the second day of your Kenya safari, you will witness the beginning of your adventurous trip to the country. Wake up early in the morning, take shower, pack your backpack with safari essentials, have your breakfast, and meet your guide waiting downstairs. Like many Kenya Safari Tour Package, this trip will also allow you to hire a personal guide who can assist you with exploring untamed corners of Kenya. He will meet you in the hotel itself at a pre-booked time slot. Meet him and discuss the schedule. By the time you are done with your breakfast and briefing with the guide, it will be mid of the morning. This is the time when you will start driving to Masai Mara along with your guide.

Now, reaching Masai Mara can be done in two ways - by road or by flight. In case, you are running tight on budget but have sufficient time to spend in Kenya, prefer to choose the road drive. This might take a few hours to reach the destination but it will definitely help you save a few pennies. However, if you are on a luxurious Kenya Safari Tour Package, do not waste time by driving on road. Instead, board a short flight from Nairobi to Masai Mara and reach your destination in just a few minutes.

After reaching the destination, you either opt for an overnight stay in a luxurious hotel or pick up one of the many affordable hostels famous for backpackers. The choice is all yours. While lunch will be en-route, the dinner and accommodation will be made available after reaching the destination.

Day 3: Welcome to the Big Game Drive in Masai Mara

After spending exactly two days in traveling, it is finally the day to kick-start the much awaited Kenya Safari. You are in Masai Mara, home to a wide range of animals and a scenic landscape filled with rolling hills. Masai Mara is the topmost attraction of Kenya and soon you are going to realize it. Your guide will meet and greet in the early morning. Today, you will be driving inside the small yet densely populated national park of Kenya.

Masai Mara borders Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and hence contribute in forming one long wildlife corridor which is actually split into 2 by the national borders of these countries. However, the animals of the parks do not pay attention to these man-made boundaries and freely roam across the vast expanse of the corridors as per the weather condition.  A few glimpses of the same can be witnessed during the great wildebeest migration that happens in the specific months of the year. Being divided into two parts, the animals found two parks somewhat. In some seasons, if one goes dry, the other is filled with water which smart wildebeest pick up quickly and decide to switch to the land which appears more greener.

Masai Mara is small in size as compared to Serengeti but this allows it to be at least densely populated with wild animals. Spotting wildlife in Masai Mara is too easy. From bug five to buffalos, zebras to elephants, on your full-day guided tour of Masai Mara, you will be able to spot more animals than you can count. Ab overnight stays and dinner will be in an offbeat Mara camp which makes stargazing possible in the lap of mother nature.

Day 4: Tsavo East

After witnessing the scenic beauty and the wild animals of Mara, you will be feeling as if you have witnessed entire Africa, but wait there’s much more When in Africa, the parks that allow you to come face to face with the wild animals are many but each one of them offers a unique experience. Today, you will be in a hunt for one of such unique experiences at Tsavo East. It is a little-visited park which makes it a perfect destination for those who want to escape the crowd. A full-day guided tour of Tsavo East will give you an intimate experience with the wild.

Day 5: Amboseli

Every park in Kenya has its own significance. While Mara is famous for a collective habitat of many wild animals, Amboseli is mainly known for massive herds of elephants with Mount Kilimanjaro. Your visit to the park will bring you closer to the giants of Africa. You will witness the largest herds of elephants in Amboseli than any other Kenya’s park. The park allows you to spend some time with trained elephants which is again a perk. Apart from the elephants, Amboseli is known for the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro backdrop which is perfect for your Kenya Safari camera shots.



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