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Guillermo Del Toro Movie Workshop Made into Temporary Museum

Some things in life are absolutely verboten. There is a saying in life, “no one wants to see how the sausage is made,” meaning that we want what we want, in an expedited manner and with little need for details on where the sausage came from. Figuratively speaking. Although, that saying can be applied to many other vocations. Think about your favorite filmmaker. Well, just like in a similar manner where a mad scientist needs a laboratory to create Frankenstein, filmmakers, especially creative types and auteurs, develop their ideas in home-like office-workshops. Every movie ever made has to have accommodating storage space to store costumes, props, sets, prototype costumes and the such.

The Filmmaker’s Office Workshop

The filmmaker’s office-workshop is where ideas for the film are brainstormed and crystallized. The filmmaker then hires a varied staff of professionals to head departments responsible for different aspects of the film. The costume department, sound department, lighting department, special effects department, stunt choreography department, script revising department, and so on to name a few, has to coordinate their efforts in creatively strategic manners throughout the film shoot and while under simulated and pressure-filled conditions. Like making a movie, a very simplified account of the major creative and financial obstacles and hurdles needed to overcome to make a film, but you get the picture. The filmmaker's workshop, the main creative office where the ideas, scripts, characters and on-screen visual aesthetics have to be created first before any film department head or staff or actor can get to work.

The Idea behind

A film is created by the collaborative efforts of hundreds or thousands of people. But those efforts begin with the brainchild and ideas of one or a few people. Most people don’t to ever see the creative workshop offices of their favorite filmmakers. We don’t get to see how the sausage is made, even if we wanted to, and we, the ticket-buying public that is, do not ever get to see the behind the scenes workings how a film is creatively conceived and plotted out before filming starts, much less the filmmaking process itself. For one they are securely protected, as they are regarded as an almost monastic place of artistic creation, in terms of the discipline needed to make a film.

The famed workshop

Well, if you live in or visit Los Angeles by November 2016, then you can take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the inner creative sanctum and filmmaking workshop of globally famed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Bleak House is the name of del Toro’s workshop office. Bleak House’s opening to the public was even celebrated by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Bleak House features over 500 props, costumes and creative pieces from del Toro’s catalog of films. You may find the ground-down devil horns and cartoonishly large weaponry from Hellboy or creative concept props or drawings from Pan’s Labyrinth. You can check out the Bleak House exhibit in L.A. until November 27. After that, the Bleak House inventory will go on a global exhibition tour from Barcelona, Spain, Mexico City and Paris, France. The exhibit will also make stops in New York City and Minneapolis. You have a little time to experience some behind-the-scene history from one of the world’s most popular filmmakers.

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