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Amazing Diners Across North America

Do you like traveling across America? Do you enjoy road trips? If so, you should know about these amazing diners to check out when you need a bite to eat.

Welcome Diner

You’ll feel quite welcome at the Welcome Diner. While the diner is relatively new to its current location in Arizona, it has a significant history. Constructed in Kansas in the 1940s, the Welcome Diner was shipped to Phoenix, Arizona.

It was in operation there on Route 66 for a quarter of a century. Then it was moved to its present location at 924 East Roosevelt Street. They formed a partnership with a former food truck business, Old Dixie's Southern Kitchen, the Welcome Diner was resurrected once more. The diner staff cook up a daily special and even offer locally-brewed beers to boot.

Chicago Diner

The Chicago Diner’s slogan is “Meat-free since '83.” While that may not score them any points with the majority, it is a great place for vegetarians or anyone who wants to go vegan for a meal. They have a reportedly rather extensive menu of food and drink and the folks who work there can and will cater to customers’ food fantasies and make it healthy too. Those in the know say that the Chicago Diner is a culinary institution in the city of Chicago. The Chicago Diner is located at 3411 North Halsted Street.

Morning Glory Diner

Next time you’re in the City Of Brotherly Love, check out the Morning Glory Diner. It’s a cash-only diner that the locals praise especially when it comes to breakfasts. In fact, on the weekends it isn’t unusual to find customers lined up in front of the place. Eating here regularly is but one of the perks of living in Philadelphia, like knowing what the Rizzo Effect is or having a drink at the Pub Webb. The Morning Glory Diner is located at 735 South 10th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Original Market Diner

Picture a diner that goes back to the mid 20th century where breakfast is always on the menu and the hash browns are crispy and the bacon is cut thick. Add busy yet always unflustered waitresses that call you “honey” like the old days as they keep your coffee hot and topped off. The walls of this eatery are covered with old photographs of the owners and letters from former presidents. There’s a classic glass-fronted pie case and the pie and bread are homemade. Put it all together and you have the Original Market Diner. It’s a place where everyone believes that "pie fixes everything" and it’s situated in Dallas, Texas at 4434 Harry Hines Boulevard.

Slim Goodies Diner

Slim Goodies Diner is one of the best things about Louisiana’s Garden District. The place is always busy and nigh famous for its sweet potato pancakes. They also have some clever (albeit not always PC) names for their popular breakfast mashups like the Jewish Coonass with crawfish etouffee over eggs and potato latkes. The atmosphere is casual. The service is relaxed New Orleans-style but frets not, foodies. Your meal will be worth the wait. Slim Goodies can be found at 3322 Magazine Street.

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