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3 Of The Most Hipster Things You Can Do In Portland

Once a well-kept secret, over the past 13 years Portland has become the most gentrified city in America. It still has all the cultural advantages of a major city, but it no longer has the feel and affordability of a small town. Hipsters run the place. You like craft beers, bacon donuts and eating off of food trucks? If yes, then you’re in the right city. The following are the 5 of the most hipster things you can do in Portland.

Food Trucks

There are over 700 food trucks in Portland and they carry everything from tacos and grilled cheese to lobster sandwiches and vegan cuisine. Most carts are organized into what are called “Pods,” which are surface lots with more than a few carts. A few of the biggest pods to check out are:


After an afternoon of shopping at Powell’s Books downtown, before you hop on the MAX to head back to your pad, check out the Alder pod. Grab some fish and chips at The Frying Scotsman, delight over a veggie bowl at The Whole Bowl, or nosh on Nong’s Khao Man Gai’s garlic and ginger infused chicken.


If you’ve been out all night and need something fried for your budding hangover, then Cartopia is right up your alley. Drool over some twice-fried Belgian fries at Potato Champion, pick up a wood-fired pizza from Pyro Pizza or go to town on some avocado cream cheese and turkey crepes at Perierra Creperie.

Tidbit Food Farm and Garden

This is a newer pod located on Southeast Division Street and it is home not only to some city favorites like Love Belizean and Namu, but it also boasts an on-site garden and produces stand. Warm up next to a fire pit while you chill out with a cold pint and listen to a local band at the beer garden.

Mississippi Marketplace

North Mississipi Avenue is a hip and walkable area with lots of foodie choices like Hash It Out, a greasy spoon breakfast cart and Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ. The pod is a German pub where you can eat your food if you buy a drink.


Cartlandia in Southeast Portland has more than 30 carts that serve food from 15 different countries. There is also a full-service bar with a family/dog-friendly outdoor patio.

Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut is an indie shop based in Portland and known for its weird doughnuts and lurid pink boxes with illustrations of voodoo priests. Where once were sold doughnuts dipped in Pepto Bismol and sprinkled with Tums and NyQuil laced doughnuts, now much more popular and legal creations are bought. Open 24-hours, seven days a week; Voodoo Doughnuts usually has a line out the door for delicious treats like bacon-maple bars, or a Cocoa Puff-coated chocolate cake doughnut.


And not just any old beer. Craft beer. The whole micro-brewery scene is big here, with soft water and local hops which makes up 25% of the world hop harvest. Since the 80s Portland beer lovers have been working on crafting the finest microbrews and now there are nearly 100 breweries and brewpubs throughout the city. It’s no wonder Portland is called “Beervana.” Some breweries of note are Upright Brewing, which specializes in farmhouse inspired beers rooted in France and Belgium but made with a Pacific Northwest twist; The Beermongers, which boasts over 600 beers; Cascade Brewing Barrel House, pioneer of the NW style sour beer movement and Base Camp Brewing--a small brewery producing several beers in aluminum bottles plus serving chow from local food carts.


The entire Pacific Northwest is home to some great coffee, but Stumptown Coffee is probably the best of them all. Part of the third wave of coffee brewers; the first wave being classic American filter coffee, and the second wave being Starbucks, Stumptown coffee is about the craft, not about the money. Freshly roasted coffee, free daily cupping sessions and learning how to pair food with your cuppa: that’s Portland. Some other roasters in Portland worth visiting:


Minimalist, modern coffeehouse earns buzz for its house-roasted blends, espresso drinks & pastries.


Chipper coffeehouse featuring small-batch java & other items in classic surroundings.

Courier Coffee

The only thing you can expect from this place is amazing coffee. You won’t find an outlet to charge your phone or laptop, so unplug, pull up a chair by the window and enjoy some of the most deliriously delicious pulled brew in town.

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