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Upper Echelon Leisure: A $135,000 Private Jet Tour of Global Gourmet Cuisine

Are you the kind of luxury traveler with pockets so deep that you are in actual danger of falling into your pockets whenever you reach for funds? Do you equate 4-and-half-star cuisine service with the same sense of futile convenience that is usually associated with fast food value meals? Is first-class commercial travel too proletarian-leaning for your opulently discerning tastes? How does a globe-hopping, Haute-foodie trip to the most luxurious hotels and restaurants known to humankind sound to you? How about dining on gourmet meals served to you in the restaurants and personal homes of globally renowned master chefs? They will even enlighten you with talks about the historical lineage and cultural importance of the dishes you eat. How about a deal sweetener? You will travel exclusively on a well-equipped, privately chartered jet with other members of the global tour and lodge exclusively in Four Seasons Hotel properties whenever you land.

The Four Seasons Hospitality Empire

If that sounds about right to you then the Four Seasons and Rene Redzepi, head chef of the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, Demark, have the gourmet travel opportunity of a lifetime waiting for you. The Four Seasons hospitality empire and Noma Copenhagen have joined forces to create a globe-hopping cuisine quest for luxury travelers called, “Culinary Discoveries.” Culinary Discovery is a 3-week global culinary tour of the best in haute cuisine and luxury hotel stays that will take flight in the spring of 2017. Why such a long wait? The strategists at the Four Seasons and Noma Copenhagen need that time to custom develop, and tweak if necessary, the once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunity.

What Can You Find Exquisite About There?

The first stop on the luxe itinerary will bring you to Seoul, South Korea. You and your group, after checking into a luxury Four Seasons hotel facility, will be treated to a home-cooked meal in the private home of super-Chef Jung Kuk Lee. The next stop will be the Jin-Kwan Buddhist temple to learn about the traditional methods used to prepare meals at the temple. Up next is Tokyo. You will spend the day exploring only the best in luxury cuisine within the city. You will then meet renowned Chef Namae Shinobu and spend the day helping him pick organic ingredients in the forests and wilderness areas outside the city. Those ingredients will then be used in the creation of a private dinner at his Michelin-heralded restaurant L’Effervescence.

Street Foods of Chiang Mai

From there, you will take in the best of street food and take cooking classes with award-winning chefs in the city of Hong Kong. Next, you will take in the natural splendor of Chiang Mai, Thailand and be treated to a private dinner cooked by Noma Chef Garima Aurora.

The extensive itinerary and excursion planning of the Culinary Discoveries tour will continue on from Chiang Mai to luxe-foodie jaunts in Mumbai, India, Florence, Italy, Lisbon, Portugal, Copenhagen, Denmark and then end in Paris, France with a private dinner at the famed Le Cinq restaurant. You will stay at a Four Seasons hotel in every city and will be kept busy with cooking classes, tours, and excursions. The Culinary Discoveries global cuisine tour, a collaborative experience designed by the Four Seasons and Rene Redzepi of Noma Copenhagen, is scheduled to start on May 27 and end by June 14, 2017. You will experience so many home-cooked meals and private dinner parties prepared by so many superstar chefs that you could start your own food channel.


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