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Top 3 Exciting Travel Treasure Hunts You Should Try

Top 3 Exciting Travel Treasure Hunts You Should Try

Hollywood has a deep liking for concepts pertaining to treasure hunting, whether it’s the Indiana Jones trilogy, Robert Langdon's quest in the Da Vinci Code, or the adventures of teen super-sleuth Tintin. Likewise, such stories appeal to the inner adventurer in each of us, and therefore, have captivated our collective imagination for quite a long time. Naturally, a question arises here: why should all such quests be limited to Hollywood fanfare and fiction? Going all out in search for one of these fabled treasures, from a gold-encrusted city to a sapphire-laden shipwreck, will surely be an unforgettable experience, if not a rewarding one (we are talking about medallions and gold coins here!). Without further ado, here are our picks for the five most-exciting travel treasure hunts that should try.

City of gold, Paititi, Amazon Rainforest

Estimated worth: £7 billion, Undiscovered since 1600 AD

The legend of El Dorado or the fabled Inca Golden City needs no formal introduction. While most historians and explorers associate the legend with the pompous rituals taking place in the Columbian city of Laguna de Guatavita, there are some who are pretty sure that the city itself is the fabled Inca forest fortress of Paititi. Earliest documentation about the city’s whereabouts dates back to the 1600’s when an Italian missionary came to Peru. According to the testimony, the city was an advanced society, which dwelled in a large fortress rich in gold, jewels, and silver among other lavish artifacts. You can too have a go at exploring this Amazonian city. All you need to do is to make a beeline for Cuzco, from where you can participate in an organized trek into the Parque Nacional Manu. even if you don’t find the remains of the mythical metropolis, you can very well stumble upon other ancient cities such as Machu Picchu and Choquequirao.

Flor de la Mar, Straits of Malacca

Estimated worth: £2 billion, Undiscovered since 1511

According to sources, the wreckage of the Portuguese ship Flor de la Mar is the holy grail of all plunderable shipwrecks today. Returning from a highly successful siege on Melaka, a famous Malaysian port, the Portuguese ship got caught in a storm and subsequently, sank somewhere near the coast of Sumatra. Experts value the sunken spoils at a staggering £2 billion, and while several high-profile expeditions have searched in vain to find the lost treasure, people are still hopeful of stumbling upon what is touted as the most valuable sunken treasure in the world today. If you want a taste of a full-fledged treasure hunt into a watery windfall, journey to the isle of Pulau Weh in Sumatra and take a plunge into the pristine turquoise waters. A word of caution here though: the waters are frequented by the likes of stingrays and sharks!  

The Fenn treasure, Rocky Mountains

Estimated worth: in excess of £1 million, Undiscovered since 2010

Art dealer Forrest Fenn took quite an inspiration from the life-stories of bold treasure hunters, and hid a bronze chest, reportedly containing spoils of more than £1 million value somewhere in the expansive Rocky Mountains. Subsequently, Forrest penned a short riddle disguised as a poem, in his memoirs to lead hopeful people to search for the brazen chest. Since the release of the poem in 2010, several individuals have tried to decipher the cryptic clues to pin down the treasure’s location, but in vain.  That said, local authorities believe that Forrest concocted this fancy scheme to satiate his whim; however, the hunt has generated quite a lot of controversy when the police reported the death of two men in the attempt. Putting all the quirks aside, you can too head into the non-perilous mountains to experience the hype first-hand and make a few discoveries of your own.

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