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4 Scuba Diving Destinations for the Perfect Adrenaline Rush | Leisure

4 Scuba Diving Destinations for the Perfect Adrenaline Rush | Leisure

The wonderful world of the oceans is an interesting enigma. These vast expanses of unexplored waters contain dynamic ecosystems and exquisite marine life, most of which still remain a mystery to us. Therefore, nothing gives us more pleasure than a chance to explore the enigmatic blue universe and its secrets; be it tiniest planktons or the great coral reefs, lionfish or the mighty blue whales.  Each year avid nature and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world gather and participate in deep sea scuba diving to discover wonders of the deep-set marine world. If you too have been planning to take some time off and experience scuba diving, Leisure presents five of the most popular destinations that you must visit. Take a look.

1. Belize

One of the top-most scuba diving destinations in the world today, Belize boasts of stunning shorelines that culminate into the Caribbean Sea and the magnificent Belize Barrier Reef. The shorelines are washed by turquoise blue waters, which incorporate an array of exquisite marine life. Belize is also home to The Blue Hole, an infamous giant submarine sinkhole (also a World Heritage Site) that leads to an incredible landscape of reef sharks, stalagmites, and stalactites that have been there for millions of years. At the Glover’s Atoll, you can also view large shoals of barracuda, jack and Loggerhead sea turtles.


Located in the western Pacific Ocean, Palau is an archipelago of more than 500 islands. This diminutive island country plays host to a distinctive collection of rock islands and some of the best-unspoiled diving destinations in the world. The waters surrounding the island bear more than 1,500 species of fish and are so clear that they offer near-perfect visibility of the marine landscape. You can even perceive the sunken remains of WWII aircrafts, carriers, exquisite coral reefs, deep gorges, drop-offs, and underwater caverns while swimming amidst swarms of harmless jellyfish and other pelagics.

3. Galapagos Islands

The stunningly beautiful marine life around the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador had caught the fancy of the eminent evolutionist, Charles Darwin and is a dream destination for millions of adventure enthusiasts. The islands are in fact, a protected marine reserve, primarily because of their comprehensive roster of rare marine species such as penguins, marine iguanas, turtles, whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions, hammerhead sharks, and stingrays. Among the more popular diving sites, Darwin Island and Cabo Marshall are flocked by tourists and professional divers all-year around. If you too wish to explore the exquisite deep ocean life here, just pack your bags and leave all inhibitions behind.

4. Australia

Few may know that the largest island country Australia is also home to a prolific marine life roster. While the Great Barrier Reef forms the country’s shoreline (it is indeed the largest natural wonder in the world today), the waters around the coast are full of magnificent shoals of corals, fishes, and aquatic mammals. At Yongala, you can go for a scuba diving session and bear witness to the grandeur of Nudibranchs, woebegone, eels, flatworms, sea-lion, octopuses, white tipped sharks, scorpion fish, and stargazers. In addition, you can also explore the marine life at the other popular scuba diving destinations namely Port Douglas, Townsville, Whitsunday Islands, Ningaloo Reef, and Exmouth.

Bon Voyage!

Oceans seem to be a quiet, serene universe that hides a multitude of astonishing secrets and natural wonders. While studies have shown that ocean waters are not so calm as they seem, scuba diving into deep blue waters is an amazing experience. You can not only bear witness to the sensational marine life of the oceans but also gain perspective in the process. You finally know how good it feels to hear one’ heartbeat as you swim among the various schools of fishes and eventually it feels how uncluttered your soul has become. Therefore, try taking a break from your mundane existence as a cog in the corporate setup and let yourself loose. Who knows, what exciting adventures life has in store for you.

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