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Why Miami is an Attractive Tourist Destination

Miami is an international city at the South Eastern corner of the Florida. According to the U.S census Bureau, Miami is the eighth-most populous urban area in the U.S with a population of approximately 5.5 million. Miami is one of the most visited and popular vacation spots. It offers something for everybody and has been recognized as a destination for party goers as well as for celebrities. This place is flooded with beautiful people. The weather is amazing all year round. The nightlife of South Beach, bar, beaches, clubs, restaurants, museums and much more there are literally hundreds of things to do.

Architectural prowess of Miami

Miami is famous for its art deco architecture. Stroll on the streets and feast on pink, blue and purple walls into the fanciful shapes of Deco art style like circles, squares and diamond shapes abound; it really makes people happy. Deco art is simple, accessible and friendly, it is basically the opposite of the brutalist Architecture.

Generous Beach and Night Life

Miami gorgeous beaches, palm trees and clear azure blue water are so entertaining and economical that when tourists are free and want fun to do anything; they can just mosey down to the miles and miles of white sand beaches and get instant happiness. South Beach is always flooded with young, swimsuit clad crowds hanging poolside. You can start your morning with fresh croissants at Café Nikki and get a look of the culture at the World Erotic Art Museum before dining at Joe’s Stone Crab

Enjoy walking or bike down at shark Valley area, it is home to a number of animals and plants in Everglade. Enjoy airboat rides and get around in the Everglades Park. The level of water keeps changing and the species also changes with the seasons throughout the year so every journey offers a unique experience to visitors. Here you can observe the alligators while maintaining a safe distance and on the shore one can catch a glimpse of an alligator wrestling show. This is the most thrilling experience one can have in Miami.

Historical Zoological Garden in Miami

Zoo Miami is a Zoological garden near Miami, It fascinate visitors with exotic creatures from all over the world. Favorite animals include leopards, ring-tailed lemurs, tree kangaroos and much more. Robert is here, a homestead fruit stand stock up all manner of tropical fruits like papayas, jackfruit, avocado and much more. Lummus Park, area of the beach located along Ocean.

These are the main attractions of Miami in addition to others like Vizcaya museum and garden, Little Havana, Jungle Island. They will surely be the experience you may like to share with friends and relatives.


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