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Best Castle Hotels in the World You Must Stay

Best Castle Hotels in the World You Must Stay

Who wouldn’t like to stay in a castle turned hotel amongst all the glories that once flowed through it? For some, it remains a dream to spend some time in a castle now that the real time of castles has gone, or most could not afford. There have been kings, knights and other royal men who built these castles and now that they have been converted to hotels, the dream of living in a castle hotel can finally become true. Check out the list of 5 best Castle hotels in the world where you must stay to fulfill your dream.

Swinton Park, UK

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The land of castles and palaces has another surprise for us in the form of the castle hotel. Our search for the best castle hotels in the world couldn’t have moved forward without including the iconic Swinton Park Castle in the United Kingdom. The castle was built in the 17th Century. It is the ancestral home to the Cunliffe-Lister Family or popularly known as the ‘Earls of Swinton’. The castle is a grade II listed building still owned by the family. the marvelous castle was converted into a 32-bedroom castle hotel recently in 2001. You can explore the pleasures of the country life by residing here in this vast hotel with a stunning 200-acre parkland and grounds of the estate. You can find 100 fallow deer here and the Beauty of the North Yorkshire is the added pleasure.

Chateau De Bagnols, France

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Our second castle hotel in the search of the best castle hotels in the world comes from the royalties of France. The Chateau De Bagnols is located in the Beaujolais vineyards in Eastern France. It is a medieval era castle with specifications of fortification features, moat, and drawbridge. The castle was constructed in the 13th Century and has a rich history smitten in it. The Chateau once hosted the French King Charles VII in 1490. It was converted into a luxurious 5-star hotel in the year 1992 with 22 unique suites of different themes. It has also been decorated with modern facilities like swimming pools, gym, and other facilities found around the globe. Staying in the hotel would give you added benefits of going through the ruins of the ancestors

Ashford Castles, Ireland

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Another royalty filled luxurious location for our best castle hotels in the world comes from Ireland. The castle turned hotel is the oldest castle in the Country and was built by the Anglo-Norman de Burgo family in 1228. With its remarkable eight-century history, the castle has seen everything it could and passed through several families. The famous Guinness clan once resided here. It is located on the banks of the Lough Corrib which is the second largest lake in the country. The castle has been fortified with a stunning 140-hectare wooded parkland and you can find everything there.

Hotel Burg Wernberg, Germany

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The Picturesque Hotel Burg Wernberg is situated in the small town of Wernberg-Koblitz in Southeastern Germany. The Gothic castle dates were built in the 12th century and later on converted into a luxurious hotel in the year 1953. You can enjoy the panoramic views of the Bavarian Countryside from this hotel or take a hiking there too. The hotel fits all the criteria which we looked at to bring into our best castle hotels in the world list.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Canada

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This awesomely built castle is located in the North bank of the Saint Lawrence River in the Quebec City of Canada. It lies in the old town with all its glory. It was built not so back in the year 1893 by Canadian Pacific Railway company and is the most photographed hotel in the world.


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