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6 Spots in Dubai to Enjoy Authentic Emirati Cuisine

6 Spots in Dubai to Enjoy Authentic Emirati Cuisine

Dubai is one city that lets you experience the future as reality. With its immaculately designed skyscrapers, man-made islands, and supercars, no wonder Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. That said, there’s another intriguing aspect of this exciting Emirati city - its eclectic mix of mouth-watering Pakistani, Iranian, Peruvian, Ethiopian, and especially authentic Emirati cuisines. Traditionally, Emirati eats are hearty meat dishes that were born in the desert and served with rice and flatbread. In addition, the cuisine also incorporates seafood from the Arabian Peninsula and bezar (a spice blend comprising roasted and Emirati cuisine, here are top six spots to get your fill.


In Dubai Deira, you can find some of the juiciest camel sliders and scrumptious date-stuffed chicken roulade there are, at Aseelah in Radisson Blu Hotel. While these old-school recipes are the top favorites there, the restaurant also offers its unique take on more adventurous and innovative recipes such as aseeda bobar (or pumpkin pudding) and bezar-marinated prawns. To top it all, Aseelah is the only Emirati spot that serves booze, innovative cocktails, and exotic wine.

Al Tawasol

The family-run Al Tawasol is one of the most favorite spot in Deira for both tourists and locals. You get to sit on a carpet in the main dining area and enjoy food that tastes exactly what your grandmother would cook. You can also get seating at a private tented majlis. Among the top favorite eats here, the spicy saloona (curry) and the juicy lamb machboos would definitely blow your mind. At Al Tawasol, you must try it’s take on Mandi, a dish native to Yemen but adopted across the Arabian Peninsula. The recipe comprises slow- tandoor cooked meat and aromatic rice.

Al Fanar

Al Fanar is a fun, yet unassuming spot, with eats and decor that will take you back to the pre-oil days. Despite the fact that the restaurant is located in the plush Festival City Mall, it is designed like an old courtyard house. If you are a first timer here, be sure to order the tender naghar mashwi (or grilled squid) and aromatic chicken machboos (a rice dish spiced with bezar). Al Fanar also has a second branch at the Town Centre in Jumeirah.

The Majlis

It would be perfect to say that The Majlis is a food lover’s paradise. Together with its intricately-carved mashrabiya (or wooden lattice screens) and blue-tiled fountains, the atmosphere here at this elegant restaurant is electric yet soothing. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to try out the cakes, coffee, shakes and ice cream prepared from camel milk. Not only is camel milk, an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, it is also lower in fat. Our favorite, however, is camelccino (it’s the cafe’s unique blend of Ethiopian beans and a camel-milk pistachio-glazed éclair.


Logma is a plush eatery that offers ultra-modern interiors, located at the funky BoxPark. The atmosphere would remind you of a contemporary Emirati establishment, with it’s hanging kerosene lamps and colorful camel motifs. You can enjoy a hearty lunch here, comprising soft khameer flatbread that is stuffed with chicken tikka or dibs (date syrup) and cream cheese. To explore your palate further, make sure to order Logma’s popular fries with a Khaleeji spice seasoning.

Seven Sands

At Seven Sands, it’s all about magnificence. This sprawling restaurant is spread over two whole floors at The Beach at JBR and offers chic arabesque interiors and an enticing terrace view of the sea. Moreover, the menu at Seven Sands comprises trendy versions of Emirati classics such as the crumbly kibbeh (or meat-filled croquettes cracked wheat croquettes) and hummus, bezar-spiced sambusas (similar to the Indian samosas), and bezar-spiced, saffron and dry lime-flavored prawn fouga.

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