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Top 3 Restaurants In Southern Europe

There are so many restaurants in the world and if you are a traveler or someone who is adventurous enough to experience life then you need to take a look at these three amazing restaurants in Southern Europe and let them pamper you when you make a trip there.

Cafe Le Procope (Paris, France)

Sometimes at night or during the day a lot of stuff goes through the minds of people, that is where the artistic feature of Café Le Procope comes into the thinking pattern of people. Traveling is not bad after all as this restaurant was established by a traveler who was from Sicily originally and called Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli to provide small services to workers who needed coffee. It has migrated from that and the restaurant has been refurbished in 18th Century Style to bring back the sensual spark and glamour from the past.  It has an interior decor with Pompeian Red walls and crystal chandeliers that add a subtle splash to the occasion whether a date or a casual business meeting. With a life of Romantic insecurities, what are you waiting for, just pass through Paris Left Bank and you would find the place that has already been waiting for you? A stone’s throw away from the Boulevard Saint-Germain, go out there and enjoy the best in culinary recipes.

Gostijo (Athens, Greece)

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Gostijo Restaurant as the name suggests means the sharing of food. For the best of Kosher foods, recipes, and small meat pies, Gostijo as it all. It is founded in the city of Athens and has it as their hallmark to provide rich flavors in cozy surroundings. Gostijo has a great customer service that seeks the welfare of its customers, you get the chance to order and call customer service for them to explain ingredients used and how sumptuous meals are since there are disparities in culture. It is located on the downside of Saint Ermou and Monastiraki Square. On special European nights where as a traveler you might want a place to eat against the back of a soccer match against either Athinaikos or Olympiacos, then just ask around and get to the best of places where Kosher foods are spread out at affordable prices.

Clandestino Milano Restaurant (Milan, Italy)

Italy has been associated with ancient mythology but Milan seems to be in bed with the current trend and lifestyle. With Milan being tagged as the fashion city and with expos all over what you need is a cool restaurant where you can relax and savor your success. Clandestino Milano Restaurant is the best in providing Italian cuisines. The restaurant provides a parody of the Japanese original but uses homemade products in the form of Italian extra-virgin olive oil, carnaroli rice, and seaweed. What else can you wish for dining, having a unique view and crowing it off with a Milan fashion expo? It is located in the center of Milan.

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