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Top Things To Do In Denham

Top Things To Do In Denham

Denham is a friendly coastal town with family-friendly beaches and amazing scenery. It is also close to some of Western Australia’s best-known attractions: Shark Bay, Monkey Mia dolphins, Steep Point and Shell Beach to name a few. Read on.

Big Lagoon

Don’t miss this series of spectacular, utterly tranquil lagoons. Here you can relax and watch sharks, dolphins, and stingrays frolic in the shallows. Grab a canoe, explore the lovely lagoons and get close up to the rich diverse marine life.

Dirk Hartog Island

Fish to your heart’s content and catch your share of mackerel, pink snapper, sailfish or yellow-fin tuna. Dirk Hartog Island is a great place to watch for humpback whales, pods of bottlenose dolphins, dugong, turtles and manta rays.

Monkey Mia

Visit Monkey Mia to pay homage to the frolicking, people-friendly dolphins. About 10,000 dugongs live in these waters, which is 10% of the total world’s dugong population.

Eagle Bluff

Eagle Bluff is a high cliff near Shark Bay, the perfect spot to capture amazing views out across the water. Be sure to experience the magnificent sunsets. The waters here are perfect for snorkeling or diving.

Francois Peron National Park

This park has some of the best scenic beauty in Denham. Enjoy the white sandy beaches along the scenic coastline, framed by dramatic red cliffs and amazing greenery. The beaches here are home to many endangered dugong.

Little Lagoon

If you want to swim, fish and frolic, Little Lagoon’s clear shallow pools are perfect. They’re safe for your whole family. You can take a boat out to fish, watch birds and relax here. Bring a picnic and plenty of water for a day of family fun.

Shell Beach

The beach is strewn with billions of tiny shells instead of sand; you’ll find them in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Enjoy a day of beachcombing and swimming and relaxation.

Steep Point

Climb the amazing 170-meter tall Zuytdorp Cliffs and take pictures of the view from there. Steep Point is also a famous fishing spot, so be sure to throw a line to grab your supper from the sea.

Useless Loop

At Useless Loop, you can see an extraordinary white salt mountain. The purest salt in the world is produced in the mine here. The area is rugged and it’s possible to get close only via 4WD.


Take a scenic flight over the exquisite coastline of Shark Bay. You can explore this bay via yacht charter as well. You can also take an indigenous tour to view this spectacular region through the traditional landowners’ eyes. While visiting the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre is an adventure in itself, it also helps you discover and understand this region’s ecological and cultural diversity. You can go fishing; the clear, shallow waters bring the colorful fish to light, by chartering a fishing boat or just throw a line off Denham’s Town Jetty, or take a nature walk and get an eyeful of Australia’s rarest reptiles and birds and reptiles. Finally, you can visit the Peron Homestead Precinct and discover how sheep were farmed during the 1950s, and also visit Ocean Park and feed the dolphins and play with them.

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