8 Days Itinerary to Plan a Budget-friendly Safari in Kenya

If you are running short on time and tight on budget but still want to experience a slice of Africa, this budget Kenya Safari is for you. Know about the best places you can visit in one of the best countries that allow pockets with strains to soak up its immense beauty.

Trip At A Glance:

Day 1: Nairobi

Day 2-3: Lake Naivasha & Hells Gate National Park

Day 4-6: Lake Nakuru National Park

Day 7: Masai Mara

Day 8: Departure

Trip Highlights:

  • Welcome to the capital city of Kenya - Nairobi. Choose a day trip to Nairobi National Park or the Giraffe Centre as per your convenience

  • Next is the  Lake Naivasha & Hells Gate National Park. Enjoy the splendid backdrops and mesmerizing sunset views

  • From buffaloes to pink flamingos, zebras to baboons, and even the most endangered white rhinos spot a wide range of wild animals in Lake Nakuru National Park

  • Spot more lions than you can count along with many wild animals in majestic Masai Mara


Day 1: Nairobi

You can not have a great start with your Kenya Safari without visiting the capital city - Nairobi - on the very first day. The reasons are pretty clear. First, it is the capital city of Kenya which gives it a point and another is the many accommodation options you will find in the city at least for a day. So, greet the fresh air and warm temperature of Africa in Nairobi. After reaching the hotel room( which you might have pre-booked), you will have two options to spend the rest of the day. First, you can choose a day trip to Nairobi National Park or the Giraffe Centre. This is recommended if you are too eager to jump into some wildlife on the very first day of your trip. However, if you want to save some penny - which a budget Kenya Safari is supposed to do - you can choose to visit the budget-friendly National Museum or free Uhuru Gardens. A visit to these places is either free or at least won’t put a strain on your pocket. In case, you reach the hotel room in the late evening, you are advised to relax and chill at your room for the rest of the day. Keep the safari excitements booked for the next day.

Day 2-3: Lake Naivasha & Hells Gate National Park

Wake up early in the morning as today you will need to rush for a local bus that will drop you to your next destination - Lake Naivasha. From Nairobi, taking a local bus or minivan to the town of Naivasha is not difficult. You can get it from the nearby bus stop. After reaching the town, take a minivan again to reach the lake which is just a few hours away from the town. Talking about the lake, it is incredibly stunning. Situated in the gorgeous rift river valley area, this extremely beautiful lake situated 1884m above sea level attracts every human eye that passes by. This place is perfect for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts who can go as picturesque as they want with the splendid backdrops and mesmerizing sunset views. Not only this, but the frequent visit of hippos and other wild animals in the lake also keeps you connected with the thought that you are in Africa.

In day third, you can plan a visit to photographers and wildlife enthusiasts which can be organized by one of the many accommodation providers at the lake. The beauty of the park lies in the fact that it is packed with scenic views of towering sandstone cliffs and deep gorges which might remind you that you are visiting Windjana Gorge in Australia. However, the best part about a day trip to Hells National Park is that you can explore it all on wheels and by foot. This means hiking and biking are the two major modes of traveling in the park. No matter what you choose, you are going to get some intimate experience with warthogs, giraffes, zebras, and other wild animals on your way.

Day 4-6 Lake Nakuru National Park

Start the beginning of your day with a scrumptious breakfast and hot cappuccino served in your room. While enjoying the sips of hot cappuccino, do not forget you need to rush for a local bus again. This time, you will take one to drive to the east of Lake Naivasha. After a few hours of drive, you will reach your next destination which is the stunning reserve of Lake Nakuru. Lake Nakuru is Kenya’s first national park and this is the reason why this park witnesses such a huge concentration of animals in it. From buffaloes to pink flamingos, zebras to baboons, and even the most endangered white rhinos. If on a full-day tour of the park, you might be able to spot at least 7 rare species of rhinos. Not only this, but you might also be able to spot some tree-climbing lions which Lake Nakuru is mainly famous for. Allow a whole day to explore Lake Nakuru National Park and you will find some of the most stunning spots including elevated lookouts and waterfalls. In addition to this, you will find the park offering some of the stunning backdrops to your safari shots which are more likely to be filled with the wide view of the city of Nakuru, beautiful salt lake at its center, and flooded tree trunk scenery.

Day 7: Masai Mara

There is no place in Kenya which is as stunning as the world-famous Masai Mara. Explore it all and you will find this is the real Africa you have seen in all the pictures. However, spending more than a day in Mara is quite expensive which might disrupt your budget Kenya Safari but you can always consult the experts to know the tricks to save pennies. In just one day, you will be able to spot more lions than you can count. Not only this, but the massive views of big cats, wildebeests, elephants, warthogs, hyenas, and many more are also going to rattle your nerves. Masai Mara is, however, smaller than Serengeti but the scenic views of green rolling hills are the Africa you have made to see in all the movies.

Tip: Nowhere in Masai Mara is cheap but consulting an outside camp for an overnight stay is a great option to save some pennies, especially when you are on a budget-friendly Kenya Safari. In addition to providing affordable accommodation to travelers, many of these camps also help you organizing game drives. Hence, if you haven’t sorted yet, do consider them.

Day 8: Departure

Your 7-day Tour in Kenya is finally completing and today you will be saying Cheerios to the scenic beauty of this place. With lots of special memories in your heart, you will transfer to the airport for a happy return. Do not miss to enjoy your farewell breakfast in the hotel before the exit formalities. You will love the sweet gesture shown by the hotel staff.



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