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3 Websites That Will Take You on a Culinary Adventure

3 Websites That Will Take You on a Culinary Adventure

The Food Network has left people with a taste for cooking. Now anyone can be a chef in their own kitchen. Ready with a plethora of recipes, your average Joe feels like he can whip up a culinary masterpiece. Many professional chefs, however, would argue that the Food Network offers false expectations. Sure, anyone who can follow a recipe and mimic the TV chefs can make a meal. But what about technique? What will it take to turn your home cooking into fine dining? There are many places to go for a culinary vacation and many companies that will take you there. So how do you know who to choose the best cooking tip that will actually teach you while offering relaxation and fun? Here is a list of three top websites to check out if you want to cook on the go.

Edible Destinations offers both pre-planned and customized packages for Foodie vacationists. Three types of tours are offered. There is the Edible Getaway, a 2-4 day mini-tour for those seeking a touch a flavor without the time for a major vacation. Culinary tours are offered in locations around the world. There is also an Edible Solo Tour for single travelers. Soloists will get to mix it up by cooking their way and making new friends. For those who want a meatier vacation, go for Edible Vacations. These trips are 5-10 day escorted tours that provide cooking classes and culinary excursions.

When you think of great food, you often think of Italy, France, and Spain. Food N Wine Vacations offers specialized trips to these three culinary hotspots designed to immerse travelers in the local culture and flavor. The travel groups are small and hand on. Tours stay in privately owned locations off the beaten path.  The company has won multiple prestigious Magellan travel awards.

Cooking Vacations specializes in Italian food. They offer culinary tours of Italy’s 20 regions. You can take a women’s only cooking tour, or for families, go on kids cooking tour. Couples looking for a tasty and romantic retreat can go on a couples tour. “If Pastry is Your Passion” take their tour on the Amalfi Coast and refine your sweet tooth. This is just one example of the many tours Cooking Vacations has to offer.

Who’s Hungry?

For those people who love to cook but also love to travel and want to add a more international flavor to their culinary repertoire, there are many culinary-themed vacations to take. These vacations offer hands-on experience with real, live, professional chefs from around the world. Travellers will be able to ask questions and interact with the chefs, and they get to do it in some of the most gorgeous and interesting locations across the globe.

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