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Tips to Save Enough Money for Travel Every Year

Tips to Save Enough Money for Travel Every Year

Traveling to new places every year is a great way to break the mold and add spice to your monotonous lifestyle. There’s just one small concern though - how are you going to save enough money to travel? As it is, traveling once is enough to burn a hole in your pocket. So, does it mean that you give up on your travel dreams once and for all? Don’t you feel jealous when you see people who somehow manage to travel once in a year to some exotic location? How do they do it? If they can do it, why can’t you? We stumbled upon one such blog by Robert Schrader (@leavyrdailyhell), one of the most celebrated and award-winning travel bloggers. He tells us how he saves a lot of money from the daily chorus and utilizes that on his one aim of traveling once a year. Let us learn from him to save enough money for travel every year.

The formula to Save Enough Money for Travel Every Year

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Robert Schrader easily saves up to $13,000 each year by cutting down on basic chores. He spends this amount on getting aboard to some exotic locations of the world. But his annual income has never reached the average per-capita GDP of the US and yet he has taken more than 11 overseas trips, all of which were self-funded. Check out what he does differently which we can inherit in our lives as well. But hey, don’t uproot yourself for the sake of travel. Watch and learn. If you follow his tactics, you would certainly be able to save up to $12,000 per year which is enough for travel once a year.

1. Turn Off The Television


One of the lines which he often says would impress us all. He says, ‘Wouldn’t you rather be the Discovery Channel than watch the Discovery Channel?’ Yes, cable connections can be expensive in the United States. Let us assume the national average of the cable bill is around $135. If you turn off the Television, you get to save up to $1,600 per year. There are however other modes of entertaining. Go out with friends in the nearby park, go to the gym or read about new places for awareness purpose. Additionally, you will get to have enough time to plan and plot your next visit also.

2. Get Used To The Bicycle

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Ditch the car and you get save a lot. People are not left with choices in America than to simply drive their way through. But getting on a cycle can save you a lot of time and money as well. You would be able to get to your office easily without the hustles of the traffic and in a good mood. Additionally, you get the essential calorie burn to get on to the next hiking trip. Let’s talk financially now. If you ditch the car, you get to save around $250 on the car note, insurance at $100 per month and gas at least at $150 per month. Thus, you would be able to save a whopping $6,000 by just ditching your car. Take public mode of conveyance like trains, buses, and metros to work and save loads of money.

3. Less Dating And Getting Out


Less dating and less getting out with friends mean that you can save money on the drinks, gas and other useless things. If you shed the drinks here in LA, probably you would get to drink on the beaches of Thailand or Maldives. Assume that you spend at least $30 per week on drinks and additional $20 on food per week, you get to save around $2000 at least per year which is enough to get a truck of beer somewhere else.

4. Adjust A Little In Your Living Situation


If you are too luxurious to live alone, it is time you get a roommate. If you live far from the work, it is time you moved closer to your office. Trying to settle for less even if you are getting a less-nice home to stay. Your life value would soar up once you show those pics at some exotic place in your office rather than your home pics. Let’s say you pay around $1,200 per month for rent and utilities excluding the cable, you should now settle for something less now. Something around $600-800. Thus, you would be able to save $500 per month or $4000 per year.

5. Time To Go Prepaid

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If you have a postpaid AT&T connection, you should probably shift to a prepaid connection. Postpaid connections are often tempting, and people spend more on them. They often come with added tax and are higher than expectations most of the time. Hence, switch on to more prominent and traditional form of communication. With prepaid connections, you can easily save around $800 per year on postpaid connections alone.

Adding Up

So, when you add these numbers, you get to save more than $13,000 per year which should be enough to make one trip per year. So, don’t call yourself poor or un-affording. It’s the choices that define you and your lifestyle. Cutting on some aspects can exuberate you somewhere else.


This Article is an adaption of the article published on HuffPost by Travel blogger Robert Schrader.


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