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Music Themed Aria Hotel Budapest Employs On-Site Music Director


Whenever words fail to reach people, music speaks to them. That is a rough translation of a quote attributed to fairytale writer Hans Christian Anderson about the power of music. Even in an age where the commoditization of music has softened greatly, and music is now more widely available for free on the internet, the power of music can still inspire, motivate and thrill people. Music speaks to us and reaches down to our souls in a way verbal communication can’t. Can you imagine a world without music? The staff at the luxe-boutique Aria Hotel Budapest in Budapest, Hungary can’t either.


The 49-room hotel in the heart of Budapest is unique in the sense that the entire hotel in music inspired. The décor and interior design are entirely based on music appreciation. The hotel is close to music halls and opera halls in the city. And the hotel itself has a spirited music appreciation program designed to relax and inspire its guests.


How was The Hotel Named?


The hotel, which is named after the musical technique of coordinating music around a solo singer in opera, has 4 wings, divided by the 49 rooms, with 4 distinct musical category designations. At the Aria Hotel Budapest, your luxe hotel room could be located in the opera designated wing of the hotel, the jazz wing, classical or contemporary music wing. You find wall murals, paintings, sculptures and interior decoration throughout the hotel that is inspired by music, like piano key statues, wall murals silhouettes of musicians playing instruments and the like. Your luxury hotel room motif and décor may be patterned after Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Count Basie, Elvis Costello and so on.


The Aria Hotel, Budapest


The Aria Hotel Budapest evens employs a full-time musical director/concierge who sole job is to ensure that you enjoy your music themed stay as much as possible. Aria Hotel Budapest musical director Zoltan Varro and his staff will research the social media and musical preferences of guests, based on reservation information, and will custom compile a playlist for you to listen to in your room. The Aria Hotel Budapest also features the Teatro Aria, a cinema and concert hall where Varro and his staff coordinate opera and music performances, viewings of music-themed films and other musical events. The hotel also features the Harmony Wellness Spa which has a Turkish steam bath, rooftop yoga meditation classes, and even Thai massage. For more information, check out the hotel’s website. You really don’t have to be a music-lover to stay at the Aria Hotel Budapest. However, it sure wouldn’t hurt either.






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