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Best Scuba Diving Locations in the World You Must Visit - Part 2

Best Scuba Diving Locations in the World You Must Visit - Part 2

In our search for the best scuba diving locations in the World, we have come across the final names which qualify to be on our list. Check out some of the best locations here.

Utila Bay Islands, Honduras

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Another important name in Best Scuba Diving Locations in the world is the Utila Bay scuba diving point situated in Honduras, Central America. It is home to the World’s second largest barrier reef. You should pick the wreck dives or pristine coral reefs to dive around. For more personal experience, Guanaja would be the best place for you given its solitary experience. The sites feature vertical walls, lava tunnels, and shipwrecks because it is located at the edge of Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. While this might be a wrecked place, it is suitable for all levels of divers. The best time to visit here is between February and early October.

Sipadan, Malaysia

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For Scuba divers, this place is Mecca. It is one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. The diving sites in Malaysia are located off the east coast of Sabah. The Island of Sabah is blessed with charming blue skies, clear waters and tropical landscapes. The under-water attractions include the barracudas, reef sharks, and parrotfish. The Malaysian Government has instituted a permit basis for visits to Sipalden as the permit limit is 120 diving per day. So, you might have to stay a while on the location.

Silfra, Iceland

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One of the most picked locations for our Best scuba diving locations in the World includes Silfra in Iceland. The diving sites of Silfra are located inside the Þingvellir National Park which also happens to be the site of the World’s oldest Parliament which dates back to 10th Century. One of the most exotic facts about this diving site is that you can dive directly into the crack between the two continental plates: North America and Europe. You must carry a specialist cold water wetsuit as the water temperature range around 2C to 4C. apart from that, the Views here are unparalleled. This place best in terms of visibility which reaches over 100 meters.

Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia

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Home to the exotic Pelagic fishes, this scuba diving site has some even mesmerizing tunes to it. You can expect to see a huge amount of flora and fauna deep down those waters including the Sharks, barracuda, eagle rays, Napoleon Wrasse, snappers, jack. Apart from that the view never ends with fishes like nudibranchs, mantis shrimps as well.

The Yongala, Australia

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Australia too has beautiful Scuba diving spots which are exotic in nature. The Yongala is one amongst the several diving sites present off the Coast of Queensland. This place is a shipwreck full of life. You can see varieties of fauna like manta rays, sea snakes, octopuses, turtles, bull sharks, tiger sharks and other small and big fishes as well. With the presence of beautiful corals, diving here becomes phenomenal in nature. The shipwreck called ‘The Yongala’ sank here in the year 1911 killing 122 people a racehorse called Moonshine and a red Lincolnshire bull. This place was given official protection in the year 1981 under the Historic Shipwrecks Act. This diving location is reached through boats from Queensland.

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