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Some Wonderful Summer Destinations To Visit In July - August

Some Wonderful Summer Destinations To Visit In July - August

We are at the end of June and have already started exploring the best places for summer vacation. Now, how we decide our destination is we visit an online travel site where we find the top summer destinations based on tourist attraction and that land us to a crowded tourist place. We blindly follow the masses to stay in the fenced resorts or overcrowded cities just because they are trendy. Here we have prepared a list of unique places to visit that possess everything in order to offer a great summer vacation, the sea, beach, amazing cuisine and local traditions. They are 100% authentic, beautiful and perfectly safe. This will inspire you so you could  open your eyes, see the world beyond what's in the media, set out on a great, adventurous journey, surprise yourself and enjoy discovering a new, different world you probably didn't know exists. The best time to visit these places is July - August, so if you are adventurous and love to explore new places then you will find your next summer destination right here.

Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is also nicknamed as a "Little Las Vegas of the Black Sea". Batumi is a perfect place if you want to surprise yourself. You can enjoy extremely modern architecture unseen anywhere else, beautiful coast of the Black Sea, superb Georgian cuisine, good prices and many options of great entertainment. You can go clubbing, visit a restaurant in a ship or play in a spectacular casino which dominates the city skyline. Or, if you wish to stay in, you can choose from many options of affordable accommodation with a sea view and play online on Mobile casino! Batumi is probably the most colorful seaside town. Every palm tree and every building is illuminated at night and that makes this summer tourist place a unique one.

The Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea is a truly unique place for a few reasons, it's the lowest point on Earth, the salt content is so extremely high that it's impossible to sink and the natural mud treatments are fun and greatly beneficial for the skin. The Jordanian side is very quiet, unknown and lacks the ordinary crowds of loud tourists. The shores of the Dead Sea are white, covered in layers of salt crystals which resembles snow and makes this summer spot even more extraordinary. Not to mention, the nearby attractions that you can see in Jordan after relaxing in the saline waters of the Dead Sea. Petra, Wadi Rum desert or the magnificent biblical sites are the nearby places to visit.

Recife, and Olinda, Brazil

Brazil is not only Rio! Modern Recife, extremely picturesque Olinda with its colorful architecture and carnival culture are perfect for a great holiday! Top it up with the paradise beaches and natural pools formed by coral reefs where you can swim with tropical fish as well as feed them. Here you can have an amazing summer spot all year round. It really pays to stray from the beaten trail!


Slovenia is an amazing summer destination as it's so tiny and has so much to offer. Mediterranean coast with cozy little towns, amazing crystal clear lakes, castles, caves and medieval architecture and also there are spectacular mountains if you love to hike. All this within very short distances makes it the best place to visit.

Coast of Crimea

So close and so far, beautiful Crimean coast appeared on the media for all the wrong reasons, mainly the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Putting politics aside, Crimean peninsula boasts beautiful, dramatic coastline, sunny beaches, little towns, amazing food and it's so cheap comparing to the western seaside towns. Wish you a wonderful vacation this summer!

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