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Enjoy The Chocolate Hills Of Bohol Island

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island - surely, the name simply catches your eye. However, in this particular case, the chocolate in question involves a unique travel destination, specifically, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island in Filipino Mga Tsokolateng Burol area of the Bohol island province in the Philippine Islands.  


The Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island create what looks like a “rolling terrain” comprising haycock hills.  They are almost symmetrically conical in shape. There are somewhere between 1,268 to 1,776 individual dome-shaped hills spread out over an area of over 20 square miles that are made up of limestone covered with grass. The cone-like hills are anywhere from 98 to 164 feet high.  As this goes to press, largest one was reported to be 390 feet high.  During the dry season, the green grass in which they are covered turns brown (like chocolate).

Popular Legends

There are some interesting legends about how The Chocolate Hills came to be too.  Perhaps the most popular tale tells of two giants who were feuding with each other.  They threw rocks, boulders, and sand at each other for several days until they were exhausted. They were too tired to even remember why they were fighting.  SO they decided to shake hands and become friends.  Unfortunately, when they left the area they had forgotten to clean up after themselves and the left-after mess was The Chocolate Hills. Perhaps the most romantic legend concerns a strong, young giant named Arogo. Arogo met and fell in love with a mortal girl named Aloya. They fell in love but being mortal Aloya lived a comparatively short life, died and left Arogo alone. In his pain and sadness, he began to cry.  He could not stop.  When his fallen tears dried they formed The Chocolate Hills.  

The final legend is a small island town with a big problem.  It was plagued by a giant water buffalo called a carabao that ate up all of the townspeople's’ crops.  The citizens of the little isle gathered all their spoiled, rotten food and put it out in a place where the giant carabao could not possibly miss it. Upon its next appearance, the giant creature ate it all.  The spoiled food gave the great, greedy water buffalo bowel troubles and he defecated violently and in copious quantities.  The beast’s piles of fecal matter eventually dried where they had been left.  They became known as The Chocolate Hills.


The new color changes the terrain and makes the area look almost like never-ending rows of "chocolate kisses"; thus, the name The Chocolate Hills. In fact, the Chocolate Hills can be found in the towns of Batuan, Carmen, and Sagbayan. Today The Chocolate Hills has become one of the major famous tourist attractions of the entire region. In 2006 two of the hills were even been developed into tourist resorts. The first viewing station is the government-owned resort named Chocolate Hills Complex and it is in Carmen.  The other viewing station is a mountain resort at Sagbayan Peak in Sagbayan.

Wrapping Up

Featuring in the list of tourist destinations in the Philippines, curated by the Philippine Tourism Authority, is no mean feat; however, if it’s not the magical Chocolate Hills, then we don’t know, what else? The hills have also been given the official designation of being the Third most-Important National Geological Monument in the Philippines. To summarize, well, the Chocolate Hills are just ...sweet!   

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