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Concerts You Must Attend on Holiday

Concerts You Must Attend on Holiday

Going on holiday is not about visiting locales and taking pictures with your family or your significant other. Perhaps you want to take a more adventurous or a more sporting turn with your holiday: climbing mountains, going on safari or playing old, venerable golf courses suits you. But there are amazing options you can take on holiday where you can enjoy some of the greatest entertainers ever. In many locales throughout the planet earth, the outdoor concert is a phenomenon that appeals to many residents. The sun, the air, and the good music come together in a beautiful cornucopia of ambiance, ethereal beauty, and audio delight. Some can be done at a local park but some can be done in the grandest way. The mega-concert: the outdoor, three-day concert are plenty of many gigantic outdoor locations several times a year. With attendance in the hundreds of thousands, these outdoor concerts bring in many fans every year. And they attend the show because of their lineups: the best of rock, alternative, rap, and country all come together in these three-day shows. Listed are some of the best outdoor concerts around.


The one British concert to beat all British concert. Many of the concerts are inspired by Glastonbury. Set in June in the southwest corner of Britain, Glastonbury is the quintessential showcase of British music. From headliner acts like Coldplay and Oasis to even the lesser-known independent bands, Glastonbury brings the past, present, and future of British music on display.


From the colder environment of southwest England, we go to the deserts of Southern California. Coachella is a springtime event that showcases the very best in American music. The key feature of this now 3-day concert that repeats over two weeks is the eclectic lineup. This is evident in the headliners: From electric giants Daft Punk, the ever popular hip-hop artist Kanye West to alternative favorites the Yeah Yeah Yeah, Coachella brings the very best acts in the US as well as the rest of the world to this literally very hot concert.


There are plenty of locales in the world that play amazing dance, house, trance, and electronic music: London, Paris, Ibiza, and Berlin are the first choices for any tourists. But one festival, which declares itself as a republic goes on for 24 hours a day over the span of 5 weeks. Kazantip is a Ukrainian dance music festival that takes place in the spring and early summer weeks. More cult than a music festival, Kazantip brings in the best DJs and dance musicians in the world.

Asia Song Festival

On the other side of the globe, the Asia Song Festival brings together the best Asian pop acts from all over the region. Taking place in October in South Korea, ASF features the most popular Korean pop, Chinese pop, Japanese pop and Filipino pop acts that have entranced the entire region. Asian pop is certainly a phenomenon that is taking over the entire, but there is no better showcase that encompasses the entire region like the ASF.

Wrapping Up

Whenever you go on vacation, take a look at what concerts and shows are going on in your time there. You may never who may be in town playing a gig or participating in a mass concert like the ones mentioned. Mega outdoor concerts are a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the likes of Kanye West, Coldplay or Metallica on one stage. If you have the chance, take it.

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